Morrison’s Launch New Charity Scratchcards

Morrison’s have just announced that they’ve agreed to a new deal with charity scratchcard specialists Rieves Lotteries. This new agreement will see the supermarket giant bring out the cards in over 500 of their stores nationwide to help raise money for the Sue Ryder Campaign which will help people who are facing the problems of life altering illnesses.

The Sue Ryder Campaign is one of the retailers preferred support schemes and was chosen through an internal vote with Morrison’s staff and according to the Reives Lotteries director the company and charity organisers are delighted to team up with Morrisons.

This new move is set to raise up to £1m for the charity and these funds will be raised directly through the use of special Scratchcards that were developed by Rieves Lotteries who have a license from the Gambling Commission to create lottery programs for charities in order to help raise money.

The new cards will cost between £1 and £2 each and will give a 20% commission from ticket purchases directly to the charity whilst 50% of sales go towards the prize fund and 30% is split between the retailer and Rieves to commission more cards. These new cards also come with a 1 in 4 chance of paying out to players with a huge £1,000 cash prize so there’s a great incentive for people to start playing them.

According to Rieves Lotteries Director, Steve Lyons, the companies’ choice of Scratchcards was perfect because Scratchcard sales have “Quadrupled in size over the last 10 years” and are worth a massive £2bn. So the most obvious choice was to try and put some of that money to good use for a worthy cause.

In regards to the merger of Morrisons with Rieves Lotteries, Guy Mason the Head of Corporate Affairs at Morrisons said: “The partnership with Rieves will make a difference to the charity. We’re always trying to give customers new products and charity Scratchcards are fantastic.”

He continued: “They increase customer choice and there’s a positive feeling from knowing which charity is getting support.”

Although there’s been no announcement on a specific date of exactly when we’ll start to see these cards in Morrison’s stores there’s no doubt that they’ll be a big hit for the supermarket chain who will definitely do a lot of good with all the cash raised from these new cards.