Millionaire Scratchcard At Bet365

We've all seen Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and for most of us the best we can do is shout at the tv when somebody gives a stupid answer but now you have the opportunity to play the game in the online scratch card format which could win you some big cash prizes.

It may not make you a million but you could walk away with £12,500 depending on how much you play for and that's the great thing about this online scratchie from Bet365 Games, it doesn't matter whether you have oodles of cash to throw around or you're working within a tighter budget, this game can be adapted to suit you.

The minimum you can play for is 50p per card and then it increase all the way up to £5 per card. If you play for a smaller amount then the jackpot is smaller but you do make you money go further.

The game is more advanced than some of the more ordinary scratchcard and in total there are 11 different icons and symbols that you could potentially get three of to win a prize. So if you scratch off three cheques then you win 50p (if you're playing for 50p) all the way up to three Pound symbols which will earn you £1,250 – again if you're playing for 50p.

There are 11 different boxes to be scratched off and you can opt to this manually or just click on ‘Reveal All' at which point the game will do this for you automatically – it's completely up to you but I kind of like the anticipation of individually scratching them off.

It's not the cheapest online scratch card available but it is a nit more interactive and interesting than some of the others I've played and I think Bet365 Games have got the balance between cost and value spot on.

So if online scratchcards with great jackpots are your thing then this is definitely a game worth checking out!