Christmas Presents Scratch Card

Ladbrokes Christmas Present Scratch Card

With this years Christmas looming on the horizon you would be forgiven if you felt a little apprehensive but don’t panic as Ladbrokes Games have come up with a great way to grab a little festive spirit early with their Christmas Present Scratch Card. The scratch card offers wins of up to 200 times you starting stake which could mean as much as £2,000! So if your worried that Father Christmas doesn’t have the present you want this year then get over to Ladbrokes Games and give this fabulous scratch card a go!

Playing The Christmas Present Scratch Card

Just follow the link to Ladbrokes Games above and navigate to the Scratch Cards section located in the left hand menu, there you will see Ladbrokes Games extensive range of superb scratch cards and instant wins, select Christmas Presents from the game list window and the game will launch.

Once in the game play window you should decide on how much you are comfortable playing with. You can do this by clicking either the plus or minus buttons handily placed next to the card price display. The lowest card price you can play with is 25p and the largest is £10. Playing with the largest card price means you could win the maximum jackpot of £2,000!

Based on traditional scratch card game play Christmas Presents is a grid with nine scratch panels and you all you need to do is scratch away at every one of them to reveal the hidden symbols. Match 3 symbols anywhere on the card and you win your starting card price times by the matching symbols multiplier figure.

So get yourself over to Ladbrokes Games this Christmas and enjoy the festive delights of this wonderful scratch card with Santa Claus bearing an incredible range of cash gifts!

World Champions Scratch Card

World Champions Scratch Card

Football fans will love the World Champions Scratch Card from Bet365 Games, featuring international teams in a battle to become world champions this game is pretty much in the line of traditional scratch cards where you scratch to reveal symbols and if three symbols match you win!


There is an added feature in this particular scratch card that consist of the ‘Gold Cup’ symbol which acts as wild and can stand for any other symbol. If you match two symbols and the ‘Gold Cup’ symbol you area winner! What’s more there are also multiplier ‘Gold Cup’ symbols and if you win with one of these you prize will be multiplied by the amount shown on the cup and these could x2, x5 and x10!

How To Play World Champions Scratch Card

Of course the major benefit to playing scratch cards online is the fact that you can select the amount you wish to play for on each card. To do this simply click the ‘+’ or ‘-’ symbols next to the card price window. Once you have selected the amount you wish to play either manually scratch away at the nine panels to see if you have three matching symbols or two matches and a wild ‘Gold Cup’ symbol or you can choose to ‘Scratch All’ in one go. Also you can set up an auto play where you can automatically play as many cards as you wish!

Bet365 Games Scratch Cards

If you enjoy playing online scratch cards then Bet365 have a great range including Movie and TV themed games such as Iron Man 2, King Kong , Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Banzai. Sports based games such as World Champions, World Toto and Goal Kick, Casino themed cards like Go777, Tiger Mahjong and Royal Slots. Finally there is also a great range of traditional scratch cards, so if online scratch cards is your thing then you really should give Bet365 Games a Try!

Banzai Scratch Card

Banzai Scratch Card

Back in the early noughties a TV comedy program was created that spoofed Japanese game shows, it’s name was Banzai and quickly achieved cult status. Now you can enjoy the anarchic fun with the brilliant Banzai Scratch Card.

The basic premise of the program was to bet amongst your friends on the outcome of various situations such as the hilarious Shaky Hand Man, who would appear at gala events such as movie premiers and start to shake the hand of a celebrity. The bet was to see how long he could hang onto the celebs hand before said celeb would try to free themselves.


Other games included Grannies who played chicken on motorised mobility scooters, amputee soccer and perhaps the most talked about games were how long will it take for a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach to Microwave or who has the biggest penis or breast implants.

How To Play Banzai Scratch Card

Simply follow our link to the Bet365 Casino and select Banzai from the games section on the upper menu bar. Once in the Banzai game screen you need to decide how much you wish to play with, you can do this by pressing the arrow buttons on the stake selector, at the bottom of the game.

Press Buy Card to confirm your stake and purchase a scratchcard. Scratch (click) any of the nine symbols to reveal a Banzai symbol. You must click on all nine symbols to complete the game. Alternatively, click Reveal All to show all symbols instantly.

To win a cash prize you must have three matching symbols at the end of the game. The multiplier for each winning symbol is shown on the Payouts section, to the left of the main grid. Good Luck!

Blockbusters Scratch Card

Blockbusters Scratch Card

People of a certain age will remember the tea time quiz game hosted by Bob Holness where contestants battled it out to to be the first to cross the game board by answering general knowledge questions. Now you can try your luck on the brilliant Blockbusters Scratch Card from Ladbrokes Games.

The Blockbusters Scratch Card from is a fantastic game, where you can win up to x500 your starting stake! Scratch your way across the famous board and be rewarded with some top blockbuster prizes!

How to Play The Blockbusters Scratch Card

Simply follow our link to Ladbrokes Games to play the excellent Blockbusters Scratch Card, scratch the panels to reveal the nine hidden symbols. Match three of the same symbols anywhere on the card and you will win an instant cash prize.

Choosing your Stake

Before playing the game you need to set your stake value. You can do this by either pressing ‘the UP arrow’ or ‘the DOWN arrow’ on the stake selector, at the bottom of the screen. Press ‘BUY CARD’ to start playing this fantastic game.

Awards Table

  • 3 x Blue Segments Pays x1
3 x White Segments Pays x2
  • 3 x Hotspots Pays x5
  • 3 x Boards Pays x10
  • 3 x Greek Icons Pays x15
3 x Mascots Pays x25
  • 3 x Presenters Pays x50
3 x Gold Runs Pays x100
3 x Logo’s Pays x500

Festive Joy With Lottery Scratch Cards?

Don’t you hate it when people tell you there’s only 46 days left until Christmas, I’m stressed out enough already! Plus I’ve no idea what presents I’m getting friends and family this year.

Picking Christmas presents is always difficult. what to get? how much to spend? will they like it? Well, how about giving a million quid as a present? Who wouldn’t like that? Don’t worry if you haven’t got a £1 million to give away – just give one of the National Lotteries mega jackpot scratch cards as a present instead!

Luckily the National lottery has just launched two Christmas themed scratch cards, and I thought they’d make ideal presents for those difficult to buy for people – you know the type, the ones who have everything already. Why not solve the ‘Present Problem’ by popping a scratchie in a Christmas card, hey presto! instant Crimbo gift.

I’ll also be keeping one or two in a draw with a few christmas cards for those unexpected visitors. Last year I even used a scratch card for my works secret Santa, as I couldn’t find a gift for £5 that didn’t look like, well… five pounds worth of tat – the possibility of winning £1 million has to be way more exciting than getting a bottle of Hi Karate aftershave.

Next time you’re in the newsagents look out for ‘Christmas millionaire’ and ‘Snow Me The Money’ scratch cards. I bought one each (research!), the Christmas Millionaire card cost me £5 and offers four top prizes of £1 million – So it’s the same top prize as ‘Big Blue‘ only it costs a fiver less! Is this the lottery admitting they got the pricing wrong on that one? The game play on Christmas Millionaire is almost identical to Big Blue, only with a festive theme. You get five chances to win and I lost on all of them! However, on the ‘Snow Me The Money’ card I won a tenner! Not quite the £80,000 jackpot I was hoping for but not too bad for a £2 card.

It’s could be a very merry Christmas for the lucky punter who lands a £1 Million prizes – especially if they got the card as a gift!


Break The Bank

Break The Bank from Ladbrokes Games is the exciting Hi-Lo game with big prizes. The aim of this game is to unlock the safe by correctly predicting if the next number on the safe’s dial is higher or lower than the one on display. By correctly guessing you’re cracking the safe’s secret number combination. To open the safe you’ll need to get the correct numbers five times in a row!

It actually sounds harder than it is! The dial features numbers between zero and nine, should the number on display be the zero then it’s easy… you just go higher, should it show a nine, you go lower. It gets tricky when the dial shows a five or four, but you can get some help with this. The game has a bonus dial which can swing the chances of guessing correctly into your favour. The Bonus features are…

1 Free Spin
This feature gives you a ‘pass’ on the next spin. Choose Hi or Lo, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still win.

Nudge lets you to shift the number shown on the dial by one number up or down. If you land on 8, nudge up to 9 for a guaranteed win.

Extra Life
This allows you to get one guess wrong, use it wisely.

9 out of 9
This moves the dial to the number nine. Giving you the easy option (lower!)

Correctly pick five numbers and a cash win is unlocked. A further five consecutive correct answers unlock the next prize level. In total eight levels of prize can be won in one go. The jackpot size is dependant on the amount you wager, the more you risk the great the jackpot.

If you feel like having a crack at ‘Breaking The Bank’ from Ladbrokes Games you’ll be please to hear that those kind chaps at Ladbrokes will give you £5 totally free (only for new players)

Dr Scratchwell

Dr Scratchwell from MegaMoneyGames is great little scratch card game for those who love adventure. Dr. Scratchwell is the intrepid explorer seeking bugs in the jungle swamps, and he needs your help.

The reward for helping Dr Scratchwell is £100,000! should you be lucky enough to land the jackpot. Of course smaller prizes are up for grabs too, finding three red ants will net you £50 and the grubs pay out £1,000.

Before the game starts you can choose how much your willing to risk on the game, play from just 10p or go crazy and up the stakes to £10! It’s your choice. The more you gamble the bigger the prizes. The scratch card is pretty basic and all you’re required to do is rub of nine small squares. Behind each square is a creepy crawly, match three and you’ll win a cash prize.

The game is available to pay at MegaMoneyGames, which is one of the best dedicated scratch card portals around. New players can claim a totally free gift of £7 before depositing a penny of their own money. Further bonuses include a 300% welcome bonus on your next 2 deposits! You’ll receive 100% bonus on your first deposit and then 200% on your 2nd deposit.

Dr Scratchwell is just one of twenty five cards you can play at MegeMoneyGames – Remember, 1 in 3 cards is a winner!


Bee Happy

Get a Buzz from Ladbrokes Games ‘Bee Happy’ scratch card. The game is a hybrid between a simple slot machine and a scratch card. The aim of the game is to make your little Bee happy by getting on the ‘Honey Trail’.

The game card (A flower) is made up of seven zones that spin to reveal a ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ bee face. At the end of each go the ‘happy’ face(s) are held and your little Bee is moved along the Honey Trail. Any ‘sad’ faces left over will spin again. This continues until all zones are filled with ‘happy’ faces. When all the bee faces are lit the game is over. The number of spins it took to complete the flower with ‘happy’ faces dictates how much you’ll win.

Prizes range from £25 to £1000, you can decide you much you’d like to risk on each game. The maximum is £10 a card and the minimum is £0.25p, of course you can select any amount inbetween too. The pace of the game is pretty fast, with each card taking around 1 minute to play. Overall this is a fun scratch card but it suffers from a relatively small jackpot compared to other games at Ladbrokes.

Currently Ladbrokes Games are offering a totally free £5 welcome bonus (no deposit is required by YOU) for new players. It’s a perfect way to try out games like ‘Bee Happy’ without risking a penny of your cash.


Triple 777 Scratch Card

Triple 777’s is a fun and unique scratch card game available for play at BetFred Casino. The aim of the game is to match three lucky number 7′s in order to win a mystery prize amount. There’s no telling how much you could win when playing Triple 777’s. Some players may take home £2 while others take home £1,000. Test your luck when playing Triple 777′s.

Triple 777′s is a simple scratch card game for all online casino players. Before scratching the select spots on the card, players will need to choose their bet amount. This can be done directly on the gameplay screen by using the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the bet amount. After selecting to play, the bet will be locked in. The more that a player bets on their scratch card, the more that they can win.

Simply hovering your computer mouse over the scratch card spots will reveal the symbols. These can be revealed all at once for faster play instead of scratching individually. Three matching 7′s will make you a winner, at which point you can see the mystery prize amount that you have won. Use your winnings to play more scratch card games or cash out.

BetFred Casino offers a wide variety of promotional deals that are available for new and old members. Upon signing up, new players can receive a £25 welcome bonus to use on their favorite games. This includes scratch cards, blackjack, virtual dog racing, roulette and so much more. Other promotions are available for the lottery, poker players, bingo games and sporting events. Mobile promotions can be taken advantage of for those who access BetFred on their mobile devices. Different promotions are offered each day of the week, such as Wolf Wednesday and Tuesday Treasure. Mobile players can also receive £5 free with no deposit required.


Cashapilla Scratch Card

Don’t listen to what everyone says. There is a way to have your cake and eat it too! You can do so by playing the Cashapilla Scratch Card at Ladbrokes Casino. You might recognize the name Cashapilla because it’s a popular five-reel fruit machine that is also at Ladbrokes Casino. Both games come highly recommended. The scratch card version of the game is especially appealing because it offers a top prize of 10,000x. This is an astronomical number for any online casino game.

In order to win 10,000x your original bet, all you have to do is match three birthday cakes. No, it doesn’t need to be your birthday. If you win, the celebration will be much greater than any birthday party you have ever experienced, that’s a guarantee. If you don’t win the big one, that’s okay. There are still many other prizes to be won. Interestingly, they all associate with bugs; hence the name, Cashapilla. If you match three caterpillars on your scratch card, then you will win 2,500x your original bet. If you match three ladybugs, then you will win 100x your original bet. If you match three snails, then you will win 10x your original bet. If you match three turtles, then you will match 5x your original bet. If you match three bees, then you will win 2x your original bet.

When you play the Cashapilla Scratch Card game at Ladbrokes Casino, you will see that the layout of the game is extremely simple. The stake is on the bottom left and it can be adjusted by moving the cursor over the + and – signs. In the middle is a red New Card button for whenever you want to begin a new game. On the right is your win total. It really is that simple, which is why this game has attracted so much attention despite it being relatively new.

If you want to have a shot at the big money, then play Cashapilla Scratch Card at Ladbrokes Casino now.