Scratch Cards And Charity Fund Raising

Charity Scratch Cards

Guam Children Receive Toys Via Scratch Card Initiative

Guam is a US territory situated in the Indian Ocean that made the headlines throughout 2012 for a failed campaign to bring for-profit bingo to the island. With the failed campaign now in the past, the people of Guam are now happy to move on with their charitable gambling setup. Things have been made even easier by the announcement that one very worthy cause has been assisted through charitable gambling, and at Christmas and utilising scratch cards no less. Christmas is the opportune moment in the year for people to formulate strategic plans with the intent of bettering the lives of the less fortunate members in society. In this story it is the children of Guam that benefit.

Salvation Army Leads Toy Drive

The Salvation Army is Christian organisation that operates all over the globe, attempting to promote the word of God and help the less fortunate. When it comes to the less fortunate, children suffering through difficult life definitely make the cut. In Guam, the Salvation Army relied on scratch card promotions with the goal of providing as many toys as possible to children. December became the obvious month in which to conduct this drive because there would be many children without toys for Christmas. In the UK, we are frequently exposed to TV adverts and appeals asking us to provide help to children at Christmas. The people of Guam have really stepped up to meet this challenge.

6,000 Toys Gathered Through Scratch Cards promotions

On 18 December, the Salvation Army received a final batch of 3,000 toys for their appeal, bringing the final total to approximately 6,000 toys. This represents a very impressive effort by all parties involved to bring Christmas cheer to children. The Guam Veterans Motorcycle Club and the Marine Corps Activity Guam were largely responsible for providing the final batch. They conducted scratch card promotions among their members and the general public, with the aim being to generate as much money as possible for the purpose of buying toys. The end result is that of resounding success and all of the presents were ready before Christmas.

Scratch Cards Demonstrate Further Versatility

Time and time again we have seen the versatility of scratch cards and there will most likely be more examples emerging as the weeks and months march on. Add charity to the list of retail, service and health-based usage of scratch cards, with these being the prominent alternatives to winning prize money.