Cash Cuisine from MegaMoneyGames

Taste the flavor of money when playing Cash Cuisine from Mega Money Games. This restaurant-themed scratchcard game can land you an amazing $100,000 jackpot prize. In this game, the chef has prepared nine delicious meals under the cloches. Lift up the cloches to see what entrees you find and if three match, you will win the prize amount shown. If you have an appetite for money and are looking for a fun scratch card game to play, Cash Cuisine is a top choice.

When opening the Cash Cuisine game, players will see a chef that is ready to greet them and provide them with their scratch card. Under the chef, players will make their stake from a minimum of $1.00 to a maximum of $10.00. If you’re feeling lucky, increase your bid by simply using the plus sign. After the stake has been made, start lifting up the cloches to see what food is present underneath.

Lift the cloches up individually by clicking on them with your mouse. If preferred, they can all be opened at once. Look at your food to see if three of the entrees are matching. If you’re a winner, the winning amount will be shown at the bottom of the gameplay screen. A helpful chart near the top of the game will also show players how much they can win when matching select entrees. Who knew that matching soup bowls and pizza could win you so much cold hard cash.

Before playing games such as Cash Cuisine from Mega Money Games, players must first register for an account. All new members can take advantage of fantastic promotional deals that provide them with extra bonus cash. New members can claim £7 for free with no deposit required. Now, a 300% welcome bonus is also available on your first two deposits to your account. A 100% match-up bonus will be received on the first deposit and a 200% match-up bonus on the second deposit.


Big Break Scratch Card

Hang loose and win big while surfing the waves in the Big Break scratchcard game from Ladbrokes Casino. This instant win game gives players the chance to win massive prize amounts in just seconds. Online scratchcards are very similar to the scratchcards that can be purchased at retail stores in real life settings. Buy as many as you want and reveal matching prizes to win the amount shown. Big Break offers an amazing top prize amount of 10000x your stake. Surf your way to pay day in Big Break from Ladbrokes Casino.

Just like the name says, you may just catch your big break when playing this instant win game. To begin playing, you will first need to choose a stake amount and purchase your scratchcard. The stake amount can easily be increased or decreased directly on the game play screen as you see fit. The more you put at stake, the more you can potentially win in the long run. After your scratchcard is purchased, you will reveal the hidden symbols to see what you have won. Matching 3 surfing monkeys will win you a select prize multiplier amount that is shown. Get lucky and match 3 Munky Wax logos to win the top prize amount available. With a clear, concise and high-quality graphics, Big Break is sure to be at the top of your scratchcard game list.

Take advantage of free play mode to get a feel for the game before putting real cash at stake. This mode offers all of the same features that are found in real play, but does not allow you to cash out any winnings.

Whether you are joining Ladbrokes Casino to play Big Break or any other one of the hundreds of games found here, be sure to take advantage of special promotions. All new players will receive a £5 bonus just for registering. No deposit is required. Other promotions include a 100% match-up bonus on first deposit, free spins at slots and more.


Bingo Bonanza

Bingo Bonanza is an excellent Ladbrokes Casino game that blends the best elements of bingo and instant win scratch cards. It boasts a £200,000 jackpot, and lets you play up to eight bingo cards at a time. Available in both Free Play and Real Play mode, Bingo Bonanza is a must-try for every casino gamer.

Bingo Bonanza lets you play up to eight bingo tickets at a time, and ticket prices range from 25p to £20. Additional cards do not increase your odds, but they do allow you to get more out of your time. The goal of the game is to tap a five-number series in a row, column or diagonal. The number of balls remaining determines the win amount. Each card calls out 60, and the less it takes, the more you win. Win amounts range from 1x to 10,000x. At the max bet, the jackpot is £200k.

To start the game, click the Play button. By default, the game is set to a £1 stake and one bingo ticket. You can adjust those before playing by using the left and right arrow buttons. Once the game has started, it will begin calling out numbers and automatically tapping them on your bingo tickets. When you’ve reached a five-number series, the game will determine the win amount based on the balls remaining.

If you’ve hit a series in the first seven balls, then you win the jackpot. If it takes 60, you win 1x. Beyond that, you simply lose. The game will continue to play until all cards have won or until all 60 balls have been called out.

Bingo Bonanza will grab hold and make you a fan in a way that most scratch card simply can’t. If you opt to play in the Real Play mode, Ladbrokes Casino will give you a £5 free bet and match your first deposit by 100 per cent up to £500.


Poker Match Scratch Cards

When looking for a game where scratch cards meet poker, Poker Match from MegaMoneyGames is a top choice. During this ultimate scratch card game, players can bet on five different hands that they receive. Scratching the cards in each hand may or may not reveal pairs, full houses, a flush and more. The more hands that you scratch, the higher chances at winning there are. An amazing jackpot of $500,000 could be yours today.

Playing Poker Match
Before starting a game of Poker Match, players must first decide how many hands they will be playing at one time. The more hands that are in play, the more chances that you have at winning big. Next to each line of cards there is a stake section. Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the bets for each line of cards as you would like. Bets can be anywhere from $0.01 to $10.00 and bets do not have the be the same amount for each line. After choosing a stake amount, it’s time to start playing poker.

Use your mouse to scratch off each row of cards that are in play individually. A “Reveal All” button is also available to show the cards all at once. If a line is a winner, the matching combination will light up on the right side of the screen. Four of a kind will win x200 your stake, a flush will win x50, a three of a kind will win x10 and so on. A total bet and total win box will show you just how much you have won while playing Poker Match.

MegaMoneyGames Promotions
Take advantage of a spectacular welcome bonus when becoming a new member at MegaMoneyGames. All new players can now receive a 300% match-up bonus on their first two deposits. This first deposit made will receive 100% back and the second will receive 200% back. New players will also receive $7 free upon joining.

Dawn Of The Bread Scratch Card

Take on post-apocalyptic zombies in this unique scratch card game from Ladbrokes Casino. Themed around the popular zombie movies, this instant win game really brings you face to face with the undead in hopes of winning the jackpot. There are only a few human survivors left and little food to eat. Someone must bake the bread and your job is to stay alive and eat it. Take bites from loaves to reveal what’s hidden inside. Missing body parts and eyeballs are just a few hidden treasures that you may find within your bread.

Playing Dawn of the Bread
Although you may get sick eating the bread, you could be well on your way to winning fortunes. Match three eyeballs and win 10,000 times your stake! Zombie lovers and scratch card enthusiasts alike will enjoy playing and winning from Dawn of the Bread. Before playing real play mode, players should take advantage of the free play option. In free play, you will experience everything offered in real play mode without making a stake or cashing out winnings. This is a great way to see if you enjoy the zombie-themed game before betting cold hard cash.

During game play, players must choose an amount to put at stake. From £2 to £10 and up, the more you choose to put at stake, the more you can win. Purchase your scratch card and begin taking bites from the bread as zombies watch. There are a total of nine loaves of bread. Match three body parts or horrors that are found in the loaves and win a select prize multiplier amount. Symbols can be revealed all at once for fast play.

Great Promotions from Ladbrokes Casino
All new members at Ladbrokes Casino can take advantage of great offers. Receive £5 for free to play your favorite games just for signing up. 100% match bonuses on your first deposit, daily giveaways and more are just a few promotions available at Ladbrokes Casino.

Happy Birthday Scratch Card

Celebrate any day of the week when playing Happy Birthday from MegaMoneyGames. This birthday-inspired scratch card games features birthday present boxes that can be opened to reveal huge prize amounts. Whether it’s your birthday or any other regular day, it could be your lucky day to win while playing Happy Birthday.

Playing Happy Birthday
The overall concept of the Happy Birthday scratchcard game is very simple to understand. Whether you are a beginner or advanced casino player, it is simply the luck of the draw when playing Happy Birthday. Present boxes, balloons, streamers and party hats give the game interface a vibrant and unique look. To start celebrating, players will need to choose an amount to put at stake. This can be anywhere from a $0.2 minimum to a $10.00 maximum stake amount. Use the up and down arrows at the bottom of the screen to adjust the stake as you would like. Once you have decided how much you would like to bet, buy a Happy Birthday scratchcard and begin opening up your gifts.

Start the party by clicking on each one of the nine birthday present boxes to reveal what is behind it. This could be $20, $50, $200 and more. Reveal all the presents at once for faster play. If three matching amounts are revealed, it’s time to start celebrating. Players will win that amount and can cash out when desired. You may even get lucky and win the grand jackpot prize of $100,000!

MegaMoneyGames Promotional Offers
Signing up as a new member at MegaMoneyGames has its perks. In addition to playing fun and exciting games such as Happy Birthday, new players will also receive great bonuses for simply playing their favorite games. Each new member will receive $7 for free with no deposit required. Take advantage of an amazing 300% match-up welcome bonus when making your first two deposits. 100% back will be given on the direst deposit and 200% on the second.


Robin Dude Scratch Card

MegaMoneyGames’ Robin Dude, a play on Robin Hood, is a fantasy-themed scratch card. The object is to fire an arrow into a target three times, and each time awards its own prize amount. This is a scratch card with a skill element and a top jackpot worth $100,000.

Robin Dude supports stakes ranging from $1 to $10, and the game is set to $1 by default. You can change the amount with the + and – buttons. Once you’ve set the desired amount, click Draw to purchase the card. Next, move Robin to aim his bow, and then click Shoot when you have the desired angle. The goal is to hit the centre circle, which is coloured yellow. You’ll have three tries, and you can win on all three of them.

The most refreshing aspect of Robin Dude is the skill element. Targeting is not easy, but you can get the hang of it, which can increase your win odds considerably. One drawback to this type of scratch card is that you do not have access to the top jackpots every play. On the other hand, every card you purchase is a potential winner, and you have a say on whether or not you win.

Robin Dude by MegaMoneyGames is a fun, interesting game that provides a twist on the usual virtual scratch card. In order to try it in demo mode, you’ll need to register an account, but the casino will give a $7 bonus when you do. The bonus does not require a deposit or any other obligation.


Bowled Over Scratch Card

Bowled Over is an instant win scratch card game available for play at Ladbrokes Casino. Unlike many other scratchcard games, Bowled Overs gives you two games to play and more chances to win for just a single stake. Reveal three matching prize amounts on any game and win the amount shown. This game requires little to no skill and is ideal for new online casino players and old players alike. You never know when you may go home a big winner when playing at Ladbrokes Casino.

How to Play Bowled Over
The aim of the game in Bowled Over is simple. You will be given two games to play on a single stake. Players will first purchase their scratchcard by making the wager of their choice and clicking the “New Card” button. During the first game, you will see six hidden prize amounts on the card. Take off the removable panel on each of the six spaces to reveal the hidden amount. These can be removed individually or all at once with the click of a button. If three prize amounts that are revealed match, you will be rewarded with that amount.

On the second game that is presented to you, you will reveal a prize multiplier. Along with the multiplier amount, a win or lose animation will be shown. If you see the win animation, you will win the prize multiplier that is shown. If the losing animation appears, you will simply win nothing during this game, but still take home your winnings from the first game. When looking for more ways to win for a single bet, Bowled Over is a great choice.

Free Play Mode
Before making a stake at Bowled Over, test out the free play mode to see if it is a game that you enjoy. This great feature enables players to experience everything that they will see in real play, without the need of making a bet. Because no bet is made in this mode, winnings are not able to be cashed out. Test your luck at Bowled Over from Ladbrokes Casino in real play after experiencing free play mode.


Golden Egg Scratch Card

Have you ever dreamt of finding a golden egg? Unless you’re into fairytales, the answer is likely “no.” However, an extremely valuable golden egg exists. It can be found at MegaMoneyGames.

Once you visit MegaMoneyGames, go to the Golden Egg scratch card. From there, you can choose how much you would like to wager. The minimum bet is £0.1p and the maximum bet is £10. The most you can win in the Golden Egg scratch card game is £100,000. This is a much bigger prize than you will find on most other scratch card games. Therefore, MegaMoneyGames should be your first stop for online scratch cards, hands down.

After you place your bet, click on the wooden sign that the rooster is holding. When you do this, the prize amount will be revealed. This is an exciting aspect of the game that many players enjoy. Once you see the amount you’re playing for, click the Play button. Three hens will appear. These hens don’t look happy at all, but that’s only because you’re looking to take one of their eggs. One of these hens is sitting on top of a golden egg. If you choose the correct hen and find that golden egg, then you will find yourself with a lot of money.

The Golden Egg scratch card is reason enough to visit MegaMoneyGames, but there are other reasons as well. For instance, MegaMoneyGames is currently offering a 300 Percent Welcome Bonus on your next two deposits. This is divided up as a 100 Percent Bonus on your first deposit and a 200 Percent Bonus on your second deposit. You don’t need a code to receive this bonus. It’s automatic. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking any extra steps. Simply make a deposit and you will find yourself with extra money. We recommend using that money on the Golden Egg scratch card.

Dragon Scrolls Scratch Card

Dragon Scrolls is a unique scratch card game that is available for play at the MegaMoneyGames website. This nine series scratch card gives players the chance at winning up to $100,000.00 on just one play. One in every three cards is a guaranteed winner. The chances of winning at Dragon Scrolls are far better than many other scratch card games that are currently available for play. Pass the time and win big when choosing to play Dragon Scrolls from MegaMoneyGames.

To play Dragon Scrolls, players will first need to choose their bet amount. On the game screen, the bet amount can be increased or decreased by using the simple up and down arrows. Clicking to play will confirm your bet amount and allow you to immediately scratch the card in hopes of winning. To win, three out of the nine scratch symbols must be matched. These symbols can be scratched individually or revealed at once for faster play. If three symbols are matched, the prize amount will depend on what is shown behind the fan on the bottom of the game play screen.

The more that is bet on a game, the more that players can potentially win. The minimum bet is $1.00 and the maximum bet is $10.00. Each symbols has a different value depending on the amount that was initially bet on the game.

MegaMoneyGames offers promotions and bonuses for both new and old players. To try out the casino and the unique games that are offered, each new member will receive a $7.00 bonus that is deposited to their account. There are no additional deposits required from the player to receive this bonus. A 100% match bonus is also available for players that make their first deposit. Claim up to $200 when making a deposit to your MegaMoneyGames account. An amazing offer of a 300% welcome bonus is available to new players when making their next two deposits. The first deposit will receive a 100% match bonus and the second will receive a 200% match bonus. This gives players extra money to enjoy the games that they love most.