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How A £1 Scratch Card Changed Her Life

Most of us buy a scratch card from time to time and some slightly more regularly. Most of us play these games with the realistic hope of maybe winning one of the smaller prizes, which you are obviously much more likely to come across. Lindsay McMillan, from Surrey, certainly had not set her hopes that high when indulging in a bit of online scratch card action and was speechless with she realised she had stumbled across a £28,000 winning online scratch card.

People often question online scratch cards about whether they ever actually pay out their advertised jackpot prizes. However, this story restores faith in this sort of online games.

While explaining how she felt following her realisation of her amazing win, Lindsay described that she could not actually believe she had won. It seemed too good to be true. She kept checking and rechecking the screen to make sure she had not made a mistake. The worst thing in this scenario would be to get your hopes up before realising you had not actually won. But she was right and had won the huge jackpot. The Surrey girl had received smaller wins in the past but never anything near £28,000.

The win came at a particularly good time for Lindsay as her husband had recently been made redundant, which meant they had to cancel their family holiday and other luxuries in an attempt to save money. However, with £28K in the bank, the girl is planning on going on that holiday to Spain or Cyprus and stashing some funds away for a rainy day. She explained how good it feels to have some money sitting there to fall back on.

Lindsay had been a member of the major online scratch card site for the past 2 years and likely to play as a hobby in her spare time. She describes how you get value for money with online scratch cards and prizes and payouts are much higher than other forms of online gambling. As long as people limit what they can afford to lose, anyone could enjoy playing online scratch cards. She enjoys the instant format of the game as opposed to the slightly more drawn out format of online bingo games. This £1 instant scratch card changed her life.

Lots of these sites offer jackpots of up to £1million. Hearing stories like this does make it tempting to give it a go…


New Scratchcards Released To Help Curb Drinking

Scratchies are so massively popular that they are currently being used for a whole host of things besides bagging you a massive jackpot! Of course our fave use of online scratchcards is to scoop one of the many prizes, but companies have been using them as incentives to make their employee’s work harder or even simply giving them out as prizes for the festive season. The latest craze seems to be giving out scratchies to help curb problem drinking, which is one of the most unusual Ways that we have ever seen them being used!

Rethink Your Drink

This has actually been on the “cards” for some time, with pharmacist and doctors and even some bars across the smaller towns and cities of the UK issuing Scratchcards dubbed “Rethink Your Drink”. The idea of these is to work out how much alcohol you are drinking and if it is too much. The come with a list of questions, and all you have to do is scratch the panels connected to your answer. You will then figure out how much you are drinking, with the aim of these to ultimately shock our binge-drinking nation into cutting down a bit.

Scary Stats

The reason that these scratchies have been designed is because the drinking statistics in our country are somewhat grave looking. In fact, so far in 2012 alone, half a million people in just our capital city drank way more alcohol than they should, damaging their health and landing them in hospitals! That is a terrifying statistic on its own, but coupled with the fact that the ambulance service in the capital received one call every 8 minutes in 2012 for accidents related to alcohol abuse, and of these calls, a terrifying 1,700 people living in London actually died as a result.

The fact that these statistics are related to London alone is in itself extremely scary, and it is completely understandable that the government is trying to take some steps to shock people into cutting down. These scratchies will be issued to over 500 chemists in London alone, with thousands of them already handed out across the smaller cities and towns in England and Scotland. This looks set to be a trend that will soon hit the whole of the UK, so look out for these little scratchies near you to see if you need to curb your drinking habits, too.


Big Break Scratch Card

Hang loose and win big while surfing the waves in the Big Break scratchcard game from Ladbrokes Casino. This instant win game gives players the chance to win massive prize amounts in just seconds. Online scratchcards are very similar to the scratchcards that can be purchased at retail stores in real life settings. Buy as many as you want and reveal matching prizes to win the amount shown. Big Break offers an amazing top prize amount of 10000x your stake. Surf your way to pay day in Big Break from Ladbrokes Casino.

Just like the name says, you may just catch your big break when playing this instant win game. To begin playing, you will first need to choose a stake amount and purchase your scratchcard. The stake amount can easily be increased or decreased directly on the game play screen as you see fit. The more you put at stake, the more you can potentially win in the long run. After your scratchcard is purchased, you will reveal the hidden symbols to see what you have won. Matching 3 surfing monkeys will win you a select prize multiplier amount that is shown. Get lucky and match 3 Munky Wax logos to win the top prize amount available. With a clear, concise and high-quality graphics, Big Break is sure to be at the top of your scratchcard game list.

Take advantage of free play mode to get a feel for the game before putting real cash at stake. This mode offers all of the same features that are found in real play, but does not allow you to cash out any winnings.

Whether you are joining Ladbrokes Casino to play Big Break or any other one of the hundreds of games found here, be sure to take advantage of special promotions. All new players will receive a £5 bonus just for registering. No deposit is required. Other promotions include a 100% match-up bonus on first deposit, free spins at slots and more.


£20,000 Bonanza

[quote float="right"]Thank you so much for changing my life!!![/quote] When Charlotte logged in to the gaming portal jackpot Joy she couldn’t have guessed that her life was about to take a dramatic turn for the better. Charlotte checked out the range of games available and eventually decided to give the Diamond Bonanza slot machine a spin.

Diamond Bonanza is one of ten ‘progressive jackpot’ games you can play at Jackpot Joy. ‘Progressive’ simply means the prize fund grows minute by minute; this can result in extremely large jackpots. A small percentage of every £1 you wager on a progressive jackpot machine goes into a prize pool. That jackpot prize pool will continue to get bigger and bigger until someone wins it.

After a few spins, Charlotte got the shock of her life – she’d landed the Jackpot! Speaking to the media Charlotte said; “Thank you so much for changing my life!!! After a very bad 2011 with lots of upset and heartbreak, this was just what I needed to pick me up. This money really will change my life, I’ve now paid off all my debt and have the start of a deposit so I’m now well on my way to being able to buy my own house. I never thought in a million years I would win this kind of money and I really hope this is the start of a good year. – Thank you so much!!!”

I love reading about winners who’s lives are changed by scooping a big jackpot – Don’t you hate those people who say “It’s not going to change me or my lifestyle”? why do they bother playing the games! Isn’t that the whole point of winning a jackpot – to change your life?

If you fancy winning a life changing jackpot then check out Jackpot Joy today – Someone has to win these jackpots, as Charlotte found out!


Get Outta Bed For 8 Million?

Have you ever felt the urge to get up in the middle of the night to gamble online? If you’re reading this story, then there’s a good chance the answer is yes. However, have you ever been woken up by a barking dog in the middle of the night and then decided to gamble online? The answer is most likely no. A man in Scotland who wishes to remain anonymous didn’t only wake up because of a barking do and opt to gamble online, he ended up winning 5.1 million pounds, which is equivalent to over $8 million.

The anonymous player won the jackpot at a site called His late-night online adventure began with playing a one-armed bandit, where he got his winnings up to 250 pounds. Keep in mind that he only began with 1 pound. Feeling lucky, he decided to move on to a much higher-paying slot machine, which is called Beach Life. This is where he hit the jackpot. Beach Life is a popular online slot machine. It can be found on other sites as well, and sometimes it’s referred to as Life’s A Beach. This game is a popular option at Paddy Power Casino.

At the current time, the anonymous winner of the biggest online jackpot in UK history, and the third biggest jackpot ever paid in the world, is staying at a relative’s house. He’s looking for their guidance in deciding whether or not to remain anonymous about his win. He has already been flown by private jet to meet Fred Done, the owner of This is where he was presented with the enormous check. The winner has informed his best friend about his winnings. His best friend claims that the winner would like to meet the dog and shake its paw. Both the winner and his best friend are in their 20s.

Paddy Power Casino is home to more than just Beach Life. You will also find 90 different slots and over 200 games total. In regards to the other games, you will be able to choose from skill games, traditional casino games like blackjack and roulette, and video poker. Promotions are common at this online casino, and there is a first deposit bonus. Therefore, you can take a shot at a massive jackpot for free. This is also one of the few casinos where no deposit is necessary. If you want a shot at millions, Paddy Power Casino will be one of your best options.