Top Gear Second Screen App

Online scratch cards could be played on your TV very soon, or at the very least it is a distinct possibility thanks to a company called Monterosa, who is responsible for designing a new Second Screen application for handheld devices.

This particular app has not been made available in the UK, however it is only a matter of time before it is embraced like most other advancements in technology are. The Second Screen app offers users the chance to participate in other recreational activities on another screen while watching television on the other. This means that online gambling, such as online scratchcard and bingo sites, could use this to their advantage. The commercial director of the company responsible for this app, Monterosa, Tom McDonell, explained that the versatility of the LViS was the reason the BBC had chosen to work with their company on the new Top Gear Bingo App. He went on to say, “Using LViS we can develop fantastic second-screen apps capable of scaling globally and living anywhere. We’ve worked closely with BBC Worldwide to enhance the viewing experience for Top Gear fans, while at the same time giving broadcasters a new channel for creating advertising opportunities and activating sponsorships.”

It is highly expected that the Second Screen app will have a very bright future indeed. The commercial director at BBC Worldwide, Duncan Grey, explained that it adds a new dimension to the viewer’s experience, allowing them to look out for items, words and phrases as they watch the show, and compete with their friends to see who can get the best score. People are using their handheld devices now more than ever, opting to use these for their online activities, and their laptops for watching their favourite television shows. This is very beneficial for companies such as the BBC, because they can use this to promote their iPlayers and online showings of programs, while the online user is doing something completely different.

So far the Second Screen app has proven very successful amongst fans of popular television program Top Gear, as they can use it to play their friends at Top Gear bingo, while waiting for the TV show to start. There is a huge opportunity for online gambling sites to use this to their advantage, plus it helps make online gaming even more interactive, while bridging the gap between computer and television.

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