Betfred Casino’s Real Money Comp Points

Betfred Points

Betfred Casino can reward you significantly if you keep coming back to the site to play its online scratch cards. This is because the site has a system in place whereby it rewards for you for making cash wagers. This currency is known as comp points and, when you have enough, they can be exchanged for real money. Generating comp points is not a difficult task, considering that you merely sit back and wager on scratch cards and other games. Betfred will give you one point for every £10 wagered on scratch cards and two for every £10 wagered on slots.

More Points Equals Better Conversion Rate
Earning comp points is very rewarding and there are even times when you can earn double for your wagering – watch out for these opportunities in the Betfred Casino promotions. Your aspiration with the comp points should be to earn enough to allow you to rise higher within the VIP programme. The reason why you should want to do this is because players higher in the programme receive much better conversion rates for their comp points. A higher conversion rate means that your points become more valuable for you, which certainly is a great thing.

Conversion Table
Now, so as to give you a clearer idea of what the points are actually worth, we are going to present you with all of the different conversion rates for each of the five levels in the VIP programme. The differences will become immediately obvious once you have looked over the list:

  • Diamond – 100 comp points = £1 (minimum points required = 1,000)
  • Platinum – 95 comp points = £1 (minimum points required = 950)
  • Gold – 90 comp points = £1 (minimum points required = 900)
  • Silver – 80 comp points = £1 (minimum points required = 800)
  • Bronze – 70 comp points = £1 (minimum points required = 700)

Starting at Bronze
So as you can see, even by climbing up one level to silver will vastly improve your conversion rate. But before you get there, there is still an impressive benefit from being a bronze VIP. Betfred will present you with a 100% monthly reload bonus that can unlock up to £100. Betfred Casino is a great all-round gaming site because of its Playtech software, so definitely consider the £200 welcome bonus. In the long-term, you have the luxury of knowing that comp points can reward you.