Route to Riches

“Route to Riches” is a new and exciting scratchcard game available at Ladbrokes Games. More than one-hundred years old, Ladbrokes is a company that understands integrity. Online, the company is a force because it offers an unparalleled game selection and exceptionally lucrative bonuses.

Ladbrokes offers Route to Riches in both a REAL PLAY mode, with bets ranging from £1.00 to £100.00, and FREE PLAY. In the demo mode, players don’t even need a Ladbrokes account. It’s a good chance to try the game before risking hard-earned cash, and it’s a lot of fun for non-gamblers as well.


Route To Riches | Scratch Card

  • Play Route To Riches Scratch Card For 50p
  • Free £5 Welcome Bonus – No Deposit Needed
  • Try the Scratch cards for free in Demo mode
  • £100,000 Jackpot


The theme of Route to Riches is that you’re a globetrotting treasure hunter in search of the world’s most precious lost treasures. What distinguishes Route to Riches from all the other scratch-off options is that it doesn’t use the traditional 3×3 configuration. Instead, the game presents you with a world map. There are nine cities on the map, and you get to select three of them. Each chosen city rewards you with three artifact pieces, and each unique artifact comprises three pieces.

Another aspect that sets Route to Riches apart is that every card is a winner. In a conventional setup, the card spawns as a winner or loser. In Ladbrokes Games Route to Riches, every card can win, and it depends on your choices. All things being equal, this doesn’t change the odds, but most scratchcard fans will agree that it certainly amplifies the excitement, and anticipation is a big part of what makes scratchies so much fun.

One of our favorite features of Route to Riches is the way that the game integrates the pay table into the game board. At the center of the screen rests the map, and around the border, the game positions the various hidden artifacts and their payout values. So when you up the bet from £1 to £2, you actually see the embedded values change. Also, as you discover artifact pieces, those pieces fill in so that you know where you stand.

Route to Riches is a blast, and one of the most creative scratch games we’ve come across, and it should be part of every scratchcard player’s repertoire. Route to Riches is an elaborate game, and some players may not like the speed. Fortunately, the game includes a single-card AUTOPLAY mode that speeds it up considerably.