Prince Charming

Prince Charming is a super scratch card from Mega Money Games. Unfortunately the game is based on the fairy tale Prince and not on the 1980s new superstar Adam Ant! Which I personally think would make a much better game, at least the sound track would be awesome!

Remember when your mother told you that you'd have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince? Well this scratch card works on the same principle. You buy the card and you are shown three little frogs, just choose the frog you think is most likely to turn into a handsome prince, get it right and you win a cash prize.


Prince Charming | Instant Win Card

  • Play From Just £0.1p
  • £7 Totally Free
  • Free Play Demo
  • £100,000 Jackpots


The ‘Prince Charming' cards can be purchased for just £0.01p or if you're feeling flush you can spend up to £10 per card, prize money goes up and down depending on how much you stake, smaller stakes equal smaller prizes.

The good news is the Jackpot on this game is a whooping £100,000! It's worth nothing that Mega Money Games also gives new players a free £7 credit to try the games – that's right, it won't cost you a penny to play this game.

Watch Prince Charming Video

Obviously once you've spend the £7 you can deposit more money if you wish, but you don't have too. Mega Money Game offer some good deposit bonus for first time players, currently they're giving 100% bonus on your first deposit and then 200% on your 2nd deposit.