5 Things You Must Know Before You Withdraw Scratchcard Winnings

What to be aware of before trying to withdraw winnings from online scratch cards sites, from withdrawal methods and ID requests to wagering requirements

5 Things You Must Know Before Trying to Withdraw Scratchcards Winnings

For reasons which will be obvious to you, online scratch cards sites make it easier for you to deposit money in than to withdraw money out.  Some rogues sites try to make it so hard that you end up giving up on the process and end up losing the money on the site.  In this article are some of the issues you may experience when trying to withdraw your scratchcard winnings.

Wagering Requirements

Depending on the situation, there can be certain requirements that you must meet before withdrawing any money from the site.  For example, if you claimed a bonus when making your first deposit, it will be necessary to wager the bonus amount a certain amount of times before you can withdraw anything (sometimes up to 100 times your bonus!) At other times, players who have won money on free scratchcards games may be required to make a deposit before withdrawing.

Method of Withdrawal

There is often a selection of methods of withdrawal available to players, allowing them to find the most suiting to them. Common withdrawal methods include bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, Ukash, Neteller and more.

Requesting ID

Depending on the amount you are trying to withdraw, you may have to provide ID to confirm you are the account holder. This is likely to be more common among smaller scratch cards sites, which lack the security system to validate players in other, more convenient ways.  You may receive a request for requesting a withdrawal of £200 for example.  Some people merely see this as an additional hurdle put in place just to slow down the withdrawal process, making you more likely to spend your winnings.

Withdrawal Limits

Few sites have limits on how much can be withdrawn within a space of time. For example, you may only be able to withdraw £10,000 in a month. There is a simple way around this, simple deposit the maximum amount in a month and withdraw the rest in the following month.

Waiting Time

Withdrawals can take a varying amount of time.  It may take up to a maximum of 10 days, although some sites advertise that you will receive your winnings within 3 – 5 days.  If you have not received anything after the specified time, it’s recommended that you contact customer services.  You might receive a notification beforehand saying the payment has been delayed and you may have to provide ID to complete the process.

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Prank Scratch Card Win

We all know the massive thrill of winning an online scratchcard game – that is why we play! We can’t get enough of the heart-pumping adrenaline that we gain when we uncover those matching symbols, but of course that pull isn’t just limited to online scratchies. Millions of us still love to head into our local shops and scratch a paper-based card despite the fact that we can grab scratchie action online, too. One such scratchie fan thought that his luck was in when he scratched a scratch card revealed that he was the lucky winner of an immense £50K – only to be left crestfallen when his friend revealed it was a prank!

In what has to be one of the cruellest pranks ever, an unnamed scratchy fan was so happy to have won an incredible £50,000 that he begins to shout out the window and laugh, phoning his other friends to spread the good news! The pair of builders had been driving in their van when the man in the passenger seat scratched the panels and declared “You’ve won bruv, you’ve won £50 grand!” The man who had believed himself to be a winner was completely unaware of his pals sneering laughter as he celebrated would have been a life-changing win. The poor guy even phones his family to let them know, proclaiming “I’m shaking!” because he is just so excited. Eventually the prankster seems to have had an attack of conscience as he admits to his “friend” that it was wall a big joke and states “it’s a fake scratch card”. Deservingly, the prankster then receives a beating, but seeing as the scuffle is actually in good fun, we think that the poor guy at the brunt of this scratch card joke has a much better sense of humour than us!

The worst – or arguably best – part of the whole thing is that the prankster actually filmed the whole thing, and the video has since received a whopping 129,553 hits on YouTube! All the more reason for the prankster to receive that pummelling! Amazingly, this is clearly not the only scratchie prank that has hit YouTube – search for this one and you will actually find oodles more!

So you decide folks – was this scratchcard prank cruel or just a bit of fun? We have to admit that the excitement on this poor guys face before he realises that it’s a prank pulls at our heart strings!

If you’re feeling luckier than the poor chap in the video then why not give Jackpot Joy Scratch Cards a try, you can win prizes worth £500,000 online right now – NO JOKE!


The Big One Blowout

You’ve probably already heard the hype about the new National Lottery scratch card ‘The Big One’ or ‘Big Blue’ as some people are calling it.

The card has a 4 million quid jackpot, which is biggest amount you can win on a National Lottery scratch card game.

I know the £10 price tag has been putting people off from trying it, so I thought I’d buy two ‘big one’ cards and see what all the fuss is about.

First of all let me say that these scratch cards are massive! You’ve no chance of hiding these from your partner. So if you win expect to share the cash with your other half.

The two cards cost me a total of £20, which is a pretty big chunk of change. As you’d expect for that price the jackpots need to be big, and on that front the card doesn’t disappoint, with four top prizes of 4 million, plus other prizes worth between £10 and £100,000.

The Big One has 5 separate games on each card, the games follow the traditional format of matching symbols, adding together numbers and getting a higher score than the card. Pretty simple stuff really, I do wish that the Lottery chaps would’ve come up with something new for such an expensive card.

Leaving aside the fairly routine game play for a moment, the five games featured do give you plenty of scope for winning a prize. In many ways ‘The Big One’ represents better value than buying five £2 scratch cards.

So right now you’re probably wondering if I’m writing this from some caribbean island after landing the big Jackpot? Well…. No! As I look out the window it’s lashing down with rain in July and I’m holding two giant scratch cards that have netted me exactly £0.00! The big zero instead of the big one.

Think I’m going to stick with playing the online scratch cards at Jackpot Joy from now on.

Kong Scratch Card

In 2005, Universal Pictures released a King Kong remake that was met with both critical and popular acclaim. Directed by Peter Jackson, the remake combined elements of the original 1933 film and 1976 remake as well as new, modernized aspects. King Kong stars Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, Jack Black as Carl Denham, and Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll. Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World is an online scratch card based on the movie, developed by Playtech, and available at Betfred Casino.

Kong is a simple, intuitive scratch card that uses a 2×3 grid. The default card costs £1, but cards can also be purchased for £0.50, £2, £5 and £10. The jackpot is 10,000 times the face value of the card, so jackpots range from £5,000 to £100K. The game allows each of the six squares to be scratched individually. There is also a Scratch All button and an Autoplay feature that allows you to play up to 99 cards at a time automatically. There is also a Shuffle feature, and the game displays the card number.

Kong is different from most other virtual scratch cards in that you only need one symbol present to win. In addition, the winning symbol and prize amount are random, and they can change from one round to the next. Wins equalling to the face value of the card are common, and the game has a strong payout rate relative to most scratch card games. The graphics and soundtrack are all quite good, and winning plays are clearly announced with nifty animations on the squares and on the card itself.

The Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card launched about the same time the movie was released. The fact that it is still available and popular is it a testament to how good of a scratch card it is. It doesn’t have many special features, but it’s fast, straightforward and lucrative. For players who want to try Kong, Betfred is an excellent choice. The casino makes the game available in a no download, free practice mode, and it provides all new clients with a £10 no-deposit bonus just for registering.


Premonition Of Scratch Card Win

Stuart Parsons from Chepstow doesn’t buy a lot scratch cards, but on the day he won £100,000 on the National Lottery card ‘Million Blue Scratchcard” he felt an overwhelming desire to buy four Scratch Cards. Luckily for Stuart his premonition of a big win came true.

Talking about the win he said: “It sounds so weird telling the story now but for the past couple of months I have kept seeing the numbers 1 2 3 4, whether it’s 12.34pm on my phone, 1,234 mileage on the work car or registration documents.

“Most people would call it a coincidence but it was starting to freak me out a bit!”

Mr Parsons walked into the Spar on Beachley Road, Chepstow and asked the shopkeepers for a Scratch Card from each of the first four dispensers. It was the first card selected by him that won him the jackpot. Mr Parsons couldn’t believe his good luck, but family and friends didn’t believe it either, even after showing them the winning card!

If you’re having scratch card premonitions like Stuart then you can try your luck online at Jackpot Joy, 100s of scratch card games with jackpots up to £1 million are available.


Red Or Black Instant Win

Red Or Black is the new instant win game from Jackpot Joy. If you loved the iTV game show hosted by Ant & Deck then you’ll love this online version.

Firstly, let me say that Red Or Black game isn’t technically a scratch card, it’s what the gaming industry like to call an ‘Instant Win’. Basically is plays very much like a scratch card but without the need to scratch!

Newbies to online gaming won’t be baffled by complicated rules on this game and old hands will love the low stakes and high payouts! In Red Or Black you just spin a wheel to determine if you win. You can select just a smaller portion of the wheel for higher returns or choose a larger portion for a better chance of winning but of course the wins are smaller.

At the start of the game you choose your colour… Red Or Black, spin the wheel and you could win up to 50 times your stake. If you scored a winning spin you can choose to Double or Nothing your bet which will split the wheel into equal Red or Black segments and then spin it again. There is no house edge for a Double or Nothing spin.

Red Or Black is just one of hundreds of great games available to play at Jackpot Joy gaming portal. You can play for cash or just play for fun!


Elvis Scratch Card

I must admit to being a fan of the King and also a massive fan of Gala Games. So the new Elvis scratch card from Gala Games was made for me.

A little less conversion and little more scratch’in!

Like all the scratch cards at Gala Games ‘Elvis’ is graphically impressive and the sound effects are brilliant, listen to the King encourage you to win! The card gives you multiple ways to win. Up, down, across or diagonally. Matching three Elvis icons in any of those directions will give you a cash win.

Elvis | Scratch Card

  • Play Elvis Scratch Card from £0.10p
  • Maximum win is x1000 coin size
  • Spend £5 Get £20
  • Join one of the world biggest gaming communities
  • Try the cards for free in Demo mode
  • 100s of Scratch Card games and Instant wins to play

The maximum win is 1000 times your wager, you can pick how much you’d like to gamble on this scratch card game. When I was playing the win rate was pretty good. I had a few £20 wins and one £40 win. I can’t promise you’ll match my success but with Gala’s welcome bonus it won’t cost you too much to try.

Has Elvis left the building yet? There’s only one way to find out! Get scratch’in with Gala Games.


Cash Farm

Cash Farm from Scratch2Cash is the triple chance traditional scratch off game with a big cash jackpot. The aim of the game is to open three barn doors, if you match 3 symbols in the barn you’ll win a cash prize between £1 and £100,000.

Cash Farm | Scratch Card

  • Play Cash Farm from £0.50p
  • Maximum win is £100,000
  • Totally Free £5 bonus is available
  • 1st Deposit Bonus Worth up to £100
  • Try the cards for free in Demo mode
  • Enjoy other cash games like fruit machines and bingo

Scratch2Cash became the world’s first online scratch cards site in 2005. Since its creation it has continued to host more and more scratch card games whilst giving out incredible bonuses and cash prizes. Scratch2Cash is totally user-friendly, and has been designed in the best possible way just for you.

Scratch2Cash have an extraordinary welcome bonus you can use to start playing and accumulating money in your account. Or why not have a practice by playing free scratch cards before you place a deposit.

Awesome scratch cards with massive jackpots

How To Play Scratch Cards

If you’re a beginner to playing scratch cards online then our “Beginners Guide” can help you get the most out of playing and help you avoid some of the most common pitfuls of online gambling.

For many people playing scratch cards is their first experience of gambling – and online scratch cards offer a great introduction to the world of internet gambling for beginners too. Below you’ll find our tips to playing scratchies, plus a helpful guide and reasons why playing online is better value than buying cards from the newsagent or petrol station.

Money Management

Any form of gaming carries an element of risk – so it’s important to have self discipline when you gamble and learn to manage your money.

One of the first things you need to do when you start to play scratch cards online is to set yourself a loss limit. A loss limit is the amount of cash you can comfortably afford to lose in a set period. It’s best to give yourself a fixed amount of cash to spend over one month, never exceed this fixed amount however tempting it maybe. Stick to this rule and you’ll never get into any financial problems.

Remember scratch cards are a game of luck and not a get rich quick scheme! Enjoy the buzz of winning but don’t become a slave to it. Remember to keep it fun and you’ll never lose!

Simple Gaming

When you’re new to playing cash games online then you can probably do without learning complicated games like poker or even blackjack. Scratch cards offer a great way into online gaming for novices. They’re just as easy to play as scratch cards you find in the shops! Simply sign up to one of the online scratch card site like Jackpot Joy and register as a new player (it’s very easy) and practice playing the cards for fun (free play mode) before you play for real cash.

Play for pennies

If you’re new to online gaming, there’s nothing worse than blowing your cash in a few minutes, which is always possible when playing skill games like video poker or blackjack – that’s exactly why scratchies are highly recommended. You can play scratch cards for hours without running the risk of losing serious money and sites like Jackpot Joy let you play cards from just 20p which means you can play for ages on just a fiver.

Double Your Money

You can become a winner before you even scratch your first card! Sign up with Jackpot Joy this month and they will double you’re cash the first time you deposit. It’s a great simple offer – deposit £10 or more and jackpot joy will double it up to a maximum of £100.


Moolah Machine

The Moolah Machine scratch card from Jackpot Joy costs £2 to play. It has a maximum jackpot of £1600. Moolah Machine is one of many instant win scratch cards available to play online at Jackpot Joy.

Money Machine | Scratch Card

  • Buy Moolah Machine Cards for £2
  • Maximum cash prize is £1600
  • Money Machine is also available for free play
  • Jackpot Joy offers new customer a £100 free cash deal
  • Play other scratch card games online from 20p
  • Over £70 million is paid out to winners each month
  • Jackpot Joy is specially designed for UK players
  • Play scratch cards, bingo games and online slot machines too

The Scratch Card Shop at Jackpot Joy lets you choose from a range of six top scratch cards with a grand prize of £30,000! You can toggle through the range of Scratch Cards by clicking on the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen. When you’ve chosen your card – you can see the cost and the max win in the top left of the screen – click Buy New Card and the game begins.

To scratch of a section of the card move the mouse pointer over it and click. You can remove all the panels at once if you select Reveal All. Any winnings will be automatically credited to your Jackpot Joy account.