Grab Some Rudolph Rewards From Scratch2Cash

Online scratchie sites tend to stick to offering better and better games to pull in the punters, but seeing as it is the season to be jolly, Scratch2Cash has launched some awesome Rudolph rewards that could have you bagging oodles of terrific prizes! Online scratchcard sites don’t release seasonal promotions as much as other gaming sites, but when they do, they go all out, folks!

Guaranteed Prizes Every Week

While you play during the month of December, you will start to scoop Rudolph points, so make sure you try and play even more than usual. Every week, Scratch2Cash will then be holding a Sleigh Day in which your rewards will be counted to determine which prize will be yours:

  • 50 Rudolph Rewards – 10 free games
  • 500 Rudolph Rewards – 100 reward points
  • 2,000 Rudolph Rewards – £25 bonus cash
  • 5,000 Rudolph Rewards – Luxury Gift Basket
  • 25K Rudolph Rewards – Mega Gift!

Christmas Calendar

There will be something cool and fun for you to pay for every single day in December so make sure you head on over to Scratch2Cash as soon as you can to snap up as many of the goodies as you can!

The Scratch2Cash Games

The fantastic thing is that you will be racking up these points as you play – you don’t have to do anything extra to scoop them up or spent any extra cash. Scratch2Cash have a smashing collection of games – one of the very best online, in fact – and they have made sure that they have launched games to cater to all kinds of players. There are fantasy games and sporty games, girly games and sci-fi games! If you want to grab some festive action then why not try the following online scratchies:

Christmas – this one involves you choosing one of the 3 houses in the snow filled town. When you do, Santa will pop down the chimney and you simply grab a win if manages to pop down the chimney, and that jackpot could be up to £100,000! If he burns his bottom on the chimney then you win nothing!

Christmas Joy – if you are only going to play one Christmas cracker this year then make it this one because you could scoop £200K! Simply choose how may pairs of baubles you want to scratch and if the symbols beneath the baubles match, you get to open a present to reveal your prize!

Join Scratch2Cash now to enjoy all of this festive cheer and you could be feeling merrier than the fat man himself this Christmas! There’s a £5 free no deposit bonus and 100% welcome bonus waiting!


Get More From Scratch2Cash

Some of the world’s most popular scratch card games can be found at Scratch2Cash. With over 100 different and unique games to choose from, there is a little something for everyone at Scratch2Cash. Players can scratch and win their way to thousands and even millions in games such as Darts and The Lost Maya. The best part about playing at Scratch2Cash is that members will receive reward points that can be used to receive cash back bonuses. Earn as you play your favorite scratch games at this online casino.

How To Become A Rewards Member
There is no sign-up process or requirements needed in order to become a Scratch2Cash Rewards Member. All new players will automatically start receiving reward points upon their first deposit and game wager. Scratch2Cash will keep track of all important information, such as how much you have spent on games, the amount of points that have been earned, your current level and more. As you continue to play, your membership level will automatically increase. There’s no easier way to earn points back when playing your favorite scratch games.

Maximize Your Winnings and Earn Points
Not only will players receive the winnings that are earned while playing scratch card games, but they will also earn points back. This essentially maximizes the amount of winnings. You can feel good about playing games when you know that you are receiving something back for your loyal dedication to the site. Earning points is simple. Most games will provide 1 reward point for each $10 that is wagered on games. Wager $20 and receive 2 points, $50 and receive 5 points and so on. Once you have earned your desired amount of points, they can be redeemed for bonus cash to spend.

How To Increase Your Level
As you continue to play games at Scratch2Cash, your level will increase. All new players will start out as Novice players and can increase their level to Player, Enthusiast, Star, Superstar and Champion. Each level provides better redemption rates when turning in your reward points. You may even receive a special invitation to become a VIP member and earn additional rewards.


Spiderman Hero Scratch Card

The new Spiderman Hero card from Scratch2Cash has tingled my ‘spider-sense’. Firstly let me say that I’m a massive Spiderman fan and can’t resist trying out any Spiderman related scratch card or fruit machine game.

So what did I think about this card from Scratch2Cash? Well, the graphics and game play are as good as you’ll find anywhere online. The card is animated and the sound effects are movie quality. The game play is fairly standard for a scratch card but this game does have a few twists up it’s sleeve.

Like most scratch card games you win by matching various symbols, on this card they’re all Spiderman related. Match 3 Spiderman logos to win the jackpot of x1000 your stake. Other big prizes include x100 for matching the ‘Dark Spiderman’ and smaller prizes for matching other characters from the Spiderman franchise. It’s worth noting that the Spiderman ‘Mask’ symbol is ‘wild’ and can substitute for another symbol to complete winning lines.

The major difference between this scratch card and other games is the gamble feature. Each time you win on Spiderman Hero Scratch Card you can choose to play the ‘double or nothing’ mini game. Although you don’t have to gamble your wins, you can just opt to collect the cash. Should you choose to gamble then you must selected either the good Spiderman or the bad ‘Dark’ spiderman character, choose correctly and your win is doubled, choose wrong and you lose the cash.

The maximum amount you can stake on the card is £10 and the minimum is £0.50p. Jackpots at the Scratch2Cash site are always pretty high and Scratch2Cash also have a great promotional offer for new players, they will give you £5 totally free when you join! Overall I recommend you try the Spiderman Hero scratch, especially when you consider 1 in 3 scratch cards at Scratch2Cash is a winner.


£200,000 Scratch Card Jackpot

Scratch2Cash is passionate about Scratch Card games. So passionate in fact that they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is! By offering a massive £200,000 jackpot on their range of games Scratch2Cash is throwing down the gauntlet to other scratch card sites.

Scratch2Cash was founded in 2005 and has been committed to bringing you the most fair, secure and entertaining scratch cards on the net. The range of games available to play at S2C is awesome. Choose between traditional style scratch cards or try one of the new games like ‘Monopoly Riches‘, it’s like a cross between a slot machine and a scratch card. is totally user-friendly, and has been designed in the best possible way just for you. Joining is simply, just create an account by picking a username and password; select the currency you wish to play with (you can opt for pounds, dollars or Euros) and start enjoying all the games and perks the site has to offer. It’s worth noting that you can just sign up as a guest player first – no money needed to enjoy the games in demo mode.

If you want to try and land the big £200,000 jackpot then you’ll need to play for real money, new players can get a free cash matched bonus on their first deposit… it gives you even more chances to win!

Keep Smiling Scratch Card

Keep Smiling

The new scratch card game from Scratch2Cash is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Scratch2Cash’s newest game ‘Keep Smiling’ is based on the famous “smiley” icons.

The game is easy to play, just match any two identical smileys or find the elusive wild “Lady Smiley” to win up to £200,000 on each line. With a 1 in 3 chance of winning and eight different chances to win, Scratch2Cash will keep you smiling all the way to the bank!

You can play up to 8 lines at once and you can also choose how much you’d like to play for. The minimum amount is 1 line and 25p, if you’re feeling luck then ramp it all the way up to 8 lines! The maximum bet per line is £10.

Keep Smiling is a classic scratch card game with a fun twist – one that you are sure to enjoy! So what are you waiting for? Check out Keep Smiling and try to find all the different smileys! Take it easy for a while and kick back with a smile!

Remember that Scratch2Cash is giving new players £5 FREE or a 100% match up bonus on the first deposit to kick start your journey to a land of winnings.


Monopoly Riches Scratch Card

It’s the board game we all loved as kids, and if like me you had an over competitive Dad, then it’s also the one game you never won! until now. Monopoly Riches is the brand new type of scratch card game from Scratch2Cash. Monopoly Riches plays like a cut down version of the traditional board game, but don’t worry this game doesn’t take hours to finish!

Monopoly Riches | Scratch Card

  • Play Monopoly Riches from £0.25p
  • Maximum win is £100,000
  • Free £5 Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Needed
  • Try the Scratch cards for free in Demo mode
  • 100s Of Different Cards Available

The aim is to roll the dice and move around the board. Land on a property square such as New York or London for a guaranteed cash prize. If you’re lucky enough to land on free parking then you can win big. The jackpot prize on Monopoly Riches is a mega £100,000!

Just like the real board game you need to make sure you don’t end up landing on the ‘Jail’ square, or you’ll lose instantly. Land on CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST you will be given a random card from the middle of the board, it could have a cash prize, a bank error in your favour or the dreaded ‘GO TO JAIL’.

The Monopoly Riches game has got beautiful graphical animations and lots of ways to win, if you’re a new player to Scratch2Cash then you’ll qualify for a totally free £5 welcome bonus. No deposit is need on your behalf to claim the free cash, just register and start play all the scratchcards on offer at Scratch2Cash.

Scratch2Cash offers over 90 scratch cards, instant win games, bingo games and casino games. So you will never get bored. You can play many of the cards from as little as £0.25p. Making it excellent value for casual players.

Royal Wedding

Invite To The Royal Wedding Celebrations

The royal family’s special day can now be celebrated at! Join the celebration by playing this brand new multi scratch game in honour of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials.

“Royal Wedding” has 3 sections for you to scratch. The goal is to find 3 identical wedding icons, such as wedding rings, cake and champagne. Choose to play up to 3 lines in a single game to win a cash prize. You can even win the £/200,000 jackpot!

I couldn't care less!

Of course not everyone is interested in the Royal Wedding, so if you can’t bear the build-up to the big day and want to show your disinterest, why not buy yourself one of these great mugs. You can get them online from Commemorate your indifference with this fine china mug made in Stoke-on-Trent, in the heart of England. This is a beautifully made, rare memento for folks who go against the grain. A maximum of only 1000 limited edition mugs will be produced.


Lucky Charms Scratch Card

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to win big with ‘Lucky Charms’. This new scratch card from Scratch2Cash is fast becoming the most popular game on their site.

Lucky Charms allows you to pick the number of panels you want to scratch and also the price of the card. You can scratch a maximum of 8 lines for as little as £2. Play just 1 line from £0.25p. Big spenders can wager up to £80 per card.

Luck Charms | Scratch Card

  • Play Lucky Charms from £0.25p
  • Maximum win is £100,000
  • Totally Free £5 bonus is available
  • 1st Deposit Bonus Worth up to £100
  • Free scratch card games available
  • Enjoy other cash games like Bingo, Slots and Instant Wins

The aim of the card is to match two identical symbols that the cheeky Leprechaun has hidden. If you match them you’ll steal his gold. A pot worth anything between £1 and £100,000.

Get £5 absolutely free. No deposit required. Simply sign up, join the fun and win BIG with some REAL money at Scratch2Cash!


£5 Free – Scratch2Cash

Scratch2Cash have one of the hottest offers on the internet at the moment. Just visit Scratch2Cash and register as a guest player and they will deposit £5 of real money into your account.

You can use the free £5 to try out all the scratch card games online, this offer doesn’t require you to deposit any money before you get the £5. The scratch card games are great and there are loads to choose from, along with slots too.

Scratch2Cash | Bonus Info…

  • £5 totally free when you join
  • No deposit needed to claim bonus cash
  • Jackpots over £100,000
  • Massive jackpots on offer
  • Every 1 in 3 scratch cards is a winner

Scratch Card Strategies

On the whole Scratch Cards are a game of luck – but there are still some strategies and tips you can employ to help you get the most out of playing and hopefully winning online.

The Luck Factor

Winning at scratch cards is always down to luck, there is nothing scientific you can do to improve your chances of picking a winning card. As everyone knows lucky streaks run hot and cold but you can improve your percentage chances of winning in a number of ways.

The first way to improve your chances of winning big is by playing more scratch cards. No, I’m not suggesting you spend more money on the cards, rather that you play the cards with the lower purchase values – for example if you only have £20 available to play with this month then don’t opt to play the cards with a ticket price of £5! You’ll only be able to buy 4 cards and you’ll have to be very lucky to get a winner is such a small number of cards.

Instead play the cards with a purchase price of 0.20p (available at Jackpot Joy) as you’ll be able to buy 25 cards and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting a winning card in such a large selection. You’ll also have more fun for your money too!

Don’t Go Broke

It’s a pretty simple tip, but you can’t win when you have no money to play with! To avoid going broke use a ‘Stop Limit’ system. Set yourself a daily or weekly amount of money you can comfortably afford to lose. Let’s say you can afford to lose £20 a month without breaking into a sweat, so set yourself a weekly gambling limit of £5 – If you’re unlucky and lose the lot in one day then do not play again that week.

Using a system like this will help you control how much you are spending and allow you to continue playing even when luck is not on your side. This way you’ll be able to play through the dry spells and not get stuck in them. The longer you stay in the game, the better your chances of landing a big win!

Chase Wins Not Losses

If you find yourself on a winning roll then slowly increase your stakes and chances of landing a big jackpot. Because you can play scratch cards for low stakes you can steadily build up a healthy bank roll, if you start the day with £5 and you manage to win £30 in a session then bank £15 (your original £5 plus £10 profit) and gamble the remaining £15 on higher priced cards which carry bigger payout’s.

Play With Other Peoples Money

Gambling with other peoples money is way more fun than your own! Now I’m not suggesting you go and steal your partners credit card but you can get free cash from many online scratch card sites. Scratch2Cash the online gaming site is giving away £5 completely free to anyone who joins them this month.

It’s a great offer and you don’t have to deposit any of your own money to claim the free £5, just register as a new player and you’ll find £5 in your account to try out their games with – cool!