Scratch Card Disappointment

Scratch Card Fan Disappointed By False Win

Imagine how awful it would be to scratch a paper-based scratch card and think that you won a life changing amount of cash, only to be told that this was a mistake. For poor scratchy fan, Esme Arbous, this nightmare was a reality when she scratched a ticket and thought she had won £80K, only to be told that she had misread the ticket.

The ticket that Esme was scratching cost £2 and offered fans that mega £80K as a max jackpot if they uncover the number 8. As it transpired, due to the design of the card, (which is covered in swirls and lines) Esme had actually mistaken the number for a number 3. Esme states that she had even sent a picture of the ticket to her son, who was also convinced that the 3 was an 8 – so it wasn’t her 69 year old peepers playing tricks on her! As it turns out, Esme was not the only person to have made this mistake when playing this game – in fact, another 24 players had also mistaken the number 3 for the number 8, and they are now all calling for a brand new design so that this does not happen again.

Esme wasn’t completely unlucky, however. After phoning Camelot only to be informed that she had not actually won the £80K, they did let her know that she wasn’t empty handed; she had won the grand total of £2. Hooray! Esme was understandably shattered, and stated, “With the money I could have happily retired knowing we had some money in the bank. It would have been completely amazing to win.”

Seeing as 25 people have now made the same mistake, Camelot are now taking the necessary precautions to ensure that this does not happen again. A spokesperson for Camelot stated, “We’re currently speaking to the supplier that manufactures our scratch cards to minimise the risk of this happening in the future.”

It has to be said that no one has ever encountered a mistake like this when playing online scratch cards, folks! You click the boxes and win or lose – easy as pie. This is yet another example that highlights why scratching online is so much more appealing than scratching paper-based tickets. We are sure that scratchy fan Esme will now be opting for scratch sites out of fear of suffering this crushing disappointment again!


£4 Million Card Launched

UK lottery operators ‘Camelot‘ have launched a mega jackpot scratch card called ‘£4 million Blue’. The card has five different games, plus four top prizes of £4 million. In total the card is expected to payout over £120 million in prize money.

Offering a 3 in 1 chance of winning the card has the best odds offered by the National Lottery. Camelot will make a 26% profit on the sale of the game card, which is actually pretty low for a Lottery scratch cards.

The card is physically the biggest on sale. In fact, it’s difficult to miss the huge card in the newsagents dispenser. And you’ll definitely need a 50p to scratch this one! In total 16.5 million tickets have been printed for the game. As well as being the biggest card ‘£4 Million Blue’ is also the most expensive at a whooping £10! Camelot has also launched a second £3 Scratchcard called Pot of Gold.

The launch of the new cards will be supported with an extensive marketing campaign in June and July. It will remain to be seen if the card price point will appeal to players – I for one haven’t tried the card yet, but I would love to hear what you think about it.

UPDATED: I’ve just bought two of these scratch cards… click here to see if I won?