Teens Triumphant Scratch Card Tale

For one lucky teen it seems a rare splash out on scratch cards has landed him an absolutely massive jackpot.

Jack Tanbini, 18, from Dundee and a cash and carry apprentice at Batley’s has won an amazing jackpot of £100,000 from just one scratchcard.

After helping to unpack the stock in Glens Newsagents on Clepington Road, young Jack tried to buy some crisps but the store manager gave him his pound back and his snack for free. He then decided to spend his spare pound on a spur of the moment purchase of a Purple National Lottery Scratch card.

But little did he know that this card would net him the top jackpot prize of £100,000.

Jack told how he was so shocked when he saw the three matching symbols that he had to get the shopkeeper, his colleague and then the store machine to confirm what they were all seeing. He told reporters: “I still didn’t believe it.”

Jack explained how he only played scratch cards very rarely and that the one he had purchased was just a “one off”.

However he didn’t call up Camelot straight away to claim his winnings instead the Dundee youth went back to work and continued with his day as normal. That is until his boss told him to go home and sort everything out after he was overheard mentioning to a few of his friends at work about his unexpected win.

Jack said: “They gave me a day off, it still hasn’t sunk in.”

The lucky Dundonian currently lives at home with his mother, four older brothers, one younger brother and a younger sister. He’s also an avid Celtic fan and loves playing various types of computer games.

However, Jack doesn’t plan on burning through his winnings straight away like most jackpot winners tend to do on fancy cars, big houses and extravagant luxuries.

Instead his plans are far more modest. Young Jack has said he plans to give some of his winnings to his mother, and then he will spend some of his money on driving lessons.

He also mentioned he is currently planning on buying his first car with his winnings, there’s also apparently a long overdue holiday for him and his family currently in the works.

Jack has also said that he’ll put the rest of winnings in a savings account in order to save for his future.


National Lottery Hits The Headlines

For years there have been lots of stories of friends getting together to form ‘syndicates’, where each member hands in a pound (or more) each week to be part of the lottery selection. Workplaces throughout the UK have syndicates, with some even able to afford fun nights out after winning a couple of hundred pounds. The idea behind them is that players get to be part of more entries because of how much money gets poured in. What this means is that the odds of winning are greatly improved, hence why so many people participate in them. However, there are not really any examples of regular syndicates for scratch cards, but there has been recent news that could change this in the future.

£40 Scratch Card Win Leads to More
A pair of couples from the UK decided to go on a brief holiday to a Center Parcs resort for some relaxing time away. During their time at the resort, the couples decided to pool their resources and buy some scratch cards. Claire and Malcolm Sills and their friends Martin and Claire Tait were pleased to learn that they had managed to win £40 from playing the scratch cards. Feeling buoyant after their win, the popular opinion of the couples was that the money should be spent on a lavish round of celebratory drinks. However, one of the husbands had a better idea for spending the winnings.

Winnings Spent on EuroMillions
Martin Tait wisely suggested to his three other holiday companions that they should spend the money on another ticket for the then upcoming EuroMillions lotto draw. EuroMillions is a National Lottery competition that attracts lotto players from all over Europe who enter with the hope of winnings up tens of millions of pounds. Everyone subsequently agreed with Martin and the money was spent on EuroMillions.

Scratch Card Leads to £1m Win
Following the holiday the couples went back to their daily lives and got on with things. It was during this time that the EuroMillions draw was held, and there was an exciting out come from the couples. One of their EuroMillions tickets had led to a win worth £1 million, but none of them were inititally aware of this. Martin kept the winning ticket in his pocket for nearly three days before he finally checked the numbers. This story should be proof that you syndicate might be wise to consider investment in a few scratch cards to help fund more winning lotto tickets.


Festive Joy With Lottery Scratch Cards?

Don’t you hate it when people tell you there’s only 46 days left until Christmas, I’m stressed out enough already! Plus I’ve no idea what presents I’m getting friends and family this year.

Picking Christmas presents is always difficult. what to get? how much to spend? will they like it? Well, how about giving a million quid as a present? Who wouldn’t like that? Don’t worry if you haven’t got a £1 million to give away – just give one of the National Lotteries mega jackpot scratch cards as a present instead!

Luckily the National lottery has just launched two Christmas themed scratch cards, and I thought they’d make ideal presents for those difficult to buy for people – you know the type, the ones who have everything already. Why not solve the ‘Present Problem’ by popping a scratchie in a Christmas card, hey presto! instant Crimbo gift.

I’ll also be keeping one or two in a draw with a few christmas cards for those unexpected visitors. Last year I even used a scratch card for my works secret Santa, as I couldn’t find a gift for £5 that didn’t look like, well… five pounds worth of tat – the possibility of winning £1 million has to be way more exciting than getting a bottle of Hi Karate aftershave.

Next time you’re in the newsagents look out for ‘Christmas millionaire’ and ‘Snow Me The Money’ scratch cards. I bought one each (research!), the Christmas Millionaire card cost me £5 and offers four top prizes of £1 million – So it’s the same top prize as ‘Big Blue‘ only it costs a fiver less! Is this the lottery admitting they got the pricing wrong on that one? The game play on Christmas Millionaire is almost identical to Big Blue, only with a festive theme. You get five chances to win and I lost on all of them! However, on the ‘Snow Me The Money’ card I won a tenner! Not quite the £80,000 jackpot I was hoping for but not too bad for a £2 card.

It’s could be a very merry Christmas for the lucky punter who lands a £1 Million prizes – especially if they got the card as a gift!


National Lottery Monopoly Scratch Card

The latest scratch card launched by the National Lottery is the new Monopoly themed game. I for one was really looking forward to getting my hands on this card. I’m a massive fan of Monopoly, so I had high hopes that the Lottery would do a great job converting this much loved board game. However, I couldn’t have been more disappointed – and not just because I didn’t win anything (more about that later) but because the card was just soooooo… boring.

[quote style="boxed" float="right"]Did I Win Playing The Monopoly Card – NO![/quote] Firstly, the card design leaves a lot to be desired. Considering the range of images and graphics that could have appeared on the scratch card it’s appearance is very dull. All you get is a simple background of monopoly money with a logo and some random squares that don’t even resemble the real board game. McDonalds did a better job with their Monopoly promotion! At least the National Lottery incorporated the little silver pieces from the real board game. Everyone has a favourite, either the Dog, Iron or Top Hat. My lucky piece is the racing car, unfortunately it didn’t bring me much luck today.

Moving on to the actual game play… Where is it? I don’t understand why the National Lottery would pay a fee to use the Monopoly brand and then only produce a bog standard game? Why not make total use of the ‘MONOPOLY’ brand. The only relationship between this scratch card and the board game is the images and name. I have seen many Monopoly themed promotions across a number of different industries and this scratch card has to be one of the weakest. For instance, game two on the card asks you to reveal a matching number to win the prize. Why didn’t the Lottery use community chest cards instead, let people scratch the community chest card to reveal something like ‘Bank Error In Your Favour – Win £5′ or ‘Advance To Go – Win £200′ it’s not rocket salad is it?

Enough of the moaning already… Did I win anything? I hear you ask. The short answer is NO, which might explain why I’m so annoyed with the National Lottery Monopoly card. I bought two at the local Spar shop, the payout percentage on this Monopoly card is 1 in 3.84. I scratched away at both cards and only revealed a big fat blank! Back to work for another week.

Play Online Instead!

It’s worth noting that the National Lottery is NOT the only place to play themed Monopoly games for cash – Scratch2Cash have a great Monopoly Scratch card game with big cash prizes worth £200,000. New players can get £7 totally free when they join Scratch2Cash.


The Big One Blowout

You’ve probably already heard the hype about the new National Lottery scratch card ‘The Big One’ or ‘Big Blue’ as some people are calling it.

The card has a 4 million quid jackpot, which is biggest amount you can win on a National Lottery scratch card game.

I know the £10 price tag has been putting people off from trying it, so I thought I’d buy two ‘big one’ cards and see what all the fuss is about.

First of all let me say that these scratch cards are massive! You’ve no chance of hiding these from your partner. So if you win expect to share the cash with your other half.

The two cards cost me a total of £20, which is a pretty big chunk of change. As you’d expect for that price the jackpots need to be big, and on that front the card doesn’t disappoint, with four top prizes of 4 million, plus other prizes worth between £10 and £100,000.

The Big One has 5 separate games on each card, the games follow the traditional format of matching symbols, adding together numbers and getting a higher score than the card. Pretty simple stuff really, I do wish that the Lottery chaps would’ve come up with something new for such an expensive card.

Leaving aside the fairly routine game play for a moment, the five games featured do give you plenty of scope for winning a prize. In many ways ‘The Big One’ represents better value than buying five £2 scratch cards.

So right now you’re probably wondering if I’m writing this from some caribbean island after landing the big Jackpot? Well…. No! As I look out the window it’s lashing down with rain in July and I’m holding two giant scratch cards that have netted me exactly £0.00! The big zero instead of the big one.

Think I’m going to stick with playing the online scratch cards at Jackpot Joy from now on.


Premonition Of Scratch Card Win

Stuart Parsons from Chepstow doesn’t buy a lot scratch cards, but on the day he won £100,000 on the National Lottery card ‘Million Blue Scratchcard” he felt an overwhelming desire to buy four Scratch Cards. Luckily for Stuart his premonition of a big win came true.

Talking about the win he said: “It sounds so weird telling the story now but for the past couple of months I have kept seeing the numbers 1 2 3 4, whether it’s 12.34pm on my phone, 1,234 mileage on the work car or registration documents.

“Most people would call it a coincidence but it was starting to freak me out a bit!”

Mr Parsons walked into the Spar on Beachley Road, Chepstow and asked the shopkeepers for a Scratch Card from each of the first four dispensers. It was the first card selected by him that won him the jackpot. Mr Parsons couldn’t believe his good luck, but family and friends didn’t believe it either, even after showing them the winning card!

If you’re having scratch card premonitions like Stuart then you can try your luck online at Jackpot Joy, 100s of scratch card games with jackpots up to £1 million are available.