Builder Wins £1m On Tea Break

A builder living in Bournemouth now has plenty of reasons to celebrate. John Abreu, 37, really has struck gold this week as he managed to bag himself a whopping win of £1million whilst playing on a National Lottery scratchcard!

Monday the 18th of August was just another working day for the father of six, who owns a home improvement company called J Construction UK Ltd. Little did he know, his life was set to change forever! Taking a tea break from work, he decided to test out his luck by picking up a £5 National Lottery scratchcard. Having previous had luck in winning small amounts of cash on these cards, John was hopeful that this venture would also prove lucky. He had no idea how right he was – as moments later the panels revealed that he was now a millionaire!

After his win, Abreu contacted his wife, Silvana, who is employed as a healthcare assistant, to inform him of the good news. Silvana was so shocked at first, that she didn’t believe him – and it took convincing from their mutual friend before she was convinced. Her scepticism soon turned to delight. Currently, the two rent a house down in Bournemouth, but this stroke of luck will allow them to buy a house of their very own and offer the family a boost of financial security in the future.

It’s been a very good summer in Bournemouth for massive lottery wins. Just last July, a man living in Poole, who preferred to remain anonymous, snapped up a jaw-dropping £4million in a single National Lottery scratchcard. The man in question bought one of the £10 Gold NL scratchcards – one of the most expensive on the market – from a supermarket on Bournemouth road, Ashley Cross. To emphasise what a lucky win this is – there has only ever been four £4million Gold Scratchcards available to buy, and this winner in Poole is only the second person to have managed to snap one of them up. And you know what that means – there are still two of these incredible winning tickets out there, just waiting for someone to find them.

Could you be that someone? It’s a big risk – Camelot, the current operators of the National Lottery Scratchcards, have said that the chances of winning one of the prizes is 1 in 4,232,860 – the odds on winning a big payout with online scratch card providers like Jackpot Joy are much better.