Shop Assistants Spicy Surprise Attack

It seems two unlucky thieves got more than they bargained for when they tried to rob a store clerk.

On one quiet night in the town of Stoneham, a small suburb just outside of Boston USA, two intrepid thieves walked into a deserted gas station store with the intention of holding up the clerk and stripping his cash register bare when he was distracted by them cashing in a winning scratch card.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the two figures wearing dark clothes and obscuring their faces with jacket hoods and a hat. As the two were cashing in a scratch card one plucky thief pulls a gun on the elderly clerk and that’s when things get interesting.

According to the clerk he waited until one of the robbers was near enough before he unleashed a handful of hot chilli powder right at their faces from a small container.

With one thief blinded and the other unaware of what happened the clerk then exerts cat-like reflexes as he launches into an attack on the other thief who happens to be armed with a gun. After sustaining a long and rather vicious pummelling from the shop worker both of the foolhardy thieves then gave up and ran away with their tails between their legs and scratch card left on the shop floor.

According to the Boston Globe the duo then drove away, the clerk apparently ran after them and made a note of their cars registration before passing it onto police.

Sources at local Boston police have informed that they’ve already apprehended one suspect, Brett R. Osgood, 25 the owner of the getaway vehicle and are already searching for his compatriot who they’ve still to find.

When asked what he thought about the shop workers actions Stoneham Police Chief, James. T McIntyre said: “The clerk did show incredible bravery, but unfortunately we do recommend that you should never fight an armed robber who’s pointing a gun straight at you.”

In regards to how the incident played out he said: “We are just pleased that no one was seriously hurt.”

The hunt for the second robber is still continuing so perhaps this should serve as a warning to any would be thieves. So if you’re planning on robbing a store perhaps you should re-consider as you might end up with a face full of hot chilli powder as your reward.