Supermarket Boss Wins Big on Scratch Card

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Exciting times ahead for a Supermarket boss from Houghton, County Durham. Deborah Maddison simply could not believe her eyes when she scraped off the panels of a National Lottery scratch card to reveal the humongous win of £70,000 in cash!

Houghton, who at the time was just days away from jetting off on a holiday to Spain with her husband, Simon, was on a break from her shift as deputy manager in the Co-Op in Easington Colliery.  

A supermarket boss was shocked last month when she managed to bag herself a £70,000 cash win on a National Lottery Scratchcard, just days before she and her husband left for a holiday in Spain, when she remembered that she had bought two scratchcards earlier that day. Maddison decided to use the time to check her winnings and see if she was a lucky winner. The first card she scratched gave a win of £4 – nothing impressive, but certainly nothing to complain about. The next card, however, was set to change her life forever. And the win could not have come at a better time – as Deborah and Simon are both currently in the process of finding their dream house to settle down in! The couple have been searching for over a year for something they like in their price range – and this cash booster is sure to help them out.

Simon, 46, works as a bus driver was absolutely delighted at the news, describing his wife’s excitement at the new property options now available to them and their 24 year old daughter, Amy. With this newfound luck, the family hope that they will now be able to find the dream home that they’ve all been searching for. Deborah also told reporters that it was her dream to purchase a brand new modern property for the family to move in to. The couple estimated that most of the cash would be spent on purchasing the house and paying off any debts the family may have, leaving them to carry on relatively debt free other than their mortgage. And who knows – they might even have money to buy animal lover Amy a new horse!

It’s not often that people get what they want, but hopefully this stroke of luck is all that the Maddison family need to make their dreams come true.