Mobile Scratch Start-up Raises $7.7m

Mobile Scratch Card App

In 2012 it came to our attention that a number of IT developers were creating online scratch card apps for mobile devices. These apps were primarily used for commercial purposes to promote the business interests of large companies. A number of different mobile scratch card apps were released to US mobile device users in 2012, with fast food being a popular business type. Although there was lots of US examples, there weren’t really any worth mentioning in the UK. Hopefully this will change in the future as UK marketers start to become aware of the promotional power that scratch cards hold. In the meantime, however, we have news of an exciting development in mobile scratch apps from the US.

Fun at the Core

A start-up developer called Front Flip has managed to acquire $7.7 million worth of funding. The funding did not seem too difficult acquire with the company easily hitting their target. The start-up was very open about its strategy of making mobile scratch apps even more fun than they had been before. Overall the aim is to try and provide the user with a playable and engaging experience. The start-up said that mobile scratch apps often made users feel like they were completing a task rather than having fun. It seems like an obvious strategy to take, but it is good to see that some developers are keeping this in mind.

Reward Loyal Customers

Front Flip is going to be suitable for both Android and Apple users, making it a perfect way for initiating a cutting-edge rewards programme for loyal customers. The way it will work is that customers scan QR codes in-store using their mobile device and in return they will be sent a mobile scratch card. They then have to scratch off the digital panel with their finger like they would a normal scratch card. In the scratch card there can be prizes and loyalty rewards for them to reveal. In the case of a café, users would be given free drinks or perhaps a small snack to enjoy.

Big Names Signed Up

Front Flip has experienced rapid growth in terms of investment, but the same can also be said for its client list. Already Front Flip has signed up massive US clients like Burger King, McDonalds, FKC and Wendy’s among others. Hopefully the UK catches on and starts giving all of us free things through scratch cards.