Destination Game Battle at 888 Games

It is common knowledge that 888 Games is one of the leading providers of online scratch cards and slot games in the industry. Their gaming selection is regularly updated, keeping their players well entertained. The site is not only impressive on this front. They also host regular competitions which integrate with the new games they’re launching. The most recent promotion is the Destination Game Battle, and the competition will decide which of the most recent additions to the gaming catalogue will win the 888 Games players choice awards.

The battle will be between Viva Italia and Café de Paris, two new European-themed games. The winner will be selected as the slot which receives most votes during this period. To vote, you must make a deposit while using the £20 bonus code of their preferred slot. Players who prefer the Viva l’Italia game should use the code ‘Italy’ when making their deposit. Those of you who prefer playing in the quaint backstreets of Paris should use the code ‘France’ when making a deposit. This competition is double good, as you can cast your vote while taking advantage of the amazing deposit bonus.

To qualify for the £20 deposit bonus and cast your vote, all you have to do is deposit £40 and you will receive £60 credit in your account immediately. As a prize for all players who vote for the winning slot, they will all receive an extra £10 bonus at the end of the promotion.

Viva L’Italia
In this continental slot, you will be whisked off to a pretty Italian location, with the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum in the background. The game uses the normal five reel setup and players have a very high level of control over betting amounts. The game is designed using stunning graphics, making use of very aesthetically pleasing colours. There is also a selection of bonus features which will definitely five Café de Paris a run for its money.

Café de Paris
Similar to Viva l’Italia, this slot is designed using the five reel setup and can pay out a possible 9,000 coins! This French-themed game also has a very impressive design, utilising amazing graphics. Anyone who has visited the capital city will be able to relate to it with the Eiffel Tower and L’Arc de Triomphe in the background.

Both slots stand a good chance of winning the award; give them both a shot and see what you prefer.


Celebrate Speak Like A Pirate Day With 888

Today (19th September) is International Speak Like A Pirate Day! To celebrate were taking a quick look at the Scratch Card ‘Pirates Plunder’ available to play in demo and cash mode over at 888 Games.

Ahoy me hearties! who wants to find da treasure? Well then, join 888 Games and get hold of your treasure map! I see Pirates Plunder aplenty… Arrr! OK enough of the Pirate talk already, let’s take a semi serious look at the game. Pirates Plunder is a mix of scratch card and slot machine, you must spin a compass to move across the virtual pirate map. Along the way you must avoid landing on the Skull & Cross Bones flag or it’ll be Davy Jones locker for you Arrr! (sorry, can’t help It!). You also need to avoid the Grog, Bombs and Pistols – it’s dangerous work being a Pirate!

However, gold is waiting for those brave buccaneers who can travel the map successfully. The rewards are multiples of your stake and you can set the level you’re comfortable playing at. The maximum per game is £10 and the minimum is 25p, the biggest booty you can land is x1000 your stake.

All in all the game play on Pirates Plunder is pretty good, little animations pop up when you spin the compass and your Pirate friend suffers some amusing deaths! The game play last much longer than most scratch cards meaning you get more fun for your “pieces of eight”. You can try out the game in free play mode before playing for real cash – If you do decide to play for real money 888 Games will give you a deposit bonus worth £100.

Well Land Lubbers… Will you join me on the hunt for Treasure!

Iron Man Scratch Card Game

The original Iron Man movie was an enormous hit. It revived Robert Downey Jr.’s career. Then Iron Man 2 came around and matched the original’s intensity. Since they’re now working on Iron Man 3, this could end up being one of the best action trilogies of all time. In the meantime, we highly recommend playing Iron Man 2 Scratch. This is a great way to stay in touch with the Iron Man universe while also having an opportunity to win bundles of money.

The great thing about Iron Man 2 Scratch is that the excitement begins right from the start. The instant you visit that screen, you hear the Iron Man music. It’s not upbeat or soothing. Rather, it’s tantalizing and suspenseful. It’s almost as though the music drags you into another world where Iron Man is doing his best to fight off his foes. In simplest terms, the music energizes you in a methodical manner.

As far as the visuals go, they’re impressive. You will see several characters from the movie as well as the scratch card with nine Iron Man faces. The goal is to match three reactors in a row. This can be done in a row, column or diagonally. You can risk anywhere from $.50 to $10 per card.

If you risk $.50, then your maximum win will be $5,000. If you risk $1, then your maximum win will be $10,000. If you risk $2, then your maximum win will be $20,000. If you risk $5, then your maximum win will be $50,000. If you risk $10, then your maximum win will be $100,000.

Scratching off the cards one by one is the more suspenseful route, but you can choose Auto Play as well. There’s an Auto Play option on the bottom right where you can choose how many games you would like to play. The speed for Auto Play is perfect. It’s not too fast or two slow. You see the wins and losses revealed once every few seconds. If you choose this option, keep an eye on your running balance on the bottom left. To choose the card value, use the cursor keys on the tab on the middle bottom of the screen.

While you’re playing, you can still see the BetFred Casino menu at the top of the screen. This menu includes Featured, New, Slots, Table & Cards, Scratch and Video Poker. This allows for easy navigation once you have completed your Iron Man Scratch session.

Kong Scratch Card

In 2005, Universal Pictures released a King Kong remake that was met with both critical and popular acclaim. Directed by Peter Jackson, the remake combined elements of the original 1933 film and 1976 remake as well as new, modernized aspects. King Kong stars Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, Jack Black as Carl Denham, and Adrien Brody as Jack Driscoll. Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World is an online scratch card based on the movie, developed by Playtech, and available at Betfred Casino.

Kong is a simple, intuitive scratch card that uses a 2×3 grid. The default card costs £1, but cards can also be purchased for £0.50, £2, £5 and £10. The jackpot is 10,000 times the face value of the card, so jackpots range from £5,000 to £100K. The game allows each of the six squares to be scratched individually. There is also a Scratch All button and an Autoplay feature that allows you to play up to 99 cards at a time automatically. There is also a Shuffle feature, and the game displays the card number.

Kong is different from most other virtual scratch cards in that you only need one symbol present to win. In addition, the winning symbol and prize amount are random, and they can change from one round to the next. Wins equalling to the face value of the card are common, and the game has a strong payout rate relative to most scratch card games. The graphics and soundtrack are all quite good, and winning plays are clearly announced with nifty animations on the squares and on the card itself.

The Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World scratch card launched about the same time the movie was released. The fact that it is still available and popular is it a testament to how good of a scratch card it is. It doesn’t have many special features, but it’s fast, straightforward and lucrative. For players who want to try Kong, Betfred is an excellent choice. The casino makes the game available in a no download, free practice mode, and it provides all new clients with a £10 no-deposit bonus just for registering.



Pachinko is one of the most popular games in Japan, and, thanks to Paddy Power Games, you can experience the fun of Pachinko online. Whilst this game is not technically a scratch card, it is loads of fun so we thought that we’d give it a quick review.

The game resembles a vertical pinball game. Players buy balls, and drop them down into the Pachinko board. Once dropped, the balls bounce around on bumpers and paddles, and, if you manage to land the balls in the buckets, you win more balls. Pachinko is a crazy game filled with flashing lights and sounds that create an incredibly energetic, fun, environment.

The game is such a hit in Japan that Pachinko parlors are as common as coffee shops. Players don’t need to bet money to enjoy Pachinko; Paddy Power Games lets you play for free, to get practice or just enjoy the game without worrying about money. However, if you want to play in the big leagues, Pachinko is one of the fastest paced ways to bet money in existence.

To play Pachinko, for money, you first need to set your stake. Use the + and – buttons to set the number of balls, and determine the value of each ball. You can bet as high as 10 Pounds or Euros per ball. The game will always use what your local currency is when placing bets.

Once you are happy with your selection, hit play to start dropping balls. Balls get dropped one at a time; speed can be controlled by moving your mouse to the left or right to slow or speed up the drop rate respectively. If you want a more hands off approach to Pachinko, hit the auto shoot button to start launching more than one ball at once. If you manage to land your ball in the top middle bucket, you start the slot machine, which gives you a chance to get a massive jackpot of balls. After all your balls have been played, you can either collect your winnings or play another round to try and win more; rounds 2, 4, 6 and 8 feature special fiery balls, instead of the normal silver ones. You can play Pachinko for up to 8 rounds at a time, but if you lose all your balls without winning anymore in that round, your game is over.


The Million Pound Drop

The Million Pound Drop Live is a popular UK television game show. It inspired Million Dollar Money Drop, a similar game show broadcast in the US and Canada. The Money Drop is an online game available at Jackpot Joy that is based on those game shows. As with all Jackpot Joy games, players can play for real money, or they can play the arcade version free and without obligation for as long as they like.


Million Pound Drop | Instant Win

  • Play From Just £0.50p
  • £200 Welcome Bonus
  • Play The Games Free In Demo mode
  • Big Jackpot Games


Each round, Money Drop forces the player to risk the remaining bet, and the goal is to make it through to the end of the game with some money still in hand. At that point, the game pays out based on how much money the player has left. The ultimate jackpot is £100,000, and the top payout is £20,000.

Money Drop gives the player a number of choices, and each choice affects the total win potential. Bets range from 50p to £50. Rounds range from two to five, and the more rounds there are the higher the jackpot is. Trapdoors range from two to four, and the fewer platforms there are the higher the jackpot is.

Each round the player has a difficult decision to make. They have to risk all of their remaining money, so it comes down to placing it all one platform, or spreading it out over two through four, depending on how many platforms are available for that game. Consolidating the money gives the player a chance to win big, but spreading it out increases the likelihood of winning something.

As mentioned, the top payout for a single game is £20,000. Each time a player wins, regardless of the amount, they earn a golden ticket. Once five gold tickets are earned, it initiates a bonus version of the game that costs nothing and offers the big jackpot of £100,000!


Battleship Scratch Card

Ever wonder what the old-school Milton Bradley game Battleship would be like if you could combine it with a scratch card and played it for money? While Battle Cash Bonanza, one of many scratch cards at Ladbrokes Games, isn’t precisely like the original Battleship game, it does take elements of the classic nine-by-nine ship-sinking experience and updates them for fast-paced online action.


Battle Cash Bonanza Rules | Scratch Card

  • Choose your stake, or how much each shot will cost you.
  • Set up your board, with different ships maneuvering across it.
  • Aim at the target of your choice and click fire.
  • The more ships you hit, the bigger your payout. If you manage to sink a ship, you win a jackpot for that ship!


The look and feel of Battle Cash Bonanza is very much inspired by Battleship. It features the nine-by-nine grid with A-I columns and 1-9 rows, and it uses the same ships popularized by the guessing game of the 80s and 90s – the five-square carrier, four-square battleship, tiny two-square patrol boat, etc. The top-down view is also replicated, though BCB uses an isometric view so you see the columns and rows as diagonal lines. Additionally, because you are not trying to “guess” where another player’s ships are located, you are only looking at a single board.

Winning Battle Cash Bonanza has less to do with strategic guessing and more to do with a delayed point-and-shoot mentality. Because the cannon obeys the game’s laws of physics, it takes a few seconds for a shot to hit its target. You will have to aim ahead of a moving ship and anticipate where it will be when your shot hits the board.

The best part of Battle Cash Bonanza is in its nostalgia and its easiness to play. It is highly addictive, and players may be able to aim and shoot for hours. The potential to win real-life money will encourage many to get better at the game and will add an edge that may not otherwise be there.

The only two downsides to BCB are a) that cash payouts tend not to be that high compared to other cash games like poker or some slots, and b) that the cannon isn’t as accurate as it could be. There have been some instances where the cannon won’t even fire in the same direction as it was aimed, let alone at the same time. This makes it hard to simply point and shoot and makes Battle Cash Bonanza feel more like a pure-luck game.

Ultimately, Battle Cash Bonanza is a fun, if imperfect, cash scratch card on Ladbrokes Games. If you want to feel a blast from the past, try it out. It’s a fun time-waster and a great game to play when you’re bored and you want to battle for cash. Try it out today!


Grand National Keno

Keno has been around for a long time, and it will continue to be around as long as humans roam the earth. The reason it’s so popular is because people love instant money.

That’s why more than half the population of the world has played in at least one lottery in their lifetime. The most appealing thing about keno is that it’s an instant lottery. You can play it over and over again. That said, in most cases you will have to wait for the next drawing, which is usually a few minutes. When it comes to online keno games, you get instant gratification. You can find several different keno games at online casinos, but if you want to play the most exciting keno game online, then it’s highly recommended that you play Grand National Keno from Ladbrokes Games.


Grand National Keno | Scratch Card

  • Play Grand National From 50p
  • Free Fiver In Welcome Cash – No Deposit Needed
  • Try The Games Free In Demo mode
  • £10,000 Top Jackpot


Grand National Keno can be found at Ladbrokes Games, which is one of the most popular online casinos in the world. In this unique keno game, you can select up to eight numbers. If you wager one pound and guess all eight numbers correctly, you win 10,000 pounds. It has been done before, and it will happen again. However, you don’t need to guess all eight numbers correctly in order to win money. If you look at their payout schedule, you will see that it’s relatively easy to win. The more numbers you guess correctly, the more money you win. You can also select fewer than eight numbers, but the payout schedule will change.

Grand National Keno doesn’t fall short in the excitement area either. The numbers are selected via a grand national style horse race. If one of the numbered horses you’ve selected crosses the finish line, then it will light up in green on the scoreboard and you’ll be in the winners enclosure!


Blankety Blank Scratch Card

I use to love watching Blankety Blank! Who could forget the theme tune… Blankety Blank, Blankety Blank doh doh Blankety Blank, Blankety Blank. OK, I agree it does get annoying after awhile! But the Blankety Blank Scratch Card game from Paddy Power Games never gets old.

It’s a simple scratch card game with a £5000 jackpot! Select your stake between 25p and £10 and choose the celebs from the panel, each celeb reveals a winning symbol, match 3 symbols and you’re a winner – and lets be honest the prizes on offer with Paddy Power are bigger than the ones you could win on the original TV show. Who really wanted to win a Blankety Blank chequebook and pen? No me, I’d rather win 5k.

The range of Scratch Cards at Paddy Power Games is very good and you also can play loads of slots and casino games too. New players can enjoy a ‘welcome bonus’ and regular players also earn bonus points. It’s the small stakes and large jackpots make this card a winner in my book.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

The ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ scratch card from Ladbrokes Games is based on the popular and successful TV show, hosted by Chris Tarrant, this scratch card is true to it’s name and has one of the largest rewards you’re ever likely to see.

This official scratch card offers players the chance to win £1,000,000, to be eligible for this life changing amount you must be willing to spend the princely sum of £1. Just reveal three ‘Bonus’ symbols and you will enter the ‘Bonus’ round, where your quick reactions could lead you to a Millionaire lifestyle, yachts, exotic holidays, luxury cars, in fact all the trappings a Millionaire would expect, could be yours.

This card has eleven scratch fields which can be revealed individually or by using the REVEAL ALL button. Reveal three identical symbols to win a cash prize, which will vary depending on your initial stake. In the main game, three “Walk Away’ symbols could reward you with £10, three ‘Phone a Friend’ with £40, up to a very useful £2,500 for three £ symbols. If your luck is in and you scratch off three ‘Bonus’ symbols, you will gain entry to the ‘Bonus Round’ where you will be shown a ‘Money Tree’ with rungs you must climb. Starting at the bottom of the tree you climb one rung at a time by pressing the ‘HIT’ button, whilst the level you are aiming for is highlighted. You will be given three ‘lifelines’ or chances to win the next value up. Every time you hit a highlighted amount you will win a cash prize and move a rung further up the tree, as well as having your ‘lifelines’ returned to be used again. Are your reactions quick enough to take you to the very top of the tree, where the £1,000,000 awaits a lucky player ?.

This game has a minimum stake of 50p which can be adjusted at any time, but remember, to have a chance of winning the £1,000,000 you must bet at least £1. You can try the game for free at, although a chance at the top prize of £1,000,000, has to be worth that £1 stake.