Singer Uses Scratch Cards To Boost Sales

Online scratchies and offline cards are becoming ever more popular, with loads of companies offering them either as Christmas presents or incentives to work hard and meet their targets. It looks like they have another use, however! A Kenyan lady by the name of Emmy Kosgei who sings amazing gospel music in her native Kalenjin dialect has noticed that the popularity of scratchies can even help her sell music!

Emmy currently has her music produced by a small and little-known independent music company, but she says that she is really struggling thanks to the level of piracy in the music world right now. We all know that the lure to grab music for free as opposed to buying it has put great strain on even the biggest stars, and this hits emerging artist like Emmy eve harder. She recently launched her first CD “Ololo” but when she turned up to the album launch, a lot of her fans already had her music – BEFORE the launch. This means of course that Emmy receives nothing in return. She stated:

“I felt my efforts had all gone to waste.”

Emmy thinks that she has found a solution, however. She has recently discovered that there were online software platforms such as Mdundo and this actually lets music fans download a whole heap of different music to their phones, but they have to use a pre-paid scratch card! This means that Emmy and other Kenyan artists will definitely receive the royalties that they are entitles to. This of course further reinforces the popularity of scratchcards in our society today and in societies around the world. They know that their fans can relate to scratchies and even enjoy playing them, so this was the perfect way for them to sell their music.

Major Khadija, a musician who is known by his stage name “Mejja”, stated that his fellow artists are very excited by this and can’t wait to offer these to their fans. He said, “We sell them using our music stores or even during our live concerts.”

This defiantly sound like something that should be introduced to the UK. Not only is piracy a huge problem over here, we also love our scratchies and I think that this will encourage music lovers to pay fairly. It is a fun and interesting way to get people to pay for music, and it would go down a storm over here!