Lucky Charms Scratch Card

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to win big with ‘Lucky Charms’. This new scratch card from Scratch2Cash is fast becoming the most popular game on their site.

Lucky Charms allows you to pick the number of panels you want to scratch and also the price of the card. You can scratch a maximum of 8 lines for as little as £2. Play just 1 line from £0.25p. Big spenders can wager up to £80 per card.

Luck Charms | Scratch Card

  • Play Lucky Charms from £0.25p
  • Maximum win is £100,000
  • Totally Free £5 bonus is available
  • 1st Deposit Bonus Worth up to £100
  • Free scratch card games available
  • Enjoy other cash games like Bingo, Slots and Instant Wins

The aim of the card is to match two identical symbols that the cheeky Leprechaun has hidden. If you match them you’ll steal his gold. A pot worth anything between £1 and £100,000.

Get £5 absolutely free. No deposit required. Simply sign up, join the fun and win BIG with some REAL money at Scratch2Cash!


Whole Lotta Luck

The Whole Lotta Luck scratch card is available to play with Jackpot Joy. The card is purchased for £1 and you can win up to £800 in one go. Whole Lotta Luck is just one of the cards that can be purchased in the Jackpot Joy Scratch Card shop.

Whole Lotta Luck | Scratch Card

  • Play Whole Lotta Luck from £1
  • Maximum win is £800
  • Win other prize amounts £1, £2, £5, £50, £75, £100, £200, £800
  • Jackpot Joy has a 95% payout rate
  • Play other scratch cards from just 0.20p
  • Free scratch card games available
  • Enjoy other cash games like Bingo, Fruit Machines and Deal or No Deal
  • Join this month and get 100% bonus on cash deposits

Whole Lotta Luck Video Preview

An £800 top prize makes Whole Lotta Luck a whole lotta fun! Go on, have a lucky scratch! and remember that Jackpot Joy is giving big cash bonuses to new players this month.


Crazy Fruit

Crazy Fruit Scratch cards are available to play at Jackpot Joy. The scratch card costs just 0.40p to play and the maximum win is £16. This doesn’t sound great when you first hear it but this game seems to have a much higher win rate then the other scratch cards games. So you win a lower amount of cash but you win more often! You also get two chances to win as the game includes a bonus panel.

Crazy Fruits | Scratch Card

  • Purchase price £0.40p
  • Jackpot prize £16
  • Prizes available £0.80, £4, £12.80, £16
  • 100% cash match deal available
  • Bonus scratch game
  • Play other scratch cards and fruit machines
  • New ‘Price Is Right Game’
  • Make friends in the chat room

Crazy Fruit Scratch Card Video



Bet £1 Get £10 FREE with Paddy Power Games: Take advantage of Paddy Power’s generosity today and when you open an account and play at least £1 they’ll give you £10 FREE!! Could it be any easier???

Crazy about football and scratchcards then look no further because Paddy Power Games have cleverly combined the two in this fantastic new game called Scratchball!

Scratchball | Scratch Card

  • Scratchball minimum stake £0.50p
  • Scratchball maximum stake £1,000
  • Jackpot £50,000
  • Play other scratch cards, slots and instant win games
  • Bet £1 Get £10 Free Bonus
  • Play Scratchball in Fun Mode

To play Scratchball online, choose your stake and click ‘OK’ to buy a scratchcard and use your lucky coin to scratch away. In a rush? – no need to scratch with a virtual coin, just click the ‘Reveal’ button to speed you to your result. Just scratch three matching symbols and you’re guaranteed a cash prize win.

Win big on the footie 24 hours a day – no need to wait until the big game at the weekend anymore!

Awesome scratch cards with massive jackpots

How To Play Scratch Cards

If you’re a beginner to playing scratch cards online then our “Beginners Guide” can help you get the most out of playing and help you avoid some of the most common pitfuls of online gambling.

For many people playing scratch cards is their first experience of gambling – and online scratch cards offer a great introduction to the world of internet gambling for beginners too. Below you’ll find our tips to playing scratchies, plus a helpful guide and reasons why playing online is better value than buying cards from the newsagent or petrol station.

Money Management

Any form of gaming carries an element of risk – so it’s important to have self discipline when you gamble and learn to manage your money.

One of the first things you need to do when you start to play scratch cards online is to set yourself a loss limit. A loss limit is the amount of cash you can comfortably afford to lose in a set period. It’s best to give yourself a fixed amount of cash to spend over one month, never exceed this fixed amount however tempting it maybe. Stick to this rule and you’ll never get into any financial problems.

Remember scratch cards are a game of luck and not a get rich quick scheme! Enjoy the buzz of winning but don’t become a slave to it. Remember to keep it fun and you’ll never lose!

Simple Gaming

When you’re new to playing cash games online then you can probably do without learning complicated games like poker or even blackjack. Scratch cards offer a great way into online gaming for novices. They’re just as easy to play as scratch cards you find in the shops! Simply sign up to one of the online scratch card site like Jackpot Joy and register as a new player (it’s very easy) and practice playing the cards for fun (free play mode) before you play for real cash.

Play for pennies

If you’re new to online gaming, there’s nothing worse than blowing your cash in a few minutes, which is always possible when playing skill games like video poker or blackjack – that’s exactly why scratchies are highly recommended. You can play scratch cards for hours without running the risk of losing serious money and sites like Jackpot Joy let you play cards from just 20p which means you can play for ages on just a fiver.

Double Your Money

You can become a winner before you even scratch your first card! Sign up with Jackpot Joy this month and they will double you’re cash the first time you deposit. It’s a great simple offer – deposit £10 or more and jackpot joy will double it up to a maximum of £100.


Why Choose Online Scratch Cards?

Everyone enjoys the buzz of playing scratch cards. From the small win charity scratch cards too the big multi-million pound jackpots, few can resist the urge to scratch away those little panels in the hope of revealing a big cash prize.

Now, with the magic of the internet you can play scratch card games online 24/7. These online scratchies have become hugely popular over the last two years and there are many sites which offer ultra realistic online versions of the cards. You even get virtual coins to scratch off the silver panels!

With so many places to play online it can be a tough task to find the best scratch card sites but don’t worry, our site will help you pick the best places to play online. Before you jump into playing scratch cards online there are a few things you should know first.

Playing scratch cards online has many benefits over buying the cards available in your local newsagent, it also has a few downsides too! One of the main benefits of playing online is the cost, most sites offer cards from just 0.20p compared to the cost of buying a National Lottery scratch card in the newsagent or petrol station where the cheapest cards cost a quid.

On the downside, internet scratch cards are cheap and easy to play so it’s not unrealistic to spend £25 in an hour playing scratchies online. Always set yourself a daily or weekly budget and never exceed it. If you have a nice win then keep playing but be aware that scratch cards are purely a game of luck so never bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

The other main benefit of playing cards online is the amount of free cash these sites are willing to throw at you. If you join an online scratch card site then you should expect to get anything from £5 to £100 in free cash! One of the best sites and best free cash offers is from Jackpot Joy. If you deposit between £10 and £100 they will match it! So deposit £20 and get another £20 free.


Deal Or No Deal

The hit Channel 4 TV game show Deal Or No Deal is now available to play online for cash prizes at Jackpot Joy. The online game plays just like the TV show, you have to select red boxes and hope that you pick the ones with low cash amounts in them.

Try our Free Deal Or No Deal scratchcard from Jackpot Joy to see how easy it is…

Free Deal Or No Deal Scratch Card

Playing for real is just as simple. Choose how much cash you’d like to play for – the minimum stake is 50p and the top prize at that level is £20. Should you decide to play for higher stakes then the jackpot also increases to a maximum of £10,000. Then it’s down to you to decide if you’d like to deal or no deal.

Deal Or No Deal Scratch Card | Jackpot Joy

  • Play from just £0.50p
  • Jackpots up to £10,000
  • Bonus cash available when you join Jackpot Joy
  • 95% payout rate
  • Online chat room
  • Deposit with UK debit cards
  • Free (no cash) version available

A Girls Night Out

A Girls Night Out scratch card from Gala Games is a fun, nine-square, scratch card that reveals all of the most important things a girl needs on a good night out – champagne, handbag, cute waiter etc… Just reveal any three matching symbols in a row to win!

You can choose to scratch a card for as little as 10p so if you reveal three Diamond Necklaces in a row you’ll scoop 1000x your stake and go home with a £10. If, however, you risk a hefty £20 per scratch and hit the jackpot then you’ll be your bank managers best friend with £20,000 in your pocket!

A Girls Night Out | Scratch Card

  • Play A Girls Night Out scratch cards from £0.10p
  • Maximum purchase price – £20 per card
  • Maximum win is 1000x stake
  • New player bonus – spend £5 get £20 absolutely free
  • Online bingo, lotto, roulette and slots also available
  • Over 40 scratch card games

Sharon Osbourne

I absolutely LOVE this scratch card from Gala Games. It’s bright and colourful and really great fun to play. Unlike other scratch cards, with Sharon Osbourne, you must get three correct symbols in a row not just anywhere on the scratch card.

The jackpot is a whopping 1000x your stake so if you’re on a budget and opt for 10p a scratch then you’ll win £10 but if you’re feeling very flush and hit the jackpot on a £20 scratch then you’ll scoop a mega £20,000!!!

Sharon Osbourne | Scratch Card

  • Minimum purchase price £0.10p
  • Maximum Purchase Price – £20
  • Jackpot available – 1000x stake
  • New player bonus – spend £5 get £20 absolutely free
  • Online bingo, lotto, roulette and slots also available
  • Over 100 other games and scratch cards to play

The Gala Games & Bingo website allows you to enjoy over 40 different scratch cards and other games like live multiplayer bingo, slots, roulette and lotto. New players can qualify for a free cash bonus worth £20.


Scratch Card Strategies

On the whole Scratch Cards are a game of luck – but there are still some strategies and tips you can employ to help you get the most out of playing and hopefully winning online.

The Luck Factor

Winning at scratch cards is always down to luck, there is nothing scientific you can do to improve your chances of picking a winning card. As everyone knows lucky streaks run hot and cold but you can improve your percentage chances of winning in a number of ways.

The first way to improve your chances of winning big is by playing more scratch cards. No, I’m not suggesting you spend more money on the cards, rather that you play the cards with the lower purchase values – for example if you only have £20 available to play with this month then don’t opt to play the cards with a ticket price of £5! You’ll only be able to buy 4 cards and you’ll have to be very lucky to get a winner is such a small number of cards.

Instead play the cards with a purchase price of 0.20p (available at Jackpot Joy) as you’ll be able to buy 25 cards and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting a winning card in such a large selection. You’ll also have more fun for your money too!

Don’t Go Broke

It’s a pretty simple tip, but you can’t win when you have no money to play with! To avoid going broke use a ‘Stop Limit’ system. Set yourself a daily or weekly amount of money you can comfortably afford to lose. Let’s say you can afford to lose £20 a month without breaking into a sweat, so set yourself a weekly gambling limit of £5 – If you’re unlucky and lose the lot in one day then do not play again that week.

Using a system like this will help you control how much you are spending and allow you to continue playing even when luck is not on your side. This way you’ll be able to play through the dry spells and not get stuck in them. The longer you stay in the game, the better your chances of landing a big win!

Chase Wins Not Losses

If you find yourself on a winning roll then slowly increase your stakes and chances of landing a big jackpot. Because you can play scratch cards for low stakes you can steadily build up a healthy bank roll, if you start the day with £5 and you manage to win £30 in a session then bank £15 (your original £5 plus £10 profit) and gamble the remaining £15 on higher priced cards which carry bigger payout’s.

Play With Other Peoples Money

Gambling with other peoples money is way more fun than your own! Now I’m not suggesting you go and steal your partners credit card but you can get free cash from many online scratch card sites. Scratch2Cash the online gaming site is giving away £5 completely free to anyone who joins them this month.

It’s a great offer and you don’t have to deposit any of your own money to claim the free £5, just register as a new player and you’ll find £5 in your account to try out their games with – cool!