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Supermarket Boss Wins Big on Scratch Card

Exciting times ahead for a Supermarket boss from Houghton, County Durham. Deborah Maddison simply could not believe her eyes when she scraped off the panels of a National Lottery scratch card to reveal the humongous win of £70,000 in cash!

Houghton, who at the time was just days away from jetting off on a holiday to Spain with her husband, Simon, was on a break from her shift as deputy manager in the Co-Op in Easington Colliery.  

A supermarket boss was shocked last month when she managed to bag herself a £70,000 cash win on a National Lottery Scratchcard, just days before she and her husband left for a holiday in Spain, when she remembered that she had bought two scratchcards earlier that day. Maddison decided to use the time to check her winnings and see if she was a lucky winner. The first card she scratched gave a win of £4 – nothing impressive, but certainly nothing to complain about. The next card, however, was set to change her life forever. And the win could not have come at a better time – as Deborah and Simon are both currently in the process of finding their dream house to settle down in! The couple have been searching for over a year for something they like in their price range – and this cash booster is sure to help them out.

Simon, 46, works as a bus driver was absolutely delighted at the news, describing his wife’s excitement at the new property options now available to them and their 24 year old daughter, Amy. With this newfound luck, the family hope that they will now be able to find the dream home that they’ve all been searching for. Deborah also told reporters that it was her dream to purchase a brand new modern property for the family to move in to. The couple estimated that most of the cash would be spent on purchasing the house and paying off any debts the family may have, leaving them to carry on relatively debt free other than their mortgage. And who knows – they might even have money to buy animal lover Amy a new horse!

It’s not often that people get what they want, but hopefully this stroke of luck is all that the Maddison family need to make their dreams come true.


Misleading Scratch Card Court Case

A man from Kennewick, Washington, is planning on taking the Washington State Lottery in court over a scratch card payout which didn’t work out as planned.  There are often subtle, unread rules and stipulations on physical and online scratch cards alike, but it doesn’t usual cause this much of an issue.

Ken Goldsmith recently purchased one of the latest scratch card releases, the Red Hot 5s card and thought he had won the a massive $55,555 by scratching away to reveal a matching number.  However, when he had the card scanned at a lottery kiosk, it came up on the system as a loser.

The 55 year old immediately contacted the lottery office in Olympia to inquire about why it had not been a winner.  According to Goldsmith, the telephone operator knew what he was talking about before he even mentioned which scratch card he had bought.

On the card, players are told that they must match a number on the card with one of the winning numbers to win that cash prize.  It also states that more numbers can be found on the reverse of the card.  It does not mention, however, that the numbers on the front and the back are part of two separate games, which turned out to be the main cause of confusion.

The man matched a number on the back of the card to the $55,555 number on the front and thought for certain that he had won.  The representatives at the Olympia office told him that the website states that the games are separate and that it should state that fact more clearly on the card.  It seems that Ken Goldsmith is not the only person confused.

Arlene Harris, a lottery spokesperson, told him that this card has caused misunderstanding with many players.  She went on to say that they are not planning on withdrawing the card from the market due to the cost it would cause.  The Red Hot 5s card is the first double-sided card in the US.

After Harris’ acknowledgement of the vagueness of the card, Goldsmith was left very unsatisfied.  In his opinion, the rules should be clearly stated on the card as no one goes onto the websites to check the rules.

Goldsmith plans to challenge the issues in court.  He has requested that the Washington State bar Association recommend a lawyer to represent him.

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Man Collects Scratch Cards for 20 Years and Now Sells them!

We love scratch cards as much as the next person – in fact some may say we are fanatics – but even we were surprised to hear about this story. David Mannix has a rather unusual hobby which is collecting scratch cards which he has been doing for 20 years. He boasts the worlds largest collection with over 100,000 of them, and get this folks, he hasn’t scratched any of them off even though he had spent a massive £80,000.

There is a room in his house dedicated to these scratch cards all of them are kept in boxes so he can tell exactly where everything is, as David can no longer work due to sever arthritis this seems like a harmless hobby right? Well some would say bordering on an obsession. He has tonnes of special edition scratch cards such as Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and heaps more.

After all of this David has decided to hang up his scratch card hat and sell the scratch cards on for a whopping £500,000! He commented that he wanted to give someone else the opportunity to own the collection but he definitely wants to make sure they are taken care of after the length of time and amount of money he has spent on them.

This isn’t the first love of David Mannix, back in the 80′s he used to collect phone cards, but with the rise of mobile phones this one fizzled out which is why he has moved on to scratch cards. His obsession began when his friend purchased him a batch of 400 in 1994. Over 90,000 of the cards he bought were already used, and the remaining 10 have remained unscratched which hasn’t gone down too well with his with especially since they have all now expired!

There is only one scratch card that has been missing from his collection which is the very first Christmas themed scratch card in 1994. He has been told that they all together are worth around £5 million but is still looking to sell them for £500,000! We wonder how many offers he will get!

Of course you could always play online and know that those will never expire!!


Scratch Card Thief Still Not Found

We know we normally tell you all about all of the online scratch card treats you can look forward to, or top slots promotions – but today we thought we would give you the scoop on a woman who has stolen a massive £1,200 worth of scratch cards and is yet to be found! Allegedly she has stolen paper scratch cards from stores on 10 different occasions between the dates of the 29th June and the 11th July! Her tactic was to have a chat with the shop assistant’s and then distract them whilst she steals a batch of cards – simple but evidently effective. The items were taken from shops in Ripon, Harrogate and Knaresborough around North and West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

There was an original appeal from the North Yorkshire Police urging the public to give them any information they could about the woman on 24th July. There are 3 CCTV images to look at giving a clear view of the suspect. She is in her late twenties to early thirties, is white, of a medium build, tall and has long blonde hair which she typically wears in a ponytail or a bun. She is wearing a different outfit in each of the images shown. Surprisingly even with all of that information – the North Yorkshire Police are still no closer to catching the culprit.

Because of this they have renewed their appeal to bring this crime to attention once again and hopefully either refresh the memory of someone who may have information on her or reach people that haven’t yet seen the images before in a bid to get further information on her whereabouts. As the appeal can be viewed online – it is possible that she herself knows that the Police are on a mission to find her and is being even more careful to remain untraced.

Members of the general public have been directed to Crimestoppers if they do know anything and there is an incident number and point of contact for them to speak to. She must be fairly confident that she would get a win from all of those stolen scratch cards – otherwise why would you risk all of that? One things for sure – it appears it will only be a matter of time until she is found.


5 Things You Must Know Before You Withdraw Scratchcard Winnings

What to be aware of before trying to withdraw winnings from online scratch cards sites, from withdrawal methods and ID requests to wagering requirements

5 Things You Must Know Before Trying to Withdraw Scratchcards Winnings

For reasons which will be obvious to you, online scratch cards sites make it easier for you to deposit money in than to withdraw money out.  Some rogues sites try to make it so hard that you end up giving up on the process and end up losing the money on the site.  In this article are some of the issues you may experience when trying to withdraw your scratchcard winnings.

Wagering Requirements

Depending on the situation, there can be certain requirements that you must meet before withdrawing any money from the site.  For example, if you claimed a bonus when making your first deposit, it will be necessary to wager the bonus amount a certain amount of times before you can withdraw anything (sometimes up to 100 times your bonus!) At other times, players who have won money on free scratchcards games may be required to make a deposit before withdrawing.

Method of Withdrawal

There is often a selection of methods of withdrawal available to players, allowing them to find the most suiting to them. Common withdrawal methods include bank transfer, cheque, PayPal, Ukash, Neteller and more.

Requesting ID

Depending on the amount you are trying to withdraw, you may have to provide ID to confirm you are the account holder. This is likely to be more common among smaller scratch cards sites, which lack the security system to validate players in other, more convenient ways.  You may receive a request for requesting a withdrawal of £200 for example.  Some people merely see this as an additional hurdle put in place just to slow down the withdrawal process, making you more likely to spend your winnings.

Withdrawal Limits

Few sites have limits on how much can be withdrawn within a space of time. For example, you may only be able to withdraw £10,000 in a month. There is a simple way around this, simple deposit the maximum amount in a month and withdraw the rest in the following month.

Waiting Time

Withdrawals can take a varying amount of time.  It may take up to a maximum of 10 days, although some sites advertise that you will receive your winnings within 3 – 5 days.  If you have not received anything after the specified time, it’s recommended that you contact customer services.  You might receive a notification beforehand saying the payment has been delayed and you may have to provide ID to complete the process.

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Gala Casino Presents Exciting Possibilities

Gala Casino is a highly enticing online gaming site to play at, with huge selection of instant games provided by Playtech. Probably among the best are the online scratch cards and the slot games – you will never have a shortage of options to play. What makes the gaming even better is that every penny you wager will contribute toward earning Comp Points. That is the loyalty currency which you can build over time and then exchange for real cash rewards, once you have enough that is. The scheme works basically on a system whereby every £1 wagered will equate to one Comp Point. In addition to the points, also has some cool option for you to try right now.

Big Bad Wolf Features as Game of the Week
Gala Casino has opted to go with Big Bad Wolf for its Game of the Week. Wager on the slot between now and midnight on Sunday (7 July) and you will earn double Comp Points on your wagering. Log in to Gal and select to ‘Opt In’ to the promo using the button presented to you within the promo’s page. There is a pretty nifty bonus round within Big Bad Wolf, which is nice to know because often you come across games that are disappointingly devoid of addition features.

Exchanging Comp Points for Cash
Comp Points can be exchanged simply by going to ‘My Loyalty Status’ when you are on the ‘My Account’ page. Enter how many points you would like to exchange and then confirm the transaction by clicking on ‘Convert to Cash’. Exchanges can be on laptop and mobile devices alike, thereby making the whole process very convenient.

Wild Weekender
Expect a wild weekend every time Friday rolls around at Gala Casino. For three days you will be able to claim 10% cashback on all of your losses. The maximum value of casino bonus that can be claimed is £100, therefore giving you plenty of scale for clawing back on losses. Like with the Game of the Week promo above, ensure that you click on the ‘Opt In’ button if you wish to enter. Go to the ‘Promotions’ section of the main Gala Casino site and you can enter the separate promotions to find their ‘Opt In’ buttons. Then it will simply be a matter of logging in to your account to enter. You cashback bonus funds will be credited after the weekend on the following Monday.


Viva 888Games

New online scratch cards at 888 Games seem thin on the ground at the moment. However, they have made a good effort to compensate for this with a consistent addition of new online slots. There are a couple of new European-themed slots, Café de Paris and Viva L’italia, the latter of which will be discussed in further detail.

This continental slot will whisk you off to a beautiful location in Italy. You cannot pinpoint an exact place in Italy as you can see the gravity-defying Leaning Tower of Pisa in the background as well as the Roman Colosseum, two landmarks which are many miles apart. Viva L’italia is a beautifully designed piece of gaming software and offers an impressive gambling experience.

The slot is designed using the standard five reel setup and you can win on up to 25 pay lines. The coin value can be selected to be anything from $0.01 up to $10, giving the player a high level of control over betting amounts. The symbols on the reels pay from left to right, except for the scatter symbol. The game features an autoplay feature for players who prefer to sit back and watch the reels spin.

Like most other games at 888 Games, there are a number of special bonus features which can help you boost your winnings, including wilds, scatters, multipliers and free spins. The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter, and offers the highest payout. Three or more scatter symbols earn you 15 free spins, which can be retriggered throughout the bonus round. Free spins round will automatically be subject to a 3x winnings multiplier.

This slot game is designed using absolutely outstanding graphics, offering high definition detail and aesthetically pleasing colours which give each of the symbols an artistic twist. You can try out the game for free before putting your real money on the line. Try this one, there’s no doubt that you’ll like it.

If you have not yet joined the fun at 888 Games, you should do so immediately! When making your first deposit, be sure to take advantage of the generous welcome bonuses. The online games site will match whatever you put in for your first deposit, giving you a 100% bonus. Before you even do this, there is a £5 no-deposit bonus waiting to be claimed so you can get a feel for the site before you even put your money down.


The Marvel Connection With Scratch Cards

When filming for the adaptation of Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel, Les Miserables, the cast experienced delays in filming due to rain. At this point, Hugh Jackman, who plays escaped convict Jean Valjean, nipped off to the shop before returning with £250 worth of scratch cards for the entire cast. But despite the nice gesture, nobody won (or admitted to winning).

This is not the first time Jackman has treated his co-stars in this way. During the filming of Real Steel in 2012, he bought scratch cards for everyone, this time totalling to a value of £500.

Wolverine Scratch

There are also other links between the Australian and scratch cards. One of the actor’s characters, Wolverine, from the cinematic version of the Marvel comic, has recently featured in a new online scratch card. The X-Men star is the theme of a scratch game which has still not been released.

This online game features the animal-sensed mutant with razor sharp claws which must be used to scratch away at the panels to hopefully reveal a prize. Like with many games, players must scratch 3 matching symbols to win a prize. But in this case, the matching symbols must be in a row or column.

Spiderman – Attack Of The Green Goblin Scratch

This is another game based on a Marvel comic book series. The scratch card features your favourite spider-sensed superhero that protects the streets of New York City while swinging between the skyscrapers. In this game, the player must scratch away at the prize panel, and then try to match it with one of the other 6 panels. Players have a choice of the value of the card and if they opt for the maximum value, the jackpot that can be won is a massive £10,000. The card also features the usual auto play feature to play multiple cards consecutively and a scratch all function for instant play.

Daredevil Scratch

Unleash your daredevil from within with this high value scratch card. This game, in which you crime-fight your way to big prizes, is also based on a Marvel comic book series. The value of the card can be selected by the player. To win a prize on this online scratch card, they must match up 3 symbols in a column or a row. The game features characters from the comic book series, such as his enemy and his girlfriend.

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New Games And Bonuses At Bet365 Games

Bet365 Games is one of the more reputable providers of online casino entertainment in the UK. They really do offer the full package. A broad selection of games are on offer, including casino games, poker, bingo, sports betting and instant games such as online scratch cards. The online casino also provides mobile gaming, as well as massive jackpots and a bunch of new games. These great games and a 150% new player bonus will shortly be outlined for you.

Bet365’s selection of games really is impressive. On their sleek and effective website design, all their instant games are clearly laid out with simple category tabs to help you find the exact game you’re looking for. They have something to suit every sort of player. Choose from their featured games, hi/lo games, table games, slots, numbers games, arcade games or TV show games. Coupled with the vast selection of categories, the games within are of top quality.

For all the TV buffs out there, select from their top branded games in the TV section including The Million Pound Drop, Deal or No Deal, Catchphrase and The X Factor Jackpot. If it’s more the original casino games that get you going, choose from games such as Blackjack, Roulette, 3 Card Brag, Texas Hold’em and Solitaire. For all the real thrill seekers out there, there is a selection of instant win games, where you can make or break it in a second. Games in this section include Roll the Dice, Lucky Charm and 7 Boom. Sports fans are also kept well entertained with a range of games such as Euroball, Darts and Road Racing. If you just love spinning the reel, then check out the range of slot games, including Pharaoh’s Treasure, Cluedo and Rubik’s Riches. The sheer extensiveness of this list is dangerously entertaining as it never allows you to get bored!

For all players who have no yet played with Bet365 Games, make sure you claim the generous welcome bonus. Kick start your Bet365 experience by depositing a minimum of £10 and claiming your 150% bonus credit, up to a maximum bonus value of £150. For all subsequent deposits, players can take advantage of the reload bonus. In this offer, the casino will top you every deposit you make with 25% of the deposit value. To maximise on this deal, put in £400 and claim a massive £100 in free funds.

Mobile Apps

The Rise of Mobile Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards have always been an exhilarating rush to play, but the enjoyment is now reaching new heights as these scratch cards are being introduced on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Of all the different sorts of games involved in online casinos, none of them make as logical a fit being played on smartphones as scratch cards.

Scratching off panels on an online scratch card on a desktop computer has always been a slightly awkward affair. Of course you can click the ‘reveal all’ button, but it is far from the excitement felt from scratching away at a physical scratch card to reveal the symbols. Scratch cards on mobile devices act to bridge this gap. With the primary control method on phones being touchscreen, scratching away at these scratch cards is not that dissimilar from scratching away at physical cards.
There is now a broad selection of mobile scratch cards available on various mobile platforms. Google Play’s App store is host to many of these, a few of which will be discussed.

Scratch & Guess Logo
This scratch card is slightly different to your conventional scratch cards. In this innovative version, you scratch away at an image that hides a logo from famous brands, companies, sports teams and other organisation. The card is made more exciting, however, as you get less points for scratching the centre of the image, where finding the answer is much easier. You can max out on points by scratching at the edges of the panel, where identification is more general.

Scratch and Guess
This game is very similar to the previous game. However, instead of guessing famous brands and logos, the game asks that you identify famous people such as actors, movie characters, musicians, games, sports stars and scientists. The player is rewarded with coins for getting correct answers, which can be used to unlock new levels and buy hints. Like the Logo game mentioned above, players receive fewer points for a correct guess if the obvious part of the image is revealed.

Scratch Draw
This game allows you to draw by scratching on top of various backgrounds. The game is enjoyable by players of all ages, from young children to adults. Players have the ability to change the thickness of the pen and get extra detail. The app takes uses its mobile functionality to allow sharing of images drawn on social networks.

Many More Online Scratch Cards
Downloading apps from Google Play isn’t the only place to enjoy the thrill of online scratch cards as there are many other established sites that offer these great little games and more. For instance 888Games has a wide selection of instant win games and scratch cards that are sure to keep you entertained from your mobile whilst on the go! 888Games also have many other games you can enjoy such as slots and casino style table games.