National Lottery Prices Soar

National Lottery Scratch Cards Prices

We all love online scratchcards, with the chance to wager as little as 10p to snag some incredible jackpots. Scratchie sites offer bonuses, promotions and some of the most incredible, kooky games that we have ever seen. Despite all of this, some of us are still compelled to head to the shops and buy a lottery ticket whilst still playing online scratch games, but could all of this be about to change?

The National Lottery is the only name to know in the world of offline scratchies and lottery gaming, and you will very rarely find a paper scratch card that has NOT been developed by this massive company. But they have recently revealed that they are about to increase the price of their Lottery tickets – and not just by a few pence. No no – the prices are set to DOUBLE, now hitting the £2 mark as opposed to just a quid, and this is actually the first time that they have done so since 1994. At the moment, Camelot say that their scratchcards will actually remain the same price, which is just as well, because some of them are already sitting at £40! But what will this mean for lottery and scratch fans? Over 60% of people actually play the lottery every single week in the UK – will this now drive them to play more online scratchcards? The fact that you can win jackpots as much as £1,000,000 at some scratchie sites has me thinking “why bother with the lottery?” and it looks like the new rise in prices will have millions of people thinking the same.

Ok – so it is only £1 more, but you only have to pay a fraction of that at your fave site to snap up jackpots of roughly the same size! Though Camelot say that they will counteract this price rise with bigger jackpots, the cash prizes are simply based on how many people have bought the tickets! Surely fewer ticket purchases mean lower jackpots?

This is of course yet more reason to play at online scratch card sites! Not only can you win oodles of jackpots, they also provide their fans with bonuses and perks that couldn’t possibly be on offer from the National Lottery! They even give you the chance to play for free using loyalty points and bonuses – it is unlikely that the National Lottery will ever offer that treat!