Jungle Bucks added to Ladbrokes Games

Jungle Bucks is a really exciting new game on offer at Ladbrokes Games.  This online casino has kept well on top of their gaming selection, and release new games every single week!  This is the thing which makes their loyal players keep coming back.  Players on the site can rest assured that there will always be some fresh content for them to try, including online scratch cards, slots and casino games.  One of the latest additions to their catalogue is Jungle Bucks, a sure favourite for lovers of the jungle and wild animals.

Jungle Bucks has a really pleasing appearance.  Set high in the jungle treetops, the reels are made up of bamboo shoots, tied together by pieces of vine.  The game is complemented by some impressive animation perfectly.  Look closely and you will be able to see a lizard sneaking along the top of the bamboo, before plunging down off the screen. When it drops in from above onto the bamboo again, it becomes clear that the animal is in fact a chameleon, altering in colour each time.  On the reels you will see a number of animated African animals, such as lions, elephants, zebras and ostriches

The game is designed using the standard five reel setup and pays out on up to 20 different pay lines, although this setting can be altered by the player.  Players have a very broad range of betting options in this game, and can wager anything from a penny to £235 on a single pay line.  Max out on this slot and you would be wagering £500 on a single spin.

Besides the usual Wild bonus, which you will find on nearly all slot games, Jungle Bucks also features a Super Wild, and these symbols are will substitute for the zebra, lion, elephant and the Jungle Bucks logo. However these bonus symbols do not substitute for the snake, ostriches, monkey and Cannibal Cashpot bonus.

If you get three or more of the Slippery Spins in view, the Slippery Spins bonus will activate.  At this point, the player will be awarded an amount of free spins. The number of free spins will change each time and will give you the chance to win some big cash prizes.

There is also a Jungle Run bonus and this will activate when three or more of the symbols appear on the reels at once.  Keep your eye out for this one.