New Scratchcards Released To Help Curb Drinking

Scratchies are so massively popular that they are currently being used for a whole host of things besides bagging you a massive jackpot! Of course our fave use of online scratchcards is to scoop one of the many prizes, but companies have been using them as incentives to make their employee’s work harder or even simply giving them out as prizes for the festive season. The latest craze seems to be giving out scratchies to help curb problem drinking, which is one of the most unusual Ways that we have ever seen them being used!

Rethink Your Drink

This has actually been on the “cards” for some time, with pharmacist and doctors and even some bars across the smaller towns and cities of the UK issuing Scratchcards dubbed “Rethink Your Drink”. The idea of these is to work out how much alcohol you are drinking and if it is too much. The come with a list of questions, and all you have to do is scratch the panels connected to your answer. You will then figure out how much you are drinking, with the aim of these to ultimately shock our binge-drinking nation into cutting down a bit.

Scary Stats

The reason that these scratchies have been designed is because the drinking statistics in our country are somewhat grave looking. In fact, so far in 2012 alone, half a million people in just our capital city drank way more alcohol than they should, damaging their health and landing them in hospitals! That is a terrifying statistic on its own, but coupled with the fact that the ambulance service in the capital received one call every 8 minutes in 2012 for accidents related to alcohol abuse, and of these calls, a terrifying 1,700 people living in London actually died as a result.

The fact that these statistics are related to London alone is in itself extremely scary, and it is completely understandable that the government is trying to take some steps to shock people into cutting down. These scratchies will be issued to over 500 chemists in London alone, with thousands of them already handed out across the smaller cities and towns in England and Scotland. This looks set to be a trend that will soon hit the whole of the UK, so look out for these little scratchies near you to see if you need to curb your drinking habits, too.