Try Houdini Instant Scratch Game At Jackpot Joy

Jackpot Joy had an incredible 2012 and were eventually named the Customer Services Operator of the Year at the EGR Awards. The site is currently hitting the headlines regularly with Barbara Windsor spearheading their advertising campaign. We have been treated to some very funny TV adverts in 2012, the most recent of which shows two musicians battling it out in a duel. One musician has a classical instrument and the other is relying on squeaky toys. It’s very funny and finishes off by telling us about the deposit £10 and play with £35 deal open to new players. This site offers up great online scratch cards and you should consider their generous welcome bonus!


Among the most popular online scratch cards at Jackpot Joy is Houdini Instant. This game emerged from the online slots version and is slightly more fun, if you ask us! As you might have guessed, this scratch card is based on the famous illusionist from years passed. Houdini travelled the world wowing audiences before his untimely death in New York. However, a modicum of his magic lives on in this well-crafted scratch card. It’s one of the best we’ve played in recent weeks.

WIN UPTO £1000!

The card starts with you needing to wage £2 to begin, after which moment a monkey will start revolving on a circular wooden slab. Along the edge of the wood our different balloons that you are called upon to burst. The boring option is to simply click ‘Burst All’ – burst one at a time to display showmanship! There are eight balloons in all, with each concealing a monetary value worth between £1 and £1,000. On either side of the board the values are displayed for you to keep track of progress. In order to win on this game you need to create a match of three values. At the conclusion of this scratch card you will feel relieved not to be causing the poor monkey any further grief, but guilty when you eventually choose to have another turn – which you will!


The only downside to Houdini is that you don’t get to alter the size of your wager each time you play. The best form of strategy in scratch cards is to preserve your funds in order to have more chances of winning. Nevertheless, Houdini Instant is a really enjoyable scratch game that you need to try if you haven’t already. You can claim the £35 welcome bonus from Jackpot Joy now.