Prank Scratch Card Win

We all know the massive thrill of winning an online scratchcard game – that is why we play! We can’t get enough of the heart-pumping adrenaline that we gain when we uncover those matching symbols, but of course that pull isn’t just limited to online scratchies. Millions of us still love to head into our local shops and scratch a paper-based card despite the fact that we can grab scratchie action online, too. One such scratchie fan thought that his luck was in when he scratched a scratch card revealed that he was the lucky winner of an immense £50K – only to be left crestfallen when his friend revealed it was a prank!

In what has to be one of the cruellest pranks ever, an unnamed scratchy fan was so happy to have won an incredible £50,000 that he begins to shout out the window and laugh, phoning his other friends to spread the good news! The pair of builders had been driving in their van when the man in the passenger seat scratched the panels and declared “You’ve won bruv, you’ve won £50 grand!” The man who had believed himself to be a winner was completely unaware of his pals sneering laughter as he celebrated would have been a life-changing win. The poor guy even phones his family to let them know, proclaiming “I’m shaking!” because he is just so excited. Eventually the prankster seems to have had an attack of conscience as he admits to his “friend” that it was wall a big joke and states “it’s a fake scratch card”. Deservingly, the prankster then receives a beating, but seeing as the scuffle is actually in good fun, we think that the poor guy at the brunt of this scratch card joke has a much better sense of humour than us!

The worst – or arguably best – part of the whole thing is that the prankster actually filmed the whole thing, and the video has since received a whopping 129,553 hits on YouTube! All the more reason for the prankster to receive that pummelling! Amazingly, this is clearly not the only scratchie prank that has hit YouTube – search for this one and you will actually find oodles more!

So you decide folks – was this scratchcard prank cruel or just a bit of fun? We have to admit that the excitement on this poor guys face before he realises that it’s a prank pulls at our heart strings!

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