Employee Stole Scratchies worth £5,000!

Scratch Card Theft

If you are a frequent reader of our news at ScratchCards.me.uk then chances are that you love online scratchies as much as we do. We don’t just write about the games – we play them, too, which is why we are the best folk to bring you all the goodies. No matter how much we love online scratchies and offline tickets, we of course know that stealing is a big no-no, but for some, the appeal of scratchies is so intense that they just can’t help themselves. The most recent report of just how far a scratch games fan will go in order to grab some action has shocked even us!

A man in Leiston has recently been ordered to pay his employers a whopping £3K after swiping an incredible £5K worth of scratchies in just a 6 month period. Darren was also been slapped with a 12 week prison sentence and will be suspended from work for at least a year – that is, if he is ever allowed to return! Darren was working for the massive Co-Op chain when the thefts began, and it is said that we nabbed at least 18 whole packets of scratchies consisting of between 60 to 100 cards since he started employment in July last year. He admitted to scanning the first scratchie in the pack in order to activate them before taking them home to scratch. If he won any cash, he was careful not to redeem it at his own place of work, preferring to head into other local stores for his prize money. He also admitted to having won at least £2K.

Because of his actions, Darren now owes his own place of work £3K, and he has also been ordered to pay back the £2K that he won. During his hearing, Darren claimed that he was depressed, blaming this for his thefts.

This is not the first time that we have heard of such a case in which employees of retail stores have nabbed scratchies. The pull of the scratch card is hard to resist at the best of times, and having access to hundreds of scratchies potentially filled with millions of pounds worth of jackpots seems hard to resist for hardcore fans. We suggest sticking to your fave online scratch card sites to grab some cash – unless you want to end up like Darren!