Newport Grandmother Becomes Overnight Millionaire

For one lucky grandmother an impulse scratch card buy has had some serious life-changing results. Pauline Miller, a 66 year old retired cleaner won the top jackpot of £1m from a National Lottery scratchcard. According to the National Lottery, Mrs Miller is incredibly lucky to have won as she has beaten the national odds of one in five million by scooping up this massive million pound cash prize.

A former chambermaid at the Kings Head Hotel, Mrs Miller won her vast fortune from a ‘£100m Cash Spectacular scratchcard’ she bought from her local shop in the nearby Bettws Shopping Centre. According to Mrs Miller she normally buys scratchcards from that small store but the most she usually wins from her cards is just £10 on the odd occasion.

In regards to her win Mrs Miller said: “I nearly fainted when I noticed I had won. I can’t believe my luck.”

She continued: “I thought I was going to pass out when the shopkeeper put my card through the machine. My legs were like jelly, I needed to get home for a cup of tea.”

Mrs Miller then explained how she informed her husband and sisters of her big win as soon as she found out from the shopkeeper that it was an authentic win, but unfortunately they didn’t believe her at all.

Normally when someone wins a huge cash jackpot they blow through it in a couple of days but Mrs Miller has already said she plans to play it safe with her investments. She’s already used her new found fortune to buy the rented three bedroom home that has been her husband John’s home for the past 48 years.

She’s also planning a few home improvements that so far include things like new French doors, a brand new conservatory out the back of the house, some new pieces of furniture and decorations for the house. There’s also a trip to Benidorm with her husband planned since the pair haven’t been abroad in 6 years.

Mrs Miller and her husband are also in the stages of planning a big family party to celebrate her win. Still shocked at her luck Mrs Miller said: “I never thought this would come to someone like me. Everything will be easier now; instead of worrying about putting the gas on we can enjoy ourselves and improve our home.”