The Hunt On For Last Jackpot Scratch Card

It sounds like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but it seems that hundreds of people are swarming shops to find one scratchcard that could pay out with a massive prize. The card in question is a Gold Game card and is the last of only four paying ones that were circulated around the UK.

So far three people have claimed huge jackpots and the remaining card is said to have a massive fortune of £4 million waiting inside it for one lucky player.

The owner of a store in Burnley where one of the winning cards was claimed, a Mr Mohammed Ikram said: “We got a winner not too long ago. He told me he would quit his job.”

The actual cards are fairly easy to spot if you’ve never seen them before; they’re large golden cards that come with five different game panels to play on so you’ve got multiple chances at winning a huge prize.

The cards are also set to expire on New Year’s Day so there’s only a limited time left to get your hands on the winning card. If no one manages to claim the last of these special lottery cards before New Year’s Day the huge cash jackpot will instead go towards helping a charity, so that massive amount of money is still being put to good use.

So if you want to get your hands on this life changing amount of £4million then you should probably start hunting around your local stores and small chain newsagents for these little golden pieces of card.

Although it currently costs £10 for each card it’s a small price to pay for the chance to take home the massive jackpot amount of £4million, a prize that you could put towards buying a new house, new car or even a well-deserved holiday. However, you may want to make your money last instead of blowing through it all in the one go as once it’s gone you won’t be getting any more.

With word of these little golden cards being bought en-masse in various retail stores around the country it probably won’t be long until only lucky winner comes forward and claims the life-changing amount of £4million. Until then you’ll just have to scratch as many cards as you can like everyone else until you find one that pays out.