Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

The ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' scratch card from Ladbrokes Games is based on the popular and successful TV show, hosted by Chris Tarrant, this scratch card is true to it's name and has one of the largest rewards you're ever likely to see.

This official scratch card offers players the chance to win £1,000,000, to be eligible for this life changing amount you must be willing to spend the princely sum of £1. Just reveal three ‘Bonus' symbols and you will enter the ‘Bonus' round, where your quick reactions could lead you to a Millionaire lifestyle, yachts, exotic holidays, luxury cars, in fact all the trappings a Millionaire would expect, could be yours.

This card has eleven scratch fields which can be revealed individually or by using the REVEAL ALL button. Reveal three identical symbols to win a cash prize, which will vary depending on your initial stake. In the main game, three “Walk Away' symbols could reward you with £10, three ‘Phone a Friend' with £40, up to a very useful £2,500 for three £ symbols. If your luck is in and you scratch off three ‘Bonus' symbols, you will gain entry to the ‘Bonus Round' where you will be shown a ‘Money Tree' with rungs you must climb. Starting at the bottom of the tree you climb one rung at a time by pressing the ‘HIT' button, whilst the level you are aiming for is highlighted. You will be given three ‘lifelines' or chances to win the next value up. Every time you hit a highlighted amount you will win a cash prize and move a rung further up the tree, as well as having your ‘lifelines' returned to be used again. Are your reactions quick enough to take you to the very top of the tree, where the £1,000,000 awaits a lucky player ?.

This game has a minimum stake of 50p which can be adjusted at any time, but remember, to have a chance of winning the £1,000,000 you must bet at least £1. You can try the game for free at Ladbrokes.com, although a chance at the top prize of £1,000,000, has to be worth that £1 stake.