The Big One Blowout

You've probably already heard the hype about the new National Lottery scratch card ‘The Big One' or ‘Big Blue' as some people are calling it.

The card has a 4 million quid jackpot, which is biggest amount you can win on a National Lottery scratch card game.

I know the £10 price tag has been putting people off from trying it, so I thought I'd buy two ‘big one' cards and see what all the fuss is about.

First of all let me say that these scratch cards are massive! You've no chance of hiding these from your partner. So if you win expect to share the cash with your other half.

The two cards cost me a total of £20, which is a pretty big chunk of change. As you'd expect for that price the jackpots need to be big, and on that front the card doesn't disappoint, with four top prizes of 4 million, plus other prizes worth between £10 and £100,000.

The Big One has 5 separate games on each card, the games follow the traditional format of matching symbols, adding together numbers and getting a higher score than the card. Pretty simple stuff really, I do wish that the Lottery chaps would've come up with something new for such an expensive card.

Leaving aside the fairly routine game play for a moment, the five games featured do give you plenty of scope for winning a prize. In many ways ‘The Big One' represents better value than buying five £2 scratch cards.

So right now you're probably wondering if I'm writing this from some caribbean island after landing the big Jackpot? Well…. No! As I look out the window it's lashing down with rain in July and I'm holding two giant scratch cards that have netted me exactly £0.00! The big zero instead of the big one.

Think I'm going to stick with playing the online scratch cards at Jackpot Joy from now on.