Celebrate Speak Like A Pirate Day With 888

Today (19th September) is International Speak Like A Pirate Day! To celebrate were taking a quick look at the Scratch Card ‘Pirates Plunder' available to play in demo and cash mode over at 888 Games.

Ahoy me hearties! who wants to find da treasure? Well then, join 888 Games and get hold of your treasure map! I see Pirates Plunder aplenty… Arrr! OK enough of the Pirate talk already, let's take a semi serious look at the game. Pirates Plunder is a mix of scratch card and slot machine, you must spin a compass to move across the virtual pirate map. Along the way you must avoid landing on the Skull & Cross Bones flag or it'll be Davy Jones locker for you Arrr! (sorry, can't help It!). You also need to avoid the Grog, Bombs and Pistols – it's dangerous work being a Pirate!

However, gold is waiting for those brave buccaneers who can travel the map successfully. The rewards are multiples of your stake and you can set the level you're comfortable playing at. The maximum per game is £10 and the minimum is 25p, the biggest booty you can land is x1000 your stake.

All in all the game play on Pirates Plunder is pretty good, little animations pop up when you spin the compass and your Pirate friend suffers some amusing deaths! The game play last much longer than most scratch cards meaning you get more fun for your “pieces of eight”. You can try out the game in free play mode before playing for real cash – If you do decide to play for real money 888 Games will give you a deposit bonus worth £100.

Well Land Lubbers… Will you join me on the hunt for Treasure!