Where To Play

!Online scratch cards are becoming more popular then the real life cards – but why should you play online instead of picking one up from from the local newsagent or shop?

One of the best reasons to play scratch cards online is the price difference. If you nip down the local shop to play a card it’s going to set you back between £1 and £5 but if you play online you can get cards from just 20p. That means you can enjoy the buzz of playing for much longer.

You may think that playing online can’t match the thrill of getting a real card in your hand and rubbing away the panels. Well, you’d be wrong because the ultra realistic online cards have amazing moving graphics and sound effects too! You can use a virtual coin to peel away the silver panels or you can opt to instantly ‘ reveal all the panela in one go. If you use the ‘reveal all’ button you can zip through cards at rapid pace making the experience more like playing a fruit machine!

Scratch card sites like Jackpot Joy also offer a free play option on all cards, you can’t win any money when playing for free but it’s still great fun! You can also play other online games like bingo, blackjack, slots and deal or no deal and as always you get to choose if you liked to play for cash or just for fun.

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