Bee Happy

Get a Buzz from Ladbrokes Games ‘Bee Happy' scratch card. The game is a hybrid between a simple slot machine and a scratch card. The aim of the game is to make your little Bee happy by getting on the ‘Honey Trail'.

The game card (A flower) is made up of seven zones that spin to reveal a ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ bee face. At the end of each go the ‘happy’ face(s) are held and your little Bee is moved along the Honey Trail. Any ‘sad' faces left over will spin again. This continues until all zones are filled with ‘happy’ faces. When all the bee faces are lit the game is over. The number of spins it took to complete the flower with ‘happy' faces dictates how much you'll win.

Prizes range from £25 to £1000, you can decide you much you'd like to risk on each game. The maximum is £10 a card and the minimum is £0.25p, of course you can select any amount inbetween too. The pace of the game is pretty fast, with each card taking around 1 minute to play. Overall this is a fun scratch card but it suffers from a relatively small jackpot compared to other games at Ladbrokes.

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