Blankety Blank Scratch Card

I use to love watching Blankety Blank! Who could forget the theme tune… Blankety Blank, Blankety Blank doh doh Blankety Blank, Blankety Blank. OK, I agree it does get annoying after awhile! But the Blankety Blank Scratch Card game from Paddy Power Games never gets old.

It's a simple scratch card game with a £5000 jackpot! Select your stake between 25p and £10 and choose the celebs from the panel, each celeb reveals a winning symbol, match 3 symbols and you're a winner – and lets be honest the prizes on offer with Paddy Power are bigger than the ones you could win on the original TV show. Who really wanted to win a Blankety Blank chequebook and pen? No me, I'd rather win 5k.

The range of Scratch Cards at Paddy Power Games is very good and you also can play loads of slots and casino games too. New players can enjoy a ‘welcome bonus' and regular players also earn bonus points. It's the small stakes and large jackpots make this card a winner in my book.