National Lottery Monopoly Scratch Card

The latest scratch card launched by the National Lottery is the new Monopoly themed game. I for one was really looking forward to getting my hands on this card. I’m a massive fan of Monopoly, so I had high hopes that the Lottery would do a great job converting this much loved board game. However, I couldn’t have been more disappointed – and not just because I didn’t win anything (more about that later) but because the card was just soooooo… boring.

[quote style="boxed" float="right"]Did I Win Playing The Monopoly Card – NO![/quote] Firstly, the card design leaves a lot to be desired. Considering the range of images and graphics that could have appeared on the scratch card it’s appearance is very dull. All you get is a simple background of monopoly money with a logo and some random squares that don’t even resemble the real board game. McDonalds did a better job with their Monopoly promotion! At least the National Lottery incorporated the little silver pieces from the real board game. Everyone has a favourite, either the Dog, Iron or Top Hat. My lucky piece is the racing car, unfortunately it didn’t bring me much luck today.

Moving on to the actual game play… Where is it? I don’t understand why the National Lottery would pay a fee to use the Monopoly brand and then only produce a bog standard game? Why not make total use of the ‘MONOPOLY’ brand. The only relationship between this scratch card and the board game is the images and name. I have seen many Monopoly themed promotions across a number of different industries and this scratch card has to be one of the weakest. For instance, game two on the card asks you to reveal a matching number to win the prize. Why didn’t the Lottery use community chest cards instead, let people scratch the community chest card to reveal something like ‘Bank Error In Your Favour – Win £5′ or ‘Advance To Go – Win £200′ it’s not rocket salad is it?

Enough of the moaning already… Did I win anything? I hear you ask. The short answer is NO, which might explain why I’m so annoyed with the National Lottery Monopoly card. I bought two at the local Spar shop, the payout percentage on this Monopoly card is 1 in 3.84. I scratched away at both cards and only revealed a big fat blank! Back to work for another week.

Play Online Instead!

It’s worth noting that the National Lottery is NOT the only place to play themed Monopoly games for cash – Scratch2Cash have a great Monopoly Scratch card game with big cash prizes worth £200,000. New players can get £7 totally free when they join Scratch2Cash.


Monopoly Riches Scratch Card

It’s the board game we all loved as kids, and if like me you had an over competitive Dad, then it’s also the one game you never won! until now. Monopoly Riches is the brand new type of scratch card game from Scratch2Cash. Monopoly Riches plays like a cut down version of the traditional board game, but don’t worry this game doesn’t take hours to finish!

Monopoly Riches | Scratch Card

  • Play Monopoly Riches from £0.25p
  • Maximum win is £100,000
  • Free £5 Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Needed
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The aim is to roll the dice and move around the board. Land on a property square such as New York or London for a guaranteed cash prize. If you’re lucky enough to land on free parking then you can win big. The jackpot prize on Monopoly Riches is a mega £100,000!

Just like the real board game you need to make sure you don’t end up landing on the ‘Jail’ square, or you’ll lose instantly. Land on CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST you will be given a random card from the middle of the board, it could have a cash prize, a bank error in your favour or the dreaded ‘GO TO JAIL’.

The Monopoly Riches game has got beautiful graphical animations and lots of ways to win, if you’re a new player to Scratch2Cash then you’ll qualify for a totally free £5 welcome bonus. No deposit is need on your behalf to claim the free cash, just register and start play all the scratchcards on offer at Scratch2Cash.

Scratch2Cash offers over 90 scratch cards, instant win games, bingo games and casino games. So you will never get bored. You can play many of the cards from as little as £0.25p. Making it excellent value for casual players.



Monopoly ‘On A Roll’ from Ladbrokes Games is not exactly a traditional scratch card but it does offer get fun and instant wins. Monopoly On a Roll™ offers all the fun of the world-famous board game with multiple chances to win real money.

Place your bets on your favourite properties and roll the dice. If you land on a spot you have bet on, you win! You can play it safe or go for bigger payouts– its up to you. All the way through, Mr. Monopoly is on your side guiding you through the game, so let the good times roll!

Monopoly | Instant Win Scratch Card

  • Play Monopoly from £0.10p
  • 95.6% payout rate
  • Play other scratch cards, slots and instant win games
  • Up to £50 in free cash the first time you play
  • Play the new Elvis slot machine
  • Jackpots of £1.5 million to be won

Monopoly Video Preview

This game is jam packed with bonuses. Roll doubles and throw again, and you can accumulate big payouts as you go. Roll doubles three times in a row, and go straight to the Get Out Of Jail Bonus where you can win up to 5x all of your bets on the board. Likewise, if you land on Free Parking you could win up to 3x all of your bets on the board. Land on GO and you will instantly win 3x all of your bets. Pass GO and all property payouts double. And finally, land on Chance to be transported to another spot on the board.

New players at Ladbrokes Games can claim a £10 Welcome Bonus!