Premonition Of Scratch Card Win

Stuart Parsons from Chepstow doesn’t buy a lot scratch cards, but on the day he won £100,000 on the National Lottery card ‘Million Blue Scratchcard” he felt an overwhelming desire to buy four Scratch Cards. Luckily for Stuart his premonition of a big win came true.

Talking about the win he said: “It sounds so weird telling the story now but for the past couple of months I have kept seeing the numbers 1 2 3 4, whether it’s 12.34pm on my phone, 1,234 mileage on the work car or registration documents.

“Most people would call it a coincidence but it was starting to freak me out a bit!”

Mr Parsons walked into the Spar on Beachley Road, Chepstow and asked the shopkeepers for a Scratch Card from each of the first four dispensers. It was the first card selected by him that won him the jackpot. Mr Parsons couldn't believe his good luck, but family and friends didn't believe it either, even after showing them the winning card!

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