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Joining William Hill’s online casino opens up a whole world of fabulous online products. Drop in, register and start to play for real cash prizes. There are heaps of games to try out: versions of Blackjack, like Pontoon; different kinds of Roulette, such as European and American; loads of card and table games, for example baccarat and craps; several types of slots, for instance classic single and multi-line; as well as casino and video poker.

William Hill casino has just rolled off some new games. These are hot of the press! Gladiator is based on the epic Hollywood blockbuster movie. It is a 5-reel 25-line action packed slot game. Captain’s Treasure Pro is a 5-reel 20-line video slot. It is a follow-up to the popular video slot Captain’s Treasure, and is centred on the thrill of a treasure hunt. Dolphin Reef is a 5-reel 20-line video slot centred on the deep and wonderful water world with lots of sub-aqua action.

To get started you must either download the software or click on the Instant Play button. By choosing to download the software you will have the most realistic online casino experience out there on the web. Once you have elected to download the software, sign in, open an account, and begin to play! Otherwise enjoy the flash website experience with the instant play version. The great thing is that you don’t have to play for keeps. You can find your feet by playing in ‘fun mode’ and explore the casino routine. Once you feel ready, you can spread your wings and go for the ‘real money mode’ and begin to fly!

To encourage the newbies, William Hill offers fantastic bonuses. New players are eligible to earn a £150 bonus on a first deposit. The bonuses rise incrementally. Mid-Rollers net £350 for a £500 deposit, High-Rollers pocket £500 on a £1000 bonus, and VIP-ers trouser £1,000 for a £3000 deposit!

The William Hill Casino Customer Services Team is available to give customers 24/7 assistance through an online chat option, should this be required. There is also help available by phone, email and fax. Check it out!


Scratch Cards Increase In Popularity

Gambling is big business in the UK – massive business, in fact – with the gross gambling yield between the financial yearend March 2011 and March 2012 rising to a colossal £5.8 billion. Gross gambling yield is the amount of money that operators are left with after players have claimed their winnings. This figure rose by approximately £200 million from the 2011 value of £5.6 billion, as reported by the Gambling Commission. When commenting on the published figures, the Gambling Commission explained that the National Lottery and scratch cards had played a driving role in bringing about the increase.

Focusing on the lottery, the figures showed yields from lotteries had grown to £227 million from 2011, representing a major increase of 35%. Scratch cards form a significant part of the business interest of the National Lottery in the UK and it comes as no surprise to discover that the purchase of scratch cards has risen. Within the 12 months between March 2011 and March 2012, published findings show that the purchase of scratch cards grew from 10.3% to 13%. This finding is based on a research question which asked questionnaire respondents whether or not they had purchased a card in the last four weeks – a reasonable timeframe.

Based on the above, it can be reasonably determined the lottery and scratch card industry is operating soundly. In contrast, bookmakers have had more problems to deal with. Bookmakers are forced to compete heavily against one another, with most vicious battlefields being odds and marketing. Some operators in this area will offer cut-price odds just to get the business, even if the competition wouldn’t do so. A potential benefit of this strategy could be to encourage more foot traffic into bookmakers’ shops. Marketing is a high cost area for bookmakers, with large sums of money often poured into extensive advertising campaigns. Celebrities will often be hired to appear and this will increase costs further.

Nevertheless, the report, on the whole, pointed to a UK gambling industry that had performed well since the onset of the recession in 2008. Moving back to the success of lottery tickets and scratch cards, customers are likely driven by the fact they can engage in gambling without having to enter the shop of a bookmaker. They can purchase these items from their shop and not go out of their way to do so. The endgame of these customers will be the hope of hitting a major jackpot for little cost. And can you blame them? Numerous stories emerge of successful jackpot wins in the UK. Everyday online scratch card websites like Jackpot Joy pay out millions in prize money.


Singer Uses Scratch Cards To Boost Sales

Online scratchies and offline cards are becoming ever more popular, with loads of companies offering them either as Christmas presents or incentives to work hard and meet their targets. It looks like they have another use, however! A Kenyan lady by the name of Emmy Kosgei who sings amazing gospel music in her native Kalenjin dialect has noticed that the popularity of scratchies can even help her sell music!

Emmy currently has her music produced by a small and little-known independent music company, but she says that she is really struggling thanks to the level of piracy in the music world right now. We all know that the lure to grab music for free as opposed to buying it has put great strain on even the biggest stars, and this hits emerging artist like Emmy eve harder. She recently launched her first CD “Ololo” but when she turned up to the album launch, a lot of her fans already had her music – BEFORE the launch. This means of course that Emmy receives nothing in return. She stated:

“I felt my efforts had all gone to waste.”

Emmy thinks that she has found a solution, however. She has recently discovered that there were online software platforms such as Mdundo and this actually lets music fans download a whole heap of different music to their phones, but they have to use a pre-paid scratch card! This means that Emmy and other Kenyan artists will definitely receive the royalties that they are entitles to. This of course further reinforces the popularity of scratchcards in our society today and in societies around the world. They know that their fans can relate to scratchies and even enjoy playing them, so this was the perfect way for them to sell their music.

Major Khadija, a musician who is known by his stage name “Mejja”, stated that his fellow artists are very excited by this and can’t wait to offer these to their fans. He said, “We sell them using our music stores or even during our live concerts.”

This defiantly sound like something that should be introduced to the UK. Not only is piracy a huge problem over here, we also love our scratchies and I think that this will encourage music lovers to pay fairly. It is a fun and interesting way to get people to pay for music, and it would go down a storm over here!

Prank Scratch Card Win

We all know the massive thrill of winning an online scratchcard game – that is why we play! We can’t get enough of the heart-pumping adrenaline that we gain when we uncover those matching symbols, but of course that pull isn’t just limited to online scratchies. Millions of us still love to head into our local shops and scratch a paper-based card despite the fact that we can grab scratchie action online, too. One such scratchie fan thought that his luck was in when he scratched a scratch card revealed that he was the lucky winner of an immense £50K – only to be left crestfallen when his friend revealed it was a prank!

In what has to be one of the cruellest pranks ever, an unnamed scratchy fan was so happy to have won an incredible £50,000 that he begins to shout out the window and laugh, phoning his other friends to spread the good news! The pair of builders had been driving in their van when the man in the passenger seat scratched the panels and declared “You’ve won bruv, you’ve won £50 grand!” The man who had believed himself to be a winner was completely unaware of his pals sneering laughter as he celebrated would have been a life-changing win. The poor guy even phones his family to let them know, proclaiming “I’m shaking!” because he is just so excited. Eventually the prankster seems to have had an attack of conscience as he admits to his “friend” that it was wall a big joke and states “it’s a fake scratch card”. Deservingly, the prankster then receives a beating, but seeing as the scuffle is actually in good fun, we think that the poor guy at the brunt of this scratch card joke has a much better sense of humour than us!

The worst – or arguably best – part of the whole thing is that the prankster actually filmed the whole thing, and the video has since received a whopping 129,553 hits on YouTube! All the more reason for the prankster to receive that pummelling! Amazingly, this is clearly not the only scratchie prank that has hit YouTube – search for this one and you will actually find oodles more!

So you decide folks – was this scratchcard prank cruel or just a bit of fun? We have to admit that the excitement on this poor guys face before he realises that it’s a prank pulls at our heart strings!

If you’re feeling luckier than the poor chap in the video then why not give Jackpot Joy Scratch Cards a try, you can win prizes worth £500,000 online right now – NO JOKE!


New Scratchcards Released To Help Curb Drinking

Scratchies are so massively popular that they are currently being used for a whole host of things besides bagging you a massive jackpot! Of course our fave use of online scratchcards is to scoop one of the many prizes, but companies have been using them as incentives to make their employee’s work harder or even simply giving them out as prizes for the festive season. The latest craze seems to be giving out scratchies to help curb problem drinking, which is one of the most unusual Ways that we have ever seen them being used!

Rethink Your Drink

This has actually been on the “cards” for some time, with pharmacist and doctors and even some bars across the smaller towns and cities of the UK issuing Scratchcards dubbed “Rethink Your Drink”. The idea of these is to work out how much alcohol you are drinking and if it is too much. The come with a list of questions, and all you have to do is scratch the panels connected to your answer. You will then figure out how much you are drinking, with the aim of these to ultimately shock our binge-drinking nation into cutting down a bit.

Scary Stats

The reason that these scratchies have been designed is because the drinking statistics in our country are somewhat grave looking. In fact, so far in 2012 alone, half a million people in just our capital city drank way more alcohol than they should, damaging their health and landing them in hospitals! That is a terrifying statistic on its own, but coupled with the fact that the ambulance service in the capital received one call every 8 minutes in 2012 for accidents related to alcohol abuse, and of these calls, a terrifying 1,700 people living in London actually died as a result.

The fact that these statistics are related to London alone is in itself extremely scary, and it is completely understandable that the government is trying to take some steps to shock people into cutting down. These scratchies will be issued to over 500 chemists in London alone, with thousands of them already handed out across the smaller cities and towns in England and Scotland. This looks set to be a trend that will soon hit the whole of the UK, so look out for these little scratchies near you to see if you need to curb your drinking habits, too.


Royal Wedding Scratch Cards

The wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William is generating more than it’s fair share of Royal Tat Souvenirs. The latest is a scratch card that’s been produced by Kate’s parents family firm Party Pieces. The family have rejected claims that they are ‘cashing in’ on the wedding, made by various national newspaper.

The Britannia Scratch Trivia card costs £3.99 for a pack of ten. It is designed to be played by adults, allowing them to test their knowledge not just of British history and celebrities, but also the Royal Family. “Scratch away one crown to reveal the correct answer and impress your guests with your British knowledge,” says the advertisement on the firm’s website.

Mrs Middleton, 56, a former air hostess, set up Party Pieces in 1987. Her husband, a former British Airways flight dispatcher, helps to run it. Daughter Kate worked as a photographer and web designer for the firm for three years until Christmas.

I’d like to point out that you can still get £5 totally free from Scratch2Cash, you can play online scratch cards and avoid the whole royal wedding hullabaloo on the 29th of April when Kate & Wills tie the knot. Royal Wedding sick bags are available if you choose to watch the wedding instead.