888 American License

888 Are Now Licensed In America!

We have all heard of the huge software giants 888, right? It’s the company that brings the delights of 888 Games, 888 Poker and even 888 Bingo to us! We are sure you scratch card fans have already enjoyed heaps of what they have to offer at some of their online sites – but they have recently made a piece of online gambling history that will ensure that our American friends can enjoy all of this stuff too!

They attended a meeting at the bright lights of Vegas (very fitting) and have since announced that their license has been approved and they can go ahead implementing their very carefully devised US strategy! 888 is the first (and of course only) online gaming company to have been awarded a license in the USA – so this is a huge step for the industry. The CEO of 888 Brian Mattingley was of course excited to speak about the news:

“This is an historic moment for 888. This is the first time a company uniquely providing online gaming has been licensed by any US jurisdiction.”

To be part of such a historic moment must make 888 feel even more confident about the future success of their plans for branching out into America. The license isn’t simply for 888 it will also support some of their partners including WSOP, WMS Gaming and Caesars Interactive Entertainment – so no doubt the plans will be huge! The Nevada State Gaming Board already had suggested that their license be approved earlier on in the month but how great it must feel to have it signed and sealed!

Although 888 are the first company to be honored with the US license – we are pretty sure that they won’t be the last! The world has moved on from simple land based casino’s or bingo halls – with the infinite possibility of technology – the US are now embracing the introduction of online gaming – so much so that they are now trying to pass legislation to make it easier to implement. In fact it could be that this new legislation is in place in a few weeks!

There we have it online scratch card fans – it looks as if the games you enjoy playing so much could now be facing an American audience too! With developments like this – I’m sure we can expect a whole lot more from 888!

Mobile Apps

The Rise of Mobile Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards have always been an exhilarating rush to play, but the enjoyment is now reaching new heights as these scratch cards are being introduced on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Of all the different sorts of games involved in online casinos, none of them make as logical a fit being played on smartphones as scratch cards.

Scratching off panels on an online scratch card on a desktop computer has always been a slightly awkward affair. Of course you can click the ‘reveal all’ button, but it is far from the excitement felt from scratching away at a physical scratch card to reveal the symbols. Scratch cards on mobile devices act to bridge this gap. With the primary control method on phones being touchscreen, scratching away at these scratch cards is not that dissimilar from scratching away at physical cards.
There is now a broad selection of mobile scratch cards available on various mobile platforms. Google Play’s App store is host to many of these, a few of which will be discussed.

Scratch & Guess Logo
This scratch card is slightly different to your conventional scratch cards. In this innovative version, you scratch away at an image that hides a logo from famous brands, companies, sports teams and other organisation. The card is made more exciting, however, as you get less points for scratching the centre of the image, where finding the answer is much easier. You can max out on points by scratching at the edges of the panel, where identification is more general.

Scratch and Guess
This game is very similar to the previous game. However, instead of guessing famous brands and logos, the game asks that you identify famous people such as actors, movie characters, musicians, games, sports stars and scientists. The player is rewarded with coins for getting correct answers, which can be used to unlock new levels and buy hints. Like the Logo game mentioned above, players receive fewer points for a correct guess if the obvious part of the image is revealed.

Scratch Draw
This game allows you to draw by scratching on top of various backgrounds. The game is enjoyable by players of all ages, from young children to adults. Players have the ability to change the thickness of the pen and get extra detail. The app takes uses its mobile functionality to allow sharing of images drawn on social networks.

Many More Online Scratch Cards
Downloading apps from Google Play isn’t the only place to enjoy the thrill of online scratch cards as there are many other established sites that offer these great little games and more. For instance 888Games has a wide selection of instant win games and scratch cards that are sure to keep you entertained from your mobile whilst on the go! 888Games also have many other games you can enjoy such as slots and casino style table games.

888Games Deposit Bonus Promo

888Games Whole Lotta Love

Are you a romantic at heart? Well if so then 888 Games has something that will really make your heart go pit-or-pat.  Right now they have an exclusive promotion available to all their loyal members, which will net them up to £700 in cash. Imagine that kind of money to play your favourite online scratchcards with.
In order to claim this fantastic incentive, you will have to follow the promotional terms. These include following the path of love:

Want to know what love is?
If you would like to know what love is then make a deposit to your members account, using promotional code ‘LOVE10’. This will reward you with a very nifty 10% bonus. So if you deposit £10, this will result in a bonus of £1 and if you deposited £100 then this bonus would work out as £10.

And we will always love you
You will then be sent an additional promotional code to your email address within 48 hours of the initial code being entered.  Once you have deposited using the 2nd code you will receive another bonus of 20% to play all your favourite online scratchcard games with. This means that if you make a deposit of £10 you will receive £2 as a bonus.

The Power of Love
After this, the next 5 deposits you make to your account will result in a higher bonus percentage being offered each time, right up until you get the 70% promotion code.  As a result, you could claim anything up to £700 from this fantastic promotional offer.

You will have to act fast if you wish to take advantage of this great incentive because the promotional period ends on the 20th February. Only registered members of 888 Games can participate in this and any other promotion going on at the website, so make sure you register now. If you weren’t getting enough deposit bonuses with the Whole Lotta Love promotion then get a load of the additional £5 you will get, free to play with when you make your first deposit to the site. Imagine having all this cash in your account. You will already feel like a winner before you have even played a single game. Get joining now and make sure you take full advantage of all the online scratchcard games available to play at 888 Games, because there is something for everyone to enjoy and plenty of cash prizes to be claimed.


888 Games Dispel Unlucky 13 Belief

Many people from across the world consider 13 to be an unlucky number, with this belief emerging from the times of the bible. At the last supper there said to be 13 guests and, based on the events to follow, this would lead people developing such a stigma. Right now, we are going to do our bit to help dispel the notion that 13 is an unlucky number, because it really isn’t. All of this is going to be achieved and at the same time we will also tell you about some great online scratch card promotions available for you at 888 Games. It’s definitely a good thing that we are setting the record straight about 13, what with the current year being 2013 and all.

Lucky Number 13!

At 888 Games, you can presently take part in their Lucky 13 promotion and claim a juicy deposit bonus to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Upon receiving your bonus funds, you will get a lot more bang for your buck and can try out lots of the online scratch cards and instant win games to be found at 888 Games. Although, before you get to that point we need to explain exactly how you can claim.

£13 Bonus for 2013!

Lucky 13 has now started and will be open until Sunday 13 January, giving you a decent amount of time to claim the £13 deposit bonus that is up for grabs. 888 Games have released the promo code ‘Lucky2013’ which, upon entry with a £13 deposit, will entitle you to receive the £13 of bonus funds. But before your funds are released you need to wager the initial £13 at 888 Games, with the good news being that you can select any game you want – scratch games, online slots, instant games, anything! Lastly, 888 Games will let you use the Lucky2013 code as often as you like until Sunday 13 January!

Added Bonus for Lucky 13!

When you thought that things couldn’t get any better for the start of 2013, they’ve only gone and improved even more! 888 Games have set aside £2,013 worth of prize funds to be won by their players! Place within the top 13 wagerers before 13 January and you will earn a share of that lovely money! It isn’t too late get in on the act at 888 Games! You can begin by receiving a £5 free no deposit bonus and then a 100% welcome bonus – oh and don’t for get Lucky 13!

Virtual Dogs Instant Win

Virtual Dogs Instant Win

More of an instant win style game than a scratch card Virtual Dogs from 888Games brings all the fun of being down at the Greyhound Racing Track but from within the comfort of your own home. Place bets on the outcome of a 6 or 8 dog race for your chance to win!

This really is a fun game with multiple betting opportunities, the race doesn’t start until you’re ready and the race night doesn’t end until you say it does. You can bet as little as 50p or as much as £50 and choose to bet on as many dogs or betting variations as you like, just like it is down at the track.

There are many ways you can choose to bet in this game such as straight win or place bets or forecast bets. With Win and Place bets situated in the top left corner, bet on any selection (horse) to win and (or) to place (top 3 places). When you mouse over the checkboxes that indicate place bets, the odds quoted will change accordingly.

How To Play Virtual Dogs

Simply follow the above button link to 888Games and navigate to the instant wins section of the site. Once Virtual Dogs is selected you will be presented with the game screen where you can make your choice of bets. First you need to decide how much you wish to play with, you can do this by clicking on the various coin denominations in the lower left portion of the screen.

Then you can choose whether to bet on an 8 or 6 dog race by clicking the button in the top right. Then all you need to do is select your bets from either the win or place market located next to the list of runners. Place bets mean you can bet for a dog to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Forecast bets mean you can choose which dog will come first and which will come second in a single wager, the lower half of the game screen displays all the forecast bets you can choose from. Once you have selected your bets you are ready to begin the race and clicking the Bet Now button takes you to the racing game screen where the virtual race will be run. Good Luck and have fun with the fantastic Virtual Dogs from 888Games


Skeet Shooting

Want to try your hand at skeet shooting? You can shoot a jackpot today with 888 Games‘ Skeet Shooting virtual scratch-off. The graphics look as though you should be able to control it, but it is actually just a luck-based game – the equivalent of buying a lotto ticket and hoping your numbers are right.


Skeet Shooting | Scratch Card

  • Play Skeet Shooting From 50p
  • Free Fiver In Welcome Cash – No Deposit Needed
  • Try The Games Free In Demo mode
  • Massive Jackpots On Offer


You can play Skeet Shooting in free/demo mode or you can play with real money. This is useful if you want to see if the game’s aesthetic and luck ratio is good for you or if you’d rather choose a different game. Free and cash play are identical – the only difference is that when you bet cash, it’s your money that’s on the line. Of course, that also means that if you shoot a jackpot, you get to keep the payout.

The interface looks like a shotgun pointed at a picturesque landscape. A pile of clay pigeons sits beside you. First, you get to choose how much you’re betting, also known as your stake. This can be anywhere from £0.50 to several quid per shot. You get a card with six scratch-off spots that look like clay pigeons. Each pigeon represents one shot. When you scratch one off, a pigeon will be launched into the sky and your shotgun will automatically move to track the pigeon’s arc and shoot. If you get the pigeon in your sights when you shoot, you get credit for that pigeon.

The goal is to hit at least three pigeons to at least break even. The game isn’t all that accurate, so don’t expect to become a billionaire overnight playing Skeet Shooting. However, breaking even is relatively common, and the game will definitely grow on you if you enjoy skeet shooting. At the very least, it’ll provide a good ten minutes of entertainment as you watch the skeets arc gracefully through the sky. Skeet Shooting is accompanied by dozens of other instant win games at 888 Games, so be sure to check them all out today!


Get In A Spin For Paddy’s Day

888 Games, the premier instant slots & scratch card game site offered by 888, adds another amazing video slot to its ever expanding repertoire in time for the Paddy’s Day festivities.

Leprechaun’s Luck is a charming 5 reel, 20 line progressive jackpot slot that features not one, but two fun bonus rounds. Colourful graphics, a 3D Leprechaun, excellent audio, and it has a £15,000 pot of gold at the end.

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to win big at 888 Games. New players to 888games are invited to grab the £15,000 jackpot in 888games’ Leprechaun’s Luck with £5 absolutely free, no strings attached. Players get £5 just for registering, and get a further 100% match-up bonus on their first deposit.

Featuring over 117 exciting online casino games, big money jackpots and thrilling action, with more games being added all the time, players will be spoilt for choice at 888 Games.


£5 Free With 888

888 Games has a brilliant new offer for scratch card players, they will give you £5 totally FREE to play with, no deposit, no strings attached! It’s one of the best deals currently available online.

You get the FREE £5 by registering a no-obligation account. If you decide to deposit money, 888games will double your deposit up to £100. What’s unique about 888games is that you receive that bonus immediately. So deposit £100, and you’ll have £200 in your account.

At 888games, all games are available in free mode. For the gambler, this gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with a game before you risk any hard-earned money. For the non-gambling gamer, it means that 888games is your only personal casino-style arcade.