£4 Million Card Launched

UK lottery operators ‘Camelot‘ have launched a mega jackpot scratch card called ‘£4 million Blue'. The card has five different games, plus four top prizes of £4 million. In total the card is expected to payout over £120 million in prize money.

Offering a 3 in 1 chance of winning the card has the best odds offered by the National Lottery. Camelot will make a 26% profit on the sale of the game card, which is actually pretty low for a Lottery scratch cards.

The card is physically the biggest on sale. In fact, it's difficult to miss the huge card in the newsagents dispenser. And you'll definitely need a 50p to scratch this one! In total 16.5 million tickets have been printed for the game. As well as being the biggest card ‘£4 Million Blue' is also the most expensive at a whooping £10! Camelot has also launched a second £3 Scratchcard called Pot of Gold.

The launch of the new cards will be supported with an extensive marketing campaign in June and July. It will remain to be seen if the card price point will appeal to players – I for one haven't tried the card yet, but I would love to hear what you think about it.

UPDATED: I've just bought two of these scratch cards… click here to see if I won?