St Patrick’s Day Coming Soon To Bet365 Games

Bet365 St Patricks Day

The end of February is coming up quickly and March will be the next month up. We’re all looking forward to March here at the site because it is going to be a rich month for online scratch card promotions. On Sunday 17 March people from all around the world will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day, which is now seemingly a great time for everybody to feel like their Irish and have a great time. In most corners you can find someone celebrating the day that St Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland and among them will be Bet365 Games.

Get into the Irish Spirit

Bet365 Games are keeping their St Patrick’s Day ideas carefully under wraps, and you can’t blame them. Say they released them to early then someone else might nick the ideas – that would be terrible. In the meantime, you can start getting into the Irish spirit by playing a very traditional Irish-themed online scratch card available at Bet365 Games, which makes complete sense when you consider how much green they use in their excellent colour scheme. The scratch card that they will have you playing is also green, so prepare to enjoy Lucky Charms!

Play the Lucky Charms Scratch Card

As far as online scratch cards go, Lucky Charms is a little bit trickier than your average, but we’re attributing that t the fact that there are troublesome leprechauns involved. However, we’re going to quickly run through the basics so that you won’t have any trouble at all. In total there are eight different scratch lines that can be activated, so choose how many you want to play with before starting. The way it works is that you remove two symbols on each in the hope making a match and winning the cash sum to the right. When wagering you can spend between £0.25 and £10 on each of the eight lines, so that would require a total bet of £80 to completely max out.

150% Welcome Bonus for New Players

Newbies to Bet365 Games are currently in a fantastic situation where they can claim up to £150 worth of bonus funds just for joining. Bet365 Games will let you make a first deposit of at least £10 and will then reward you with a 150% welcome bonus. Getting set up and registered is a really simple process and you will be ready to play in no time at all.