£1.2 Super Scratch Card Win

One man has truly gone from rags to riches after winning a massive £1.2m on a scratch card. Lucky Paul Wasley, 31, bought the winning National Lottery scratch card from his local newsagent in Epsom’s Upper High Street. It was one of only four in the UK to contain the jackpot on the Super Rich scratch card.

Now, the builder and landscape gardener will receive £100,000 a year for the next 12 years, setting him up for life! This was just what Mr Wasley needed as his friend divulged that he had recently split up with his girlfriend, losing his flat and his dog. Mr Wasely had lost almost everything in a short period and now has the ability to build himself back up again.

Mr Wasely

I didn’t believe it at first, I was excited. It was strange. I’m really excited but it still hasn’t sunk in properly because I haven’t got it yet.

Nobody has ever won as big as Mr Wasley on scratch cards in Epsom, and he managed to get hold of the winning scratch card by chance. At 3pm on a Saturday afternoon, he’d entered local newsagents Pari’s News and asked for a £2 scratch card. He won £10 for that card and went back to ask for £5 and a £5 scratch card for his winnings. He then went outside to scratch off his more expensive card only to find out he had won the jackpot! If Mr Wasley hadn’t won the £2 scratch card in the first place, he would never have gotten hold of the jackpot winner.

Although he has received this massive windfall, Mr Wasley still has his feet firmly on the ground, and has some sensible long term plans for his winnings.  He plans to save for a few years and wants to buy his own house. In addition to his own first home, Mr Wasley intends to buy a few properties and rent them out, as well as build houses up.

But Mr Wasley does still intend to have some fun with the money – he’s currently planning a holiday somewhere hot.

The money hasn’t gone to his head either, as after one celebration on the Saturday, Mr Wasley went back to work on the following Monday!