Scratch Card App Gives Players Winning Edge

An engineering student who studies at Western University, Ontario, has invented a new app which he claims will advise scratchcard fans on the best way to get the most for their money.

Chris Lange, who is studying fourth year Mechatronics Engineering at the University of London, Ontario, says that the app is designed to enable scratchcard lottery players to make the best informed decision when buying and playing scratchcards. The app, named “Scratch This!” gathers together information which is already publicly available on the Ontario Lottery and Gaming corporation (OLG) website, such as the number and value of remaining prizes for each scratch lottery, as well as the projected number of tickets sold. The app takes this data and uses it to calculate a weighted average, which it then divides by the cost of the ticket. Cards are then given a Scratch This! Score. The higher the score, Lange says, the better value for your money.

However, not everyone is convinced about the app as Lange. OLG have expressed doubts about the app’s effectiveness, and have expressly stated that they will not support any app which claims to improve the player’s chances of winning. They also pointed out that all the information on the app is available on the website, albeit spread across the website, so players could just find out the information for themselves.

Despite OLG’s doubts, Lange remains optimistic, pointing out that the app is not supposed to help player’s to beat the lottery, but rather help them make the best informed decision when purchasing scratchcards, using up to date data which is available online. The app just does the hard sums to work out what the best value for money option is, so the player doesn’t have to. More than anything, Lange believes that this app could be of particular use to regular scratchcard players.

At present, a free trial version of the app is available to download from Google play – the Android app store. The regular full price version can also be bought at a cost of just $4. At present, there has not been enough time to measure the app’s overall success, but Lange remains optimistic, saying that if the reaction is positive, he will be looking to expand his reach into lotteries in other provinces.

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Supermarket Boss Wins Big on Scratch Card

Exciting times ahead for a Supermarket boss from Houghton, County Durham. Deborah Maddison simply could not believe her eyes when she scraped off the panels of a National Lottery scratch card to reveal the humongous win of £70,000 in cash!

Houghton, who at the time was just days away from jetting off on a holiday to Spain with her husband, Simon, was on a break from her shift as deputy manager in the Co-Op in Easington Colliery.  

A supermarket boss was shocked last month when she managed to bag herself a £70,000 cash win on a National Lottery Scratchcard, just days before she and her husband left for a holiday in Spain, when she remembered that she had bought two scratchcards earlier that day. Maddison decided to use the time to check her winnings and see if she was a lucky winner. The first card she scratched gave a win of £4 – nothing impressive, but certainly nothing to complain about. The next card, however, was set to change her life forever. And the win could not have come at a better time – as Deborah and Simon are both currently in the process of finding their dream house to settle down in! The couple have been searching for over a year for something they like in their price range – and this cash booster is sure to help them out.

Simon, 46, works as a bus driver was absolutely delighted at the news, describing his wife’s excitement at the new property options now available to them and their 24 year old daughter, Amy. With this newfound luck, the family hope that they will now be able to find the dream home that they’ve all been searching for. Deborah also told reporters that it was her dream to purchase a brand new modern property for the family to move in to. The couple estimated that most of the cash would be spent on purchasing the house and paying off any debts the family may have, leaving them to carry on relatively debt free other than their mortgage. And who knows – they might even have money to buy animal lover Amy a new horse!

It’s not often that people get what they want, but hopefully this stroke of luck is all that the Maddison family need to make their dreams come true.


Teens Triumphant Scratch Card Tale

For one lucky teen it seems a rare splash out on scratch cards has landed him an absolutely massive jackpot.

Jack Tanbini, 18, from Dundee and a cash and carry apprentice at Batley’s has won an amazing jackpot of £100,000 from just one scratchcard.

After helping to unpack the stock in Glens Newsagents on Clepington Road, young Jack tried to buy some crisps but the store manager gave him his pound back and his snack for free. He then decided to spend his spare pound on a spur of the moment purchase of a Purple National Lottery Scratch card.

But little did he know that this card would net him the top jackpot prize of £100,000.

Jack told how he was so shocked when he saw the three matching symbols that he had to get the shopkeeper, his colleague and then the store machine to confirm what they were all seeing. He told reporters: “I still didn’t believe it.”

Jack explained how he only played scratch cards very rarely and that the one he had purchased was just a “one off”.

However he didn’t call up Camelot straight away to claim his winnings instead the Dundee youth went back to work and continued with his day as normal. That is until his boss told him to go home and sort everything out after he was overheard mentioning to a few of his friends at work about his unexpected win.

Jack said: “They gave me a day off, it still hasn’t sunk in.”

The lucky Dundonian currently lives at home with his mother, four older brothers, one younger brother and a younger sister. He’s also an avid Celtic fan and loves playing various types of computer games.

However, Jack doesn’t plan on burning through his winnings straight away like most jackpot winners tend to do on fancy cars, big houses and extravagant luxuries.

Instead his plans are far more modest. Young Jack has said he plans to give some of his winnings to his mother, and then he will spend some of his money on driving lessons.

He also mentioned he is currently planning on buying his first car with his winnings, there’s also apparently a long overdue holiday for him and his family currently in the works.

Jack has also said that he’ll put the rest of winnings in a savings account in order to save for his future.


Scratch Card Shenanigans

For one intrepid thief it seems a lucky break of a vast fortune just wasn’t on the cards, because Police have recently arrested a Shillington man for stealing £735 worth of scratch cards from a local shop.

Christopher Harris, 31 from Woodmer Close, Shillington, took the cards from his local village shop after he noticed the owner wasn’t keeping an eye on the store.

Prosecutor Jason Wolf described Mr Harris’s actions to Bedford Magistrates Court.

He told them how whilst out walking his dog one morning Mr Harris noticed the store’s owner had disappeared into the back room for a few minutes. It was from here that he launched his plan of action.

Between February 14th and February 18th, Harris went to the store between eight and nine times to steal the popular £5 scratch cards whilst the owner was unaware in the other room.

Harris would simply cash in the winning cards and throw the losing ones in a nearby bin.

However, he wasn’t winning particularly much from his five-finger-discount shopping spree, his total profit from the cards totalled up as only £40.

Harris’s downfall eventually came about when he was repeatedly seen on the store CCTV removing the cards from the counter.

Police launched an enquiry with Harris as their main suspect; he was quickly apprehended shortly after he was spotted on CCTV prolifically pinching the cards.

However, Mr Harris’s defender, a Miss Sarah Colby has said that Harris’s actions were not down to greed but because he was suffering from a mounting debt that he was struggling to pay off. She also brought the courts attention to the fact that he currently shares a three bedroom house with his mother but they were hit hard by the bedroom tax because of their spare room.

She pleaded with the magistrate saying her client: “Did it not out of greed but desperation.”

Harris has since decided to plead guilty to one charge of stealing from the store.

Bedford Magistrates Court have ordered him to pay over £735 back to the store as compensation for the scratch cards he stole.

Harris will also be serving an extensive community order for up to 18 months, which will involve a thinking skills workshop plus other programs.

Plus for the next three months, Harris will be under a strict curfew where he has to be indoors from 10pm until 6am.


Bingo On TV

Looking for a bingo experience with a difference? Why not try one of the fantastic range of games out there based on some of your favourite TV shows? The number of TV-themed bingo games out there is growing, and you’re sure to find a show you love among them.

From game shows to talent shows and everything in between, TV bingo games are now among the most popular bingo offerings online. As their popularity grows, the more bingo sites want to create their own TV tie-in games – and that means even more choice for you bingo lovers out there!

So, without further ado, here’s out guide to some of the best. No matter what your telly faves are, we know there’s a bingo game here to suit you.

Benidorm Bingo

Love the show ‘Benidorm’? Then you’ll love the sunny world of Benidorm Bingo. With loads of games to choose from, you’ll soon feel like you’re relaxing by the pool with a cocktail in your hand. Head straight for the Welcome Lounge to meet the Benidorm team and pick up your free Benidorm scratchcards, and don’t forget to take advantage of their welcome bonus offer. Deposit just £10 and you’ll receive £30 to play with for free!

Take Me Out

No likey, no lighty! If you’re a fan of Paddy and the girls’ incredibly popular Saturday night dating show, then you’ll love this 75-ball bingo game with a twist. Forget just crossing out bingo numbers in boring straight lines – love is at stake in this game, so to win you need to complete a 15-number love heart pattern. There’s a chance to share in a Community jackpot too, as well as a fab bonus round to up those excitement levels.

Deal or No Deal

One of the most successful telly game shows of all time is now one of the most successful online bingo games of all time. Play along with Noel to see if you can beat the banker in this game that’s a great fun mash-up of traditional bingo and the Deal or No Deal game you love to watch on the small screen.

X Factor Bingo

If progressive jackpots float your boat, then you’ll definitely be letting this new bingo game into the next round! Passing the audition with flying colours, this bingo game is based on the mammoth hit TV talent show, and you can win by completing 1 line, 2 lines or getting a full house. Exclusive to Mecca, it’s a 90-ball game with a fantastic progressive jackpot feature, and with so many bingo fans playing, those jackpots can be huge!


Misleading Scratch Card Court Case

A man from Kennewick, Washington, is planning on taking the Washington State Lottery in court over a scratch card payout which didn’t work out as planned.  There are often subtle, unread rules and stipulations on physical and online scratch cards alike, but it doesn’t usual cause this much of an issue.

Ken Goldsmith recently purchased one of the latest scratch card releases, the Red Hot 5s card and thought he had won the a massive $55,555 by scratching away to reveal a matching number.  However, when he had the card scanned at a lottery kiosk, it came up on the system as a loser.

The 55 year old immediately contacted the lottery office in Olympia to inquire about why it had not been a winner.  According to Goldsmith, the telephone operator knew what he was talking about before he even mentioned which scratch card he had bought.

On the card, players are told that they must match a number on the card with one of the winning numbers to win that cash prize.  It also states that more numbers can be found on the reverse of the card.  It does not mention, however, that the numbers on the front and the back are part of two separate games, which turned out to be the main cause of confusion.

The man matched a number on the back of the card to the $55,555 number on the front and thought for certain that he had won.  The representatives at the Olympia office told him that the website states that the games are separate and that it should state that fact more clearly on the card.  It seems that Ken Goldsmith is not the only person confused.

Arlene Harris, a lottery spokesperson, told him that this card has caused misunderstanding with many players.  She went on to say that they are not planning on withdrawing the card from the market due to the cost it would cause.  The Red Hot 5s card is the first double-sided card in the US.

After Harris’ acknowledgement of the vagueness of the card, Goldsmith was left very unsatisfied.  In his opinion, the rules should be clearly stated on the card as no one goes onto the websites to check the rules.

Goldsmith plans to challenge the issues in court.  He has requested that the Washington State bar Association recommend a lawyer to represent him.

Of course you can play reputable Scratch card games online at Jackpot Joy – free sign up bonuses available for first time players.


Man Collects Scratch Cards for 20 Years and Now Sells them!

We love scratch cards as much as the next person – in fact some may say we are fanatics – but even we were surprised to hear about this story. David Mannix has a rather unusual hobby which is collecting scratch cards which he has been doing for 20 years. He boasts the worlds largest collection with over 100,000 of them, and get this folks, he hasn’t scratched any of them off even though he had spent a massive £80,000.

There is a room in his house dedicated to these scratch cards all of them are kept in boxes so he can tell exactly where everything is, as David can no longer work due to sever arthritis this seems like a harmless hobby right? Well some would say bordering on an obsession. He has tonnes of special edition scratch cards such as Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings and heaps more.

After all of this David has decided to hang up his scratch card hat and sell the scratch cards on for a whopping £500,000! He commented that he wanted to give someone else the opportunity to own the collection but he definitely wants to make sure they are taken care of after the length of time and amount of money he has spent on them.

This isn’t the first love of David Mannix, back in the 80′s he used to collect phone cards, but with the rise of mobile phones this one fizzled out which is why he has moved on to scratch cards. His obsession began when his friend purchased him a batch of 400 in 1994. Over 90,000 of the cards he bought were already used, and the remaining 10 have remained unscratched which hasn’t gone down too well with his with especially since they have all now expired!

There is only one scratch card that has been missing from his collection which is the very first Christmas themed scratch card in 1994. He has been told that they all together are worth around £5 million but is still looking to sell them for £500,000! We wonder how many offers he will get!

Of course you could always play online and know that those will never expire!!


Subtopia Launches at Ladbrokes Games

You’ll know that one of the sites we love to feature here a is Ladbrokes Games. What started as a bookmaker has diversified into the broader gambling arena, and now offers their players poker, bingo, casino games and online scratch cards. What makes their site so appealing to their players is the fact that they have such a lengthy games selection, and they constantly make additions to ensure things are kept fresh for their loyal players. One of the latest games to be added to the catalogue is Subtopia, an underground adventure offering loads of winning potential.

The game is set inside a submarine, deep under the water and you can see the cloudy blue sea in the background. Around the reels you can see various pipes and taps, creating a very realistic underwater feeling. On the reels, you will see a number of different character: one holding a spanner, one with a submarine diving suit, one with a pile of books and a globe and some interesting bonus features.

The betting system in this game could definitely be simpler. The game is designed using the standard five reel setup and pays out on up to 20 different pay lines. Players can select to Coin Value to be anything from a penny to 50p on a single spin. If you want to increase your bet amount further, you can use the ‘level’ setting, which acts as a betting multiplier. With so many betting options, it can quickly become confusing for newbies.

Subtopia has all of the usual betting features. The Wild bonus is represented by the animated robot symbol. This will substitute for all other symbols (except the scatter and free spins bonuses) to help you get better winning combinations. Players can also be awarded random multipliers during the base game, which can award anything from x2 to x5 as a multiplier.

There is also a scatter bonus, which can award the player a number of free spins. If three or more of the scatter symbols appear on the reels at once, you will be awarded free spins. All of your winnings will be subject to a multiplier based on how many free spins you get. Two symbols will result in a x2 multiplier, three symbols results in a 4x multiplier, four symbols results in a 25x multiplier and five symbols will lead to a massive 100x multiplier!


King Of The Aztecs

Ladbrokes has made its name as an industry leader in the sports betting world and has more recently diversified in to the broader gambling arena. The site now offers its playing bingo, slots and online scratch cards amongst other games. Their selection of games is nothing short of spectacular; not only is it really extensive, it is updated on a weekly basis! The latest game to be added to the catalogue is King of the Aztecs.

This brand new game is themed around the ancient civilization which used to live in Mexico prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the 1600s. If you are into this area of American history, you’ll absolutely love this game. It has a cartoon-style design and features some interesting animation which brings the game to life. In the background of the slot you can see a glowing evening sky and an Aztec man standing at the side of the reels as you play. The reels themselves are made out of a purple stone, with head sculptures decorating the top of it. On the reels you will see various symbols relating to Aztec culture. The images include cartoony inscriptions of skulls, birds and other animals.

The game is designed using the standard five reel set up and pays out on up to 20 different pay lines. The betting system allows players a great deal of control over betting amounts and they can wager anything from a penny to £25 on a single pay line. This broad range of betting options makes the game ideal for players of all levels, from beginner to expert.

The Wild bonus is represented by the King of the Aztecs logo and these symbols will substitute for all icons except the scatter to help you get even bigger wins. The Scatter symbols represents the bonus round and if you get three, four or five of these in a pay line, you’ll receive a 2x, 10x or 200x your stake win, respectively.
After every spin, there is a chance that one or more of the central three reels will turn wild, covering the entire reel. When this happens, your chances of getting a win are substantially increased!

If you are new to Ladbrokes Games, there is a generous welcome bonus on offer for all new players. When making your first deposit, you can claim a 100% cash match, up to the value of £500!


Scratch Card Scams Reported In Malaysia!

There’s no doubt about it there has been far more news in recent years about some kind of scratch card scams in the UK but it has been reported that Malaysia also seem to have this problem! From 2011 – it appears that there has been a total of 1,540 scratch and win scams reported to the Claims Tribunal which is definitely a large amount!

Datuk Hasan Malek is the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister made a written response to Teresa Kok clarifying there has been 456 claims in 2011, 598 in 2012 and a total of 486 dating to August in 2013. Judging by those figures there has been a noticeable increase and remember this is only with reported claims! Hasan Malek made it quite clear that the Ministry is doing everything they can to monitor this and are conducting random checks to try and limit this issue. He also commented that he has ensured that there has been legislative action to try and resolve this issue:

“An amendment to the Trade Description Act 2011, which was enforced since November 2011, states the exact penalty under Section 20, in relation to fake or confusing statements on contests and games, including scratch and win”

This change will allow the Ministry to take more effective action should these scams come up. This would include people who mislead consumers to purchase scratch cards under false pretences of certain prizes or gifts. It also includes people who input unreasonable terms and conditions with their scratch card offerings making it pretty much impossible for people to claim prizes. Another important way to catch these people is to ensure that the public report anything that they see to the authorities so that action can be taken against them. Of course if nobody knows about it – there is nothing that can be done.

As this is a recurring problem in most countries where gambling has been legalised it’s good to see that there are people looking to stamp out this crime and make a change. It looks as if Hasan Malek has a strategic plan in place and is already implementing it – let’s hope the reports for next year go down dramatically. Be careful folks – there could always be some kind of scam afoot!