Deal Or No Deal Jackpot

Let’s be honest… Who hasn’t dream of beating a banker recently? If not financially then at least with a big stick! How does getting revenge for the bail out sound? pretty good right! Well now Jackpot Joy is giving you the chance to ‘bash the banker’ with it’s progressive jackpot slot game Deal Or No Deal. This games Jackpot keeps getting bigger until someone wins it.

The jackpot normally hovers around the £250,000 mark but it can reach over £1 million! For every £1 you bet playing any slot that has a Jackpot at Jackpot joy, a certain percentage of that money will be put into a jackpot pool. That jackpot pool will continue to get bigger until someone wins it.

To allow the Progressive Jackpot to increase, the chances of winning the Deal or No Deal Jackpot when in the bonus round is not a 1 in 22 chance. Every member that enters the Deal or No Deal bonus round has an equal chance of winning the Progressive Jackpot as winners are selected from our Random Number Generator. You can try and drop the big one at Jackpot Joy online.