Banzai Scratch Card

Banzai Scratch Card

Back in the early noughties a TV comedy program was created that spoofed Japanese game shows, it’s name was Banzai and quickly achieved cult status. Now you can enjoy the anarchic fun with the brilliant Banzai Scratch Card.

The basic premise of the program was to bet amongst your friends on the outcome of various situations such as the hilarious Shaky Hand Man, who would appear at gala events such as movie premiers and start to shake the hand of a celebrity. The bet was to see how long he could hang onto the celebs hand before said celeb would try to free themselves.


Other games included Grannies who played chicken on motorised mobility scooters, amputee soccer and perhaps the most talked about games were how long will it take for a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach to Microwave or who has the biggest penis or breast implants.

How To Play Banzai Scratch Card

Simply follow our link to the Bet365 Casino and select Banzai from the games section on the upper menu bar. Once in the Banzai game screen you need to decide how much you wish to play with, you can do this by pressing the arrow buttons on the stake selector, at the bottom of the game.

Press Buy Card to confirm your stake and purchase a scratchcard. Scratch (click) any of the nine symbols to reveal a Banzai symbol. You must click on all nine symbols to complete the game. Alternatively, click Reveal All to show all symbols instantly.

To win a cash prize you must have three matching symbols at the end of the game. The multiplier for each winning symbol is shown on the Payouts section, to the left of the main grid. Good Luck!