Virtual Dogs Instant Win

Virtual Dogs Instant Win

More of an instant win style game than a scratch card Virtual Dogs from 888Games brings all the fun of being down at the Greyhound Racing Track but from within the comfort of your own home. Place bets on the outcome of a 6 or 8 dog race for your chance to win!

This really is a fun game with multiple betting opportunities, the race doesn’t start until you’re ready and the race night doesn’t end until you say it does. You can bet as little as 50p or as much as £50 and choose to bet on as many dogs or betting variations as you like, just like it is down at the track.

There are many ways you can choose to bet in this game such as straight win or place bets or forecast bets. With Win and Place bets situated in the top left corner, bet on any selection (horse) to win and (or) to place (top 3 places). When you mouse over the checkboxes that indicate place bets, the odds quoted will change accordingly.

How To Play Virtual Dogs

Simply follow the above button link to 888Games and navigate to the instant wins section of the site. Once Virtual Dogs is selected you will be presented with the game screen where you can make your choice of bets. First you need to decide how much you wish to play with, you can do this by clicking on the various coin denominations in the lower left portion of the screen.

Then you can choose whether to bet on an 8 or 6 dog race by clicking the button in the top right. Then all you need to do is select your bets from either the win or place market located next to the list of runners. Place bets mean you can bet for a dog to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Forecast bets mean you can choose which dog will come first and which will come second in a single wager, the lower half of the game screen displays all the forecast bets you can choose from. Once you have selected your bets you are ready to begin the race and clicking the Bet Now button takes you to the racing game screen where the virtual race will be run. Good Luck and have fun with the fantastic Virtual Dogs from 888Games