National Lottery Monopoly Scratch Card

The latest scratch card launched by the National Lottery is the new Monopoly themed game. I for one was really looking forward to getting my hands on this card. I'm a massive fan of Monopoly, so I had high hopes that the Lottery would do a great job converting this much loved board game. However, I couldn't have been more disappointed – and not just because I didn't win anything (more about that later) but because the card was just soooooo… boring.

[quote style=”boxed” float=”right”]Did I Win Playing The Monopoly Card – NO![/quote] Firstly, the card design leaves a lot to be desired. Considering the range of images and graphics that could have appeared on the scratch card it's appearance is very dull. All you get is a simple background of monopoly money with a logo and some random squares that don't even resemble the real board game. McDonalds did a better job with their Monopoly promotion! At least the National Lottery incorporated the little silver pieces from the real board game. Everyone has a favourite, either the Dog, Iron or Top Hat. My lucky piece is the racing car, unfortunately it didn't bring me much luck today.

Moving on to the actual game play… Where is it? I don't understand why the National Lottery would pay a fee to use the Monopoly brand and then only produce a bog standard game? Why not make total use of the ‘MONOPOLY' brand. The only relationship between this scratch card and the board game is the images and name. I have seen many Monopoly themed promotions across a number of different industries and this scratch card has to be one of the weakest. For instance, game two on the card asks you to reveal a matching number to win the prize. Why didn't the Lottery use community chest cards instead, let people scratch the community chest card to reveal something like ‘Bank Error In Your Favour – Win £5' or ‘Advance To Go – Win £200' it's not rocket salad is it?

Enough of the moaning already… Did I win anything? I hear you ask. The short answer is NO, which might explain why I'm so annoyed with the National Lottery Monopoly card. I bought two at the local Spar shop, the payout percentage on this Monopoly card is 1 in 3.84. I scratched away at both cards and only revealed a big fat blank! Back to work for another week.

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