Football Fan Cheers Scratch Card Win

One incredibly lucky football fan has managed to land himself a massive amount of cash from one simple little scratch card.

Lewis Preston, a 24 year old Team Leader in the Tesco on Anlaby Road landed himself a huge jackpot of £250,000 when he scratched away a jackpot that only set him back £2.

The National Lottery Red card that Mr Preston bought on what he called a “Spur of the moment buy” whilst taking a break from work, has had almost life changing effects on him.

After purchasing the ticket and uncovering his personal fortune Mr Preston immediately checked with one of his co-workers who according to him stood there with their eyes: “Almost falling out their heads.”

Still in a state of shock about his victory Mr Preston has said that regarding his completely unexpected jackpot that: “No one believed me until it starts to sink in and people were like you can’t still be going on about that.”

Since he landed himself the small fortune Mr Preston has already wasted no time in spending some of his cash. So far he’s bought two bottles of champagne that he used to celebrate with his girlfriend Charlotte Boyce, 24 from Beverley.

Describing his actions Mr Preston said: “When I won the scratch card, I finished work, bought two bottles of champagne, picked Charlotte up and celebrated.”

On what his future plans are with his now heaving bank account Mr Preston said he is planning on buying an executive box at Hull City to watch his favourite team and enjoy the match in luxury with his friends for a few of the games in next season.

He described his decisions by saying: “It would be great. It would be a different way to experience a game. I’ll still be going to away days, so I’ll still get the crowd atmosphere, but it would be nice to have a bit of a do there.”

But it’s not just an executive box Mr Preston has his sights on; he is already planning a trip to Australia to visit a friend and then a final investment of his remaining cash to financially secure his future.

Regarding his investment plans he said: “I can make myself mortgage free now.”

After his investments are made Mr Preston is apparently planning to set himself up as a local driving instructor.