Break The Bank

Break The Bank from Ladbrokes Games is the exciting Hi-Lo game with big prizes. The aim of this game is to unlock the safe by correctly predicting if the next number on the safe's dial is higher or lower than the one on display. By correctly guessing you're cracking the safe's secret number combination. To open the safe you'll need to get the correct numbers five times in a row!

It actually sounds harder than it is! The dial features numbers between zero and nine, should the number on display be the zero then it's easy… you just go higher, should it show a nine, you go lower. It gets tricky when the dial shows a five or four, but you can get some help with this. The game has a bonus dial which can swing the chances of guessing correctly into your favour. The Bonus features are…

1 Free Spin
This feature gives you a ‘pass' on the next spin. Choose Hi or Lo, it doesn't matter, you'll still win.

Nudge lets you to shift the number shown on the dial by one number up or down. If you land on 8, nudge up to 9 for a guaranteed win.

Extra Life
This allows you to get one guess wrong, use it wisely.

9 out of 9
This moves the dial to the number nine. Giving you the easy option (lower!)

Correctly pick five numbers and a cash win is unlocked. A further five consecutive correct answers unlock the next prize level. In total eight levels of prize can be won in one go. The jackpot size is dependant on the amount you wager, the more you risk the great the jackpot.

If you feel like having a crack at ‘Breaking The Bank' from Ladbrokes Games you'll be please to hear that those kind chaps at Ladbrokes will give you £5 totally free (only for new players)